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Shaka Kuanda - Videographer

Brightmoor Productions is a Michigan based company, founded in 2009, it’s mission is to provide clients with every aspect of media production. Giving them a full range of media production applications, using the simplest to the most advanced media processes by utilizing state-of-the-art production equipment and providing the necessary technical expertise needed to complete any and all media productions. The company’s marketing strategy rest upon the belief that it’s services represent a value added approach to interpreting, qualifying and understanding the complexities of the media industry and technology markets. To implement this strategy, the company intends to promote opportunities for advanced students in this field and to interact with local educational institutions to create a strong, positive growth potential. Looking into the future, Brightmoor Productions will be seeking to establish training and internship programs for today's youth who are interested in the field of media production. Giving them the necessary tools, experience and hope, for success in this industry and beyond and also to develop a community based program, designed to assist in the development of a positive media structure. giving rise to a community awareness that will help change the stigma of negative media influences.

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Shaka Kuanda
Brightmoor Productions
23300 Providence Dr.
Suite 311
United States of America
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  • •Camera operator with a vision and excellent techniques to capture and tell a story •Proficient with Panasonic HPX-170 (P2 Technology •3-point lighting techniques - 2 column script writing/storyboarding •Basic design principles (Color Theory
  • Branding
  • Typography) •Accomplished Motion Graphic designer
  • able to create DVD Menus-(Apple Motion5) •Graphic Design
  • experienced in (Adobe Photoshop CS5) •Focused in Web Design knowledge of Wordpress •Creative non-linear digital editing using Final Cut Pro and Final Cut Pro X •Volunteer Production assistant for World Changers International Ministries Detroit •Volunteer Camera operator for(WDWO) TCT Television Detroit •United States Navy Veteran
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