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Reelin' In The Years

Since 1992, Reelin’ In The Years Productions has been recognized as a world leader in footage licensing. The archive houses over 20,000 hours of music footage spanning 90 years and 7,000 hours of in-depth interviews with the 20th century’s icons of Film and Television, Politics, Comedy, Literature, Art, Science, Fashion and Sports, filmed between 1962-2012. The interviews are primarily from the archives of Sir David Frost, The Merv Griffin Show, Rona Barrett and Brian Linehan’s City Lights from Canada.

At present Reelin’ In The Years Productions represents TV stations and companies in England, Australia, Germany, Holland, France, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Switzerland and North America. To date, we have a total client list of over 50 companies, from major TV networks to smaller archives of home movie footage. We have licensed our client’s footage for feature films, documentaries, TV commercials, DVDs, CDs, museum exhibitions, and concert tours. Whether you’re looking for music footage from The Beatles to Beyoncé, entertainers from Bette Davis to George Clooney, or history makers from Dr. Martin Luther King to President Bill Clinton, we are your one-stop shop.

Reelin’ In The Years Productions is the world’s premier source for footage of musical artists, entertainers and history makers. The archive is searchable through our online database

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Reelin' In The Years
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