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Entertainment Germany Bar 3 - Bar installs TV-screen in the men's toilet for World Cup
NAME: GER BAR 20060517E TAPE: EF06/0421 IN_TIME: 10:55:44:07 DURATION: 00:01:38:16 SOURCES: AP TELEVISION DATELINE: Stuttgart - 16 May 2006 RESTRICTIONS: SHOTLIST: 1. People sitting at the bar 2. People at the bar, TV screen in the background 3. Walking shot to men's toilet 4. Pan up from urinal to TV screen 5. Zoom out of green area, goal and ball inside urinal 6. TV screen in toilet 7. Man watching football while using toilet (UPSOUND at end of shot: "goal!") 8. Pan left from people at bar to pub manager Barbara Schreiber behind the bar 9. Wall with TV 10. SOUNDBITE: (German) Vox pop, pub guest: "It's something entirely different from other pubs. But I am hoping that I am not using the toilet just when a goal is scored. It would be a little difficult with the cheering - for understandable reasons." (laughing) 11. Wide of pub with guests watching football BAR SCORES IN TOILET The owners of a pub in Germany have installed a TV-screen in the men's toilet so that football fans won't miss a goal during the forthcoming World Cup. The co-owner and manager of "Ackermanns", a pub in Stuttgart, said that during an important match, every minute was precious. Barbara Schreiber told AP Television that a lot of money, time and technology had been invested to let their guests enjoy the World Cup matches, but Schreiber stressed they wanted to provide customers with an "all-round" football experience. Schreiber's guests have welcomed the idea, and one customer said he was hoping other establishments would follow suit. The reason why there is no TV screen on the women's toilet was a logistic one, explained Schreiber. There was a lack of space and the fact that the women's toilets are "behind closed doors" in single cabins. But the screen in the toilet isn't the only gadget. The owners of the pub also decorated the urinals, and placed a miniature goal and ball in each one of them. Schreiber said she hoped that many people from many different nations will come to her pub to watch the World Cup, like four years ago when the World Cup took place in Japan and Korea. The "Ackermanns" showed all 64 matches from the World Cup in 2002. Keyword- wacky - Keyword-bizarre