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US Implosion - Cooling tower at defunct nuclear plant comes down
NAME: US IMPLOSION 20060521I TAPE: EF06/0437 IN_TIME: 10:56:01:07 DURATION: 00:01:47:15 SOURCES: ABC/Katu-Portland DATELINE: Rainier, 21 May 2006 RESTRICTIONS: SHOTLIST: 1. Aerial of area prior to implosion 2. Two buildings on site taken from boat 3. Boat in water to watch implosion 4. Tower implodes 5. Spectators pan to dust and smoke 6. Close up dust and smoke and boats nearby 7. Spectators 8. Wide shot after implosion STORYLINE: Demolition crews on Sunday destroyed the 499-foot cooling tower at a defunct commercial nuclear power plant. With a rumble, the tower leaned to the side and collapsed upon itself - leaving a cloud of dust and multi-ton pile of rubble. It took less than 10 seconds and roughly 2,800 pounds (1, 300 kilogrammes) of explosives to complete. Portland General Electric ordered the implosion at Trojan Nuclear Power Plant, about 40 miles (65 kilometres) north of Portland, as part of its decommissioning. Trojan closed in 1993 for financial and safety reasons, and the facility has been decommissioned in stages since then. It was Oregon's first and only nuclear power plant. The tower is the largest in the United States to be destroyed, according to Controlled Demolition Inc., the Maryland contractor handling the implosion. The electric company estimates the plant will not be fully decommissioned until 2024. Remaining buildings will be destroyed gradually through 2008. The spent radioactive fuel rods, which sit above ground, must be moved to a federal repository that hasn't been developed yet. (iii) they have editorial responsibility for the use of all and any content included within the AP Television News service and for libel, privacy, compliance and third party rights applicable to their Territory.