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  • LUMINANT MEDIA is a production and post-production company based in Los Angeles, California, dedicated to bringing compelling stories to life with vibrant visuals. From award-winning series and films for Discovery Channel, Travel Channel, National Geographic and PBS Frontline/WORLD to provocative independent documentaries and national commercials, Luminant Media finds the stories behind the headlines. We believe that personal stories stand out . In an era of constantly changing formats and ever-new tools for communicating, basic storytelling is still the primary way we understand the world and the human condition. Through the eyes of real people who share their hopes and their histories we examine complex issues, capture the beauty of planet Earth, and share our passion for finding new methods of storytelling in the modern world.
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  • Seasoned Associate Producer with international and domestic production and research experience. 11 years working in TV, conducting research, rights clearance, interviews, shoot logistics, locations, securing permits, media management, shooting, editing, and audio. Nearly 40 nationally broadcast credits on History, National Geographic Channel, Investigation Discovery, Planet Green, and Lifetime TV. Production management experience at National Geographic Channel International, and work on Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.
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  • Extensive footage, photo, manuscript research, writing, story development and creative producing experience. Extensive film and television history knowledge. If It exists, I will find it.
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