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Top Questions

What is is the world's premier online resource for stock footage research, providing creative professionals with the tools they need to discover and obtain the best motion content from the world's top footage companies and footage archives quickly and easily from a single site.

What does do? consolidates video stock footage content, including screening clips and text records, from over 40 world-class footage collections into one vast database and gives users powerful, easy-to-use search tools to find the perfect clip. Our dedicated search engine makes it easy for creative professionals to search multiple footage collections simultaneously and view over 1.5 million clips, many of which are available for download.

What is's mission? is committed to helping our users find the best stock footage as quickly and easily as possible; generating new leads and licensing opportunities for our member footage archives; and strengthening the stock footage licensing industry as a whole.

What makes searching at different and better?'s dedicated footage search engine returns results by relevance from 40 major footage archives, allowing stock footage researchers to compare content across multiple collections, find the best footage and save time. provides access to a growing collection of online screening clips as well as millions of detailed text records, giving stock footage researchers maximum flexibility in how they discover and obtain motion content. Researchers can browse our clip-based inventory to grab an iconic image, or trawl through our vast text database to surface obscure archival footage, harnessing's advanced search functionality to pinpoint shots by date, collection and/or category. Additionally, the vast size and wide scope of the database improves shot discovery, and because you're searching multiple databases, you can be confident that you're getting a global perspective on your stock video and archival footage options.

Does rep footage?

No. We partner with existing stock footage companies and footage archives to make their collections accessible through our search platform. All our content partners are independent footage companies.

What is a Zap Email?

The Zap Email is a simple, effective tool for instantly transmitting your stock footage requests to over 50 of the world's top footage providers. Just fill out a very short Zap Email online form, hit send and your request will go out to our complete list of over 50 top stock video footage providers, where expert researchers will review your request and contact you if they have stock footage that meets your requirements. So whether you're up against a tight deadline or just need help locating that hard-to-find shot, the Zap Email is an easy and efficient way to expedite your footage search. Every day, production professionals rely on Zap Emails to initiate their footage research projects and get real results, often hearing back from multiple sources by the end of the day.

What is the Directory? exists to help production professionals find footage. But we also want to help creative people find each other. That's why we launched the Directories: to help all variety of visual communicators make connections. So whether you need an archival footage researcher for your next documentary film or an editor for your next TV commercial, please take a look. And, while you're at it, take a free basic listing for yourself or your company. Just pick your directory, add all your professional details, upload your picture or logo and start connecting today.

How is the directory different from the search platform?

The directory is open to all footage companies and creative professionals. A basic membership is free. Global Search partners host searchable stock footage content on our platform. The directory does not include this kind of searchable content.

What is the newswire and how can I take part in it?

The Newswire is a unique resource for keeping up-to-date on footage industry news. Check in with the Newswire to keep track of the new collections, lost films, footage deals and new technologies. If you have a story regarding the footage industry, send it to John Flewin at

Can I access from my Smartphone?

You can now use your iPhone or other mobile device to search our entire footage database and send Zap Emails to 50 of the world's top footage providers. As mobile Internet use becomes increasingly commonplace, we expect our mobile site to become a central access point to our stock footage search platform.


Where does get its footage?

All footage clips available for screening on our site comes from our partner archives.

What footage collections am I searching at

Our footage partners include some of the best-known companies in the stock footage industry, including Getty Images, FootageBank, Framepool, Historic Films and NBC News Archives, as well as some exciting new specialist collections, such as Skyworks, Critical Past and OceanFootage. For a full list of partners, click here.

How can I find out more about each archive?

Our Supplier Directory includes information on all our partners, including contact information.

How can I get in touch with the owner of a clip?

You have several options. First, from within the footage clip player window you can click the linked titled “Send Email request for clip information,” which will generate a “Footage Information Request” form. Just complete the form, hit send and an email with all necessary information will go directly to the clip owner, who will then contact you. At the record level there is a link entitled “Visit [the Company] web site.” Generally, this link will take you to the clip owner's homepage. Alternatively, you can use our Supplier Directory to get contact info for the footage owner.

What can I do with the list of companies that appear to the left of the search results?

This list shows the footage search results for a particular inquiry broken out by company. If, for example, you want to see only results from a specific company on a particular search, you can click on any stock footage company in this list and see only their records and clips.

Can I host my footage on

Sure. If you have a fully cataloged stock footage collection and you are looking to expose your stock footage video content to the global production community, then yes, by all means, please contact us. Generally speaking, we partner with existing footage companies, but we are always open to new opportunities to host great content.

Clips & Text Records

Can I screen clips on

Yes. offers users access to over 1.5 million stock footage screening clips from some of the world's top footage companies making us one of the world's largest online repositories of stock footage clips.

How many images are on

Over 2 million stock footage clips are now available for screening on our platform.

What is a Text Record? provides access to millions of detailed text records, giving stock footage researchers maximum flexibility in how they discover and obtain stock footage and stock video. started out as a text-based search engine, and we're still committed to providing access to millions of detailed text records. For serious researchers, there's often no substitute for this sort of precise metadata and historical context. And, let's face it, there's a ton of great archival footage that's yet to be digitized.

Can I download screening clips on

Yes. Nearly 1 million stock footage screening clips are now available for immediate download, giving footage researchers a critical tool with which to locate, screen and share stock footage screening clips.

Can I download a useable clip?

No. At this point we can only provide access to screening clips.

What is the difference between the number of records and the number of images?

Not every record has an associated screening clip. The simple reason for this is that some of the larger archives have not digitized their entire footage collections. New stock video clips are added to the platform every day.

Can I search for clips only?

Yes, whether you're searching the whole database or simply searching for stock video clips, you'll have maximum flexibility in how you discover and obtain motion content. There are two buttons just below the main search box. The first is titled “find text and online screeners.” The other is titled “find only online screeners.” If you want to see only results with stock video clips, choose the second option.

If I find a record that does not have an associated video clip, how can I see that clip?

Contact the stock video clip owner. In most cases, they can provide a digital screener of the material within a short timeframe. From the record listing on the page, click the information icon, fill out and send the Footage Information Request form. The clip owner will contact you directly to arrange delivery of a clip preview, if available.

Buying Footage

Can I buy stock footage directly through

No. At the current time we do not provide the ability to buy stock video clips.

When I find a piece of stock footage on, what do I do then?

Contact the owner to discuss prices and usage options. From within the stock video clip player window you can click the linked titled “Send Email request for clip information” or information icon, which will generate a “Footage Information Request” form. Just complete the form, hit send, and an email with all necessary information will go directly to the video clip owner, who will then contact you. At the record level there is a link entitled “Visit [the Company] web site.” If you have found a video clip but are not ready to contact the owner, you can build a clip bin and save the shot for future reference.

Why can't I see prices?

We are working on it and appreciate your patience.


Who uses

Many researchers begin and end their search for stock footage on because searching multiple stock video and archival collections simultaneously from one central research platform expedites the research process. First-time stock video footage users come to everyday. offers a simple way to interact with footage indexes, learn about content opportunities, and connect directly with specific footage companies. Many deeply experienced filmmakers, archival researchers, corporate videographers and other moving image professionals use on a regular basis because they know they can depend on our advanced search functionality to find exactly what they need.

Do I need to register to use the service?

No. You can search the database and send Zaps without logging in. However, in order to download stock video clips and create clip bins, you do need to register and be logged in.

What is a clip bin?

The clip bin allows researchers to save searches, communicate with our footage partners and better manage the often-chaotic process of finding and obtaining footage. Once you've made a clip bin, you can send it out to our content partners and get your project moving forward. Then use My History to access your previous searches, prior Zap Requests and earlier clip bins.

How many clip bins can I have at one time?

You can have as many as you'd like.

Does FN delete clip bins?

No, not usually.

Footage Types

What are the main categories of footage?

There is a huge variety of stock and archival footage available on That said, most falls into one of the following categories: premium stock footage; news footage; archival footage; aerial footage; stock animation; weather footage; extreme sports footage; and natural history footage, which includes wildlife footage.

Does have any royalty-free footage?

Yes. Our inventory of royalty-free footage has been growing steadily over the last few years.

What's difference between rights-managed and royalty-free footage?

Generally speaking, the term royalty-free footage refers to a usage agreement where the end-users pays a flat, one-time fee for the use of a stock video clip and can then use the image in several projects without having to purchase any additional licenses. Rights-managed, or RM, refers to a usage license which allows the one time use of the stock video clip as specified by the license. If the user wants to use the clip for other uses an additional license needs to be purchased.

Does have any microstock footage?

Not really.

What is microstock footage?

Generally speaking, microstock footage companies source their stock video almost exclusively via the Internet; employ a crowdsourcing model that permits both amateur and professional videographers to upload and market their video clips; and sell their video clips at very low rates.

Can I get free footage on

Not at the moment.


How can I advertise on delivers a very specific demographic to its advertisers, providing a unique brand building opportunity. Currently, we offer three main opportunities: The Featured Archive section on the homepage; Banner Ads throughout the site; and Button Ads that appear when the user navigates beyond the homepage to either complete a search or read the newswire. Please click here to contact us.

What is the Featured Archive?

The Featured Archive is a premium advertising space on the homepage where footage companies can display their promo/sizzle reel