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Sherman Grinberg Film Library

The Sherman Grinberg Film Library is the home for the famous Paramount newsreels "Eyes of the World" (1927 - 1929 the silent newsreels) and "Eyes and Ears of the World" newsreels (1930 -1957 the "talkies"), and the American Pathé newsreel collection, which is the oldest American newsreel collection starting in 1915 and extending to 1956.

In addition, the library has the complete collection of the Universal newsreel year enders ranging from 1929 to 1966, and numerous private collections that vary in topics including: Industry on Parade, Allied Artist scenic stock footage, Selmur WWII theatric reenactment, various scenic libraries starting from 1930 to 1950 covering San Francisco, India, and the Bel Air Library which contains street scenes and cities landscapes from around the world.

The collection begins with footage starting in 1895, when Pathé started sending its reporters, armed with talented and artistic camera operators, to just about every historic event. These cameras covered military operations including all wars, Presidential campaigns, the Hindenburg disaster, the Lindbergh trial, sport events including historic legends, entertainment and just about every important event in America as it unveiled the amazing 20th Century.

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Sherman Grinberg Film Library
21011 Itasca Street
United States
Bill Brewington

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Paramount and Pathé newsreel collections, television commercials, Allied Artists, Blackton Collection, Industry on Parade.
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