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Nautilus Productions LLC

The Nautilus Production's collection features 4K & HD video footage of sharks, shipwrecks, marine life and underwater archaeology from around the world. We are also the exclusive owner and licensor of HD footage and video from Blackbeard the Pirate’s flagship, the Queen Anne’s Revenge. Our library contains over 100 hours of HD & SD stock footage chronicling activities on the wreck site. Everything from lifting a 2000 pound cannon, gingerly bringing a 300 year old onion bottle to the surface, recovering Blackbeard's bell, catching tiny bits of lead shot in the surface sluice to conservation work in the Queen Anne's Revenge lab is included in our files. And if you are penetrating a shipwreck, going to 240’ for that perfect shot, diving with Great Whites, using ROV's to explore for sunken treasure or documenting the research and recovery of a 280 year old pirate ship - we've been there and done that too!

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Nautilus Productions LLC
P.O. Box 53269
Rick Allen
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Footage Categories
  • Natural History/Wildlife
  • Archival/Newsreel
  • Contemporary Stock Footage
  • Natural History/Wildlife
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  • Rights Managed
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  • 4K Resolution
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