About Footage.net

Footage.net is the world’s largest online aggregator of stock footage databases, providing serious footage researchers with free access to the most comprehensive roster of stock, archival and news footage indexes online. At Footage.net, you can search 30 of the world’s top stock footage archives with one search, find better content and save time. Footage.net also offers powerful tools for locating hard-to-find stock footage and simplifying the footage search process.

The Footage.net Zap Email Request is an easy and efficient way to broadcast your stock footage request(s) to over 50 of the world’s top footage providers. Just fill out a very short Zap Request online form, hit send and our partners will review your request and contact you if they have stock footage that meets your requirements.

Footage.net’s “My Clip Bin” and “My History” tools enable you to save searches, communicate with content owners, access previous searches and keep your project on track.

Since our inception over 15 years ago, we’ve built a core constituency of stock footage researchers and continue to add new registered users at an average rate of 400 per month. Many researchers and production professionals begin and end their search for stock footage on Footage.net because it is simply easier to use an industry search engine then to go from site to site hunting for the perfect stock footage. Now fully redesigned, Footage.net will help you find the right motion content, including animation, faster and more easily than ever before.

One Search 35 Collections

Footage.net’s newly reengineered search engine returns results by relevance from 30 major footage providers, allowing stock footage researchers to compare content from multiple collections, see who has the best material and save time. Use Footage.net’s advanced search functionality to pinpoint shots by date, collection and/or category, or limit searches to clip-based results only.

Browse Clips, or Go Deep

Footage.net provides access to a growing collection of online screening clips as well as millions of detailed text records, giving stock footage researchers maximum flexibility in how they discover and obtain motion content. Researchers can browse our clip-based inventory to grab an iconic image, or trawl through our vast text databases and detailed metadata to surface obscure subject matter. We’re adding new clips and more data on a daily basis, so however you make use of our services, you’re sure to find some amazing footage.

We Believe Text Matters

At Footage.net, we believe that text-based research will play an important role in the process of acquiring stock footage for the foreseeable future. Text-based footage research is especially important for editorial footage research, wherein researchers need access to specific historical detail, contextual information and highly granular metadata. Additionally, because of their sheer size, the vast majority of large, editorial archives will not be digitized at any significant level in the near future. There will always be content in these collections that isn’t digitized and is therefore only accessible as text. For these reasons, Footage.net will continue to provide the industry with the tools it needs to make optimal use of these vast text databases.