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FTG FOR A STORY ON VIRGINIA BEACH DRUNK DRIVER ACCIDENT INVOLVING ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT ALFREDO RAMOS / VARIOUS SPOTS FROM WVEC / NEWSER, PRESSER, PRESS CONFERENCE 15:45:06 Start 15:45:25 Bars 15:47:13 (No picture). Correspondent: Killed while simply sitting at a traffic light. Police say Tessa and her friend 15:47:41 (Picture). Mother: "This is, this is so hard 15:49:46 Mother crying. Her 16 yr old daughter. Still pictures. 15:50:09 Car wreck 15:50:14 Still photo of her 15:50:18 Mother: nothing to drink, had seatbelts on 15:50:31 Wreck 15:50:42 Flowers mark accidents 15:50:48 Sister soundbite. "She was the best person I ever met." 15:51:08 Car wreck 15:51:38 Car wreck (nat sound up full). Shots of firetrucks and car with windshield smashed. 15:52:18 Brother crying 15:52:42 Wreck 15:52:50 Brother crying--soldier back from the Middle East 15:53:02 22 yrd old illegal immigrant photo 15:53:10 Mi Casita Mexican restaurant 15:53:17 Man wants to change law on illegal immigration 15:53:24 Commonwealth attorney sound bite 15:53:44 Wreck 15:53:47 Brother "I'm glad he survived" 15:54:01 Father sound bite 15:54:11 Stills 15:54:13 Wreck 15:54:17 Father sound bite 15:54:31 Brother crying 15:54:36 Still of illegal immigrant 15:54:50 Senator Ken Stolle on the phone 15:55:04 Wreck 15:55:08 Flowers 15:55:11 Thelma Drake sound bite 15:55:32 Stills of two girls 15:55:43 Brother lighting cigarette 15:55:58 Sound bite on friend struck by illegal immigrant 15:56:06 Still of sister and best friend 15:56:12 Still of Alfredo 15:56:19 Father Sound Bite 15:56:26 Wreck 15:56:33 Senator Ken Stole on the phone sound bite 15:56:41 Thelma Drake sound bite 15:57:02 Fox News-Bill O'Reilly's claims 15:58:30 Sound bite mayor 15:58:44 Wreck 15:58:48 Stills of two girls 15:58:57 Wreck 15:59:09 Police chief sound bite 15:59:31 Wreck 15:59:37 Stills of girls 15:59:45 Wreck 15:59:48 Sound bite--city safe 16:01:20 "Good afternoon I appreciate you all coming out today to address a tragedy that happened in our city. Firs tand formeos, I hope we never lose sight of the very human element here. Two beautiful women were lost to their family and their friends. My heart goes out to all those that are hurting from this terrible loss." 16:08:36 "What we can do now is work together to honor Tessa's and ALi's memory. To work to make sure this does not happen to anyone else; that is having their life snubed out by a drunk driver." 16:09:40 Police Chief: "First I want to express my sympathy. My understanding was he was arrested for DUI and was found guilty. He recieved a 90 day sentence and was ordered to ASAP. He was also found guilty of fake identification. He was arrested for drunk in public. He was released from jail on a personal recontance bond. He ultimately pled guilty" 16:10:59 I find it ironic that if he born at Virginia Beach; little notice would have been paid. 16:11:34 I recognize taht there is widespread frustration on adequate controls on illegal immigration 16:12:07 Tessa and Alison were taken from their family and friends because he was consuming alcohol and not because he was an illegal immigrant 16:12:33 The policy of the Virginia Beach Police department---benefit not contingent on immigration or citizenship. Will not inform officials of wherabouts of illegal immigrant. Unless arrested for a felony or charges of terrorism. 16:13:42 Despite what one tv show has suggested no mayor has a part in this policy. My policy. Not only do we not have a capacity to do the work of the fedeeral government in the area of illegal immigration, but neither should we. It's not criminal. 16:14:47 In the case of Mr. Ramos we did notify ICE and they have issued a detainer for him. There are 800,000 illegal immigrants entered annually. None of us want to be asking people for their papers because they had an accident or have a foreign sounding name. 16:15:51 We know illegal aliens are targeted by criminals because they willn ot goto the police. In my opinion, when a crime is commited it does not matter where they are from. 16:17:01 Attorney: Tragically once again my office has to prosecute soemone after they have driven under the influence of alcohol. He will prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law by my office. As the elected commonwealth attorney, citizenship status is set aside for the federal law. There is no state law. So that is left entirely to the federal government. There is no state or local law that makes it a crime to be in the state of virginia as an illegal alien. 16:19:16 Not for a moment should we forget that these two ladies were lost to their family and friends. 16:20:07 Mr. Ray Trachont: I am a private man and there are three things I'd like to speak out about. I lost a very dear family member Friday night. 16:20:33 If I could go back 16 years ago and would I still have made that decision absolutely. 16:21:26 WE don't border any foreign countries--we don't have huge immigration problems. This man that killed these two beautiful girls. I have all the faith in the word that our attorneys will take care of him. This is ag reat country and a just system. 16:22:12 I have a foreign last name. My mom is a legal alien of this coutnry. It wouldn't really matter would it. If we attack everyone in positive govermennt positions on this problem. ANd we politicize this. And then we're going to have to go to the car salesmans and the restaurants that sell them food--and that's bizarre. 16:22:59 We need to heal. 16:23:14 Question: You mayor were mentioned in the program last night. Are you a vilian? 16:24:20 I think the most importatn thing is we keep the sacred memories of the two girls that died and their families. They deserve the love and support. I had never observed the station or the person that represents the station before last night. Obviously Virginia has such wonderful government. We were called a sanctuary city. I had not heard that before but I can promise you that neither I nor any member of the council have adopted any legislation to make this a sancutury. ALl people will be given the opportunity to be heard and responded to. 16:26:15 I was taken by surprise by the anger and the bitterness of people that took the time to call long express themselves about their anxiety about folks that weren't born in America. 16:26:50 My name was very mangled. After I thought about maybe he thought it didn't sound or look American. I am a citizen born in American as were my parents. 16:28:41 Question: Experience with ICE. 16:29:01 State code allows us to hold an individual if he has been committed of a felony. They have to return to the country illegaly. Only then does the code give us permission to hold them for 72 hours. Let me make clear none of my remarks were meant to disparage immigration--they are clearly understaffed. They do not have the ability due to their current staffing and funding to find illegal immigrants not involved in felonies. 16:30:29 Most undocumented aliens that come to this country come from countries that have police illegal or corrupt.They don't have much trust in the police. Many of them don't have banks. That is commonly known by criminals. Our policies are directly make sure that memebers of the illegal community are comfortable knowing that if they are victims of a crim they can come to us. 16:31:47 It does not make any difference to me where anyone is from. If they are victims of a crime we want to know. 16:32:09 We know that ICE is not going to come on current circumstances unless it's a felony. So it doesn't make any sense for us to inquire on a traffic stop of the status of an immigrant. 16:33:37 Attorney: Citizenship status is a function of the federal law. Attorney 16:34:50 Can't ask students enrolling in school if they are here illegally. 16:35:22 Multifaceted problems. Are we going to keep them from making a living? What are we going to do with welfare. 16:35:48 Question: Support a law to have some impact on illegal immmigrants? 16:36:03 It's a multifacted problem. You know the state crime commission are going to do a year study. I know from here on Virginia Beach. Illegal immigrants become witnesses, help prosecution. 16:38:00 Police Chief: There is no state statue or local ordinances that would allow us to bring sanctions against a business for hiring undocumented aliens. Question: Fox news interview 16:38:36 Mayor: I didn't recieve a message that the gentleman had called me. I was unaware...until I recieved two long distance calls. I didn't even know what they were angry with me about. Channel 3 told me I had been accused of causing all the problems that caused the death of these two beautiful ladies. Today as I drove home from an appointment, the same discussion was on the radio on 850 16:43:54 We have not had this problem in VIrginia Beach because very candidly there has never been a national television outcry by people who obviously felt when they lived in Texas or in FLorida are not able to cope. 16:44:29 I noticed the television host said you got to put your foot down in Virginia Because it's small enough to control where as you can't do it in Florida and Texas.