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Jerusalem Funeral - Funeral for US victim of April Tel Aviv suicide bombing who has just died
NAME: JER FUNERAL 20060515I TAPE: EF06/0417 IN_TIME: 10:48:27:05 DURATION: 00:02:48:03 SOURCES: AP TELEVISION DATELINE: Tel Aviv, 15 May 2006 RESTRICTIONS: SHOTLIST: 1. Exterior steps of synagogue 2. Relatives and friends comforting each other 3. Congregation inside synagogue, pan to speaker at podium 4. Friends crying in aisles 5. Richard Jones, US Ambassador to Israel, walking up aisle with flag and placing it on coffin 6. Close up of flag on coffin, pan to family and friends 7. Father of boy walking up towards podium 8. Close up of upset friend 9. SOUNDBITE (English) Tuly Wultz, Father of boy: "I was honoured to be your father and Sheryl was honoured to be your mother and Amanda was honoured to be your sister and the rest of the family are honoured to be your family and your friends were honoured to be your friends, not only honoured but privileged and lucky to have you for sixteen years. I love you Daniel." 10. Coffin being carried outside 11. Family and friends next to coffin 12. Father next to coffin 13. Family and friends standing next to ambulance STORYLINE: The family and friends of a Florida teenager who died after a suicide bombing packed a small Jerusalem synagogue on Monday for a tearful memorial ceremony for the boy, who had struggled for weeks to survive. Hundreds of people attended the memorial for 16-year-old Daniel Wultz before his body was flown home to the United States for burial. Family and friends remembered him as a caring boy who loved basketball, had recently embraced religion and dreamed of immigrating to Israel one day. His father Tuly, using a cane to walk due to his own injuries from the same explosion, paid tribute to a son who he said had been a privilege to know. Daniel Wultz had been visiting relatives for Passover with his parents and sister. On April 17 the teenager was having lunch with his father at a Tel Aviv restaurant when a Palestinian bomber detonated an explosive in the entrance. Wultz was rushed to hospital in critical condition with severe injuries to his abdomen and leg. Despite desperate attempts by medical staff to save his life he died on Sunday, bringing the death toll of the Tel Aviv bombing to eleven.