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US Shooting 2 - Gunman kills one, wounds two at office building, ground shots
NAME: US SHOOTING 2 20070409Ix TAPE: EF07/0420 IN_TIME: 10:39:27:14 DURATION: 00:02:06:21 SOURCES: AP/ABC DATELINE: Troy, 9 Apr 2007 RESTRICTIONS: see script SHOTLIST: ABC - No Access N.America/Internet 1. Aerial shot of building where shooting took place 2. Various aerial shots of people evacuating building 3. Aerial shot of building 4. Aerial shot SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) team running into building AP Television 5. Wide shot ambulance 6. Mid shot police cars 7. SOUNDBITE:(English) Lieutenant Gerry Scherlinck, Troy Police Public Information Officer: "Looks like we got this individual, at least the car located on Northern Genesy county on the freeway. We are working on that right now trying to identify and make sure this is the right person but we believe we have located the suspect and are in the process of possibly taking him into custody right now." 8. Close up of STILL photo of Anthony LaCalamita 9. SOUNDBITE: (English) Lieutenant Gerry Scherlinck, Troy Police Public Information Officer: "The indications from that scene is he is just not sharing or talking about who he is. He is not telling them or verifying his identification. Again, we have the car, registered to him, he matches the description and a long gun was recovered from the car so believe we have the suspect in custody as we speak." 10. Mid shot police car 11. Wide shot people by cars STORYLINE: A man suspected of shooting three people at a suburban Detroit accounting firm where he had worked was arrested a few hours later after a high-speed chase, authorities said. One victim died shortly after the Monday morning attack. Police said they had located Anthony LaCalamita, 38, of Troy, Michigan, on the Interstate 75 highway, north of the suburban Detroit office building where the shootings took place. "We believe we have located the suspect," said Troy police Lieutenant Gerry Scherlinck. Sheriff's deputies and state police chased him at speeds of more than 100 mph (160 kph) before he finally pulled over after about 15 minutes, according to police. Officers found a gun in the vehicle matching the description of the one used in the shootings, Troy police Lieutenant Gerry Scherlinck said. Some witnesses told police that when the shooter walked into the office on the building's second floor around 10 a.m. (1500 GMT) on Monday, he looked as if he was trying to hide something, Troy Police Chief Charles Craft said. Police could not say how many shots were fired. The families of the two wounded men have requested privacy, and the hospital would not release any details about their conditions, according to a Beaumont Hospital spokeswoman. The third victim died on the way to the hospital. LaCalamita was listed among the professional staff on the website of Gordon Advisors, a public accounting and business consulting firm in the building. Calls to Gordon Advisors were not answered on Monday afternoon, and a recorded message said the offices were closed. Scherlinck described the shooter as a former employee of one of the offices who might have been sacked as recently as a week ago. The man was armed with a long gun, either a shotgun or a rifle, Scherlinck said. The 5,800-square-metre building houses a number of businesses, including law offices and the accounting firm where the shooting was believed to have occurred. Police at first told workers to stay in their offices but a short time later evacuated the building, about 24 kilometres north of Detroit.