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Thousands of online stock clips, images and graphics about weather, climate and the sky above. We specialize in HD time lapse skyscapes, high speed video of lightning and rare atmospheric research footage. We show all of Mother Nature’s moods from the peaceful to the bizarre though the scary. We offer a wide variety of formats and resolutions from HD to mobile (with pay-by-the-pixel for still images). Our royalty free license terms are very generous and allow for use by all media, in-perpetuity and on a world-wide basis. Our powerful search tools allow finding just the shot you need. Create, save, and share with colleagues your online project review bins. Download free Comps to see if they will work for you. Search, save, share, license and download - all online. You’ll make your deadline!

Created by a Past President of the American Meteorological Society to provide access to hard to find and educational weather footage, we provide detailed and accurate scientific descriptions of the scenes, as well as the technical specs. A growing collection of 4K footage is now online. And yes…we have double rainbows!

Company Information
46050 Weld County Road 13
Fort Collins
Walter Lyons

Footage Categories
  • Weather
  • Contemporary Stock Footage
  • Natural History/Wildlife
  • Other
  • Time Lapse
Licensing Options
  • Royalty Free
Formats Available
  • High Definition
  • Standard Definition
  • Still Images

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All our licenses are royalty free with extremely broad terms designed for use in broadcast, film, new media, advertising, POS, theater, science centers, education and distance learning - virtually anything. Visit our site, browse about, and then create multiple online review bins to save your search results (which you can email to colleagues, too). “Try before you buy” by downloading free “comps” for your time line or layout. Buy only the resolution / size you need. We try to keep this simple – and get you what you need at the click of a mouse. Can’t find what you need? Just email us and we will put our many years of experience and contacts to work for you. You can browse all you want just be going to our site. You do need to register if your wish to create review bins, download "comps" and, of course, license and download footage.
Online royalty free licensing of footage, stills and graphics.