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Georgia Trial - FBI officials give evidence in Bush grenade trial
NAME: GEO TRAIL 20051208X TAPE: EF05/1084 IN_TIME: 10:57:07:13 DURATION: 00:01:52:10 SOURCES: AP TELEVISION/POOL/Police Video DATELINE: Tbilisi - 8 Dec 2005/ FIle RESTRICTIONS: SHOTLIST: AP Television News Tbilisi - 8 December 2005 1. Wide of court exterior 2. Wide of courtroom 3. Close up of guard with Vladimir Arutuynian in a cage 4. Wide of judge 5. Close up judge 6. SOUNDBITE (Georgian) Vladimir Arutuynian, accused (addressing the judge): "I do respect experts from France or Germany, and will appreciate if you invite them, but I have no respect for American experts at all." 7. Close up guards 8. Close up Daniel Hicky, FBI agent, saying he received an additional item of evidence, this time it was a jacket. That jacket was then examined to see if any DNA could be recovered 9. Wide of courtroom Georgian POOL FILE: Georgia - May 2005 10. Various of US President George W. Bush meeting Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili Police Video FILE: Georgia - 22 July 2005 11. Various STILL shots of the suspect in the crowd and the grenade - NB a large red arrow (inserted by police) points at the suspect 12. Various of FBI and Georgian law enforcement officials where suspect Arutyunian was captured STORYLINE: Representatives of the American organisation the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) were called as witnesses to the City Court in Tbilisi, to testify against Vladimir Arutuynian who who faces life in prison for allegedly trying to assassinate U.S. President George W. Bush and Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili in May. The six FBI agents arrived especially to attend the trial, which began on Monday in the Georgian capital. The agents were involved in conducting the ballistic tests and searching Arutuynian's basement, where investigators say chemical and explosive substances. Speaking in court on Thursday, Arutuynian said he had "no respect for American experts at all". Arutuynian, 27, is accused of committing a terrorist act and deliberate murder, charges that carry a punishment of life imprisonment. He has acknowledged that he threw a grenade in the direction of US president George Bush, while Bush was addressing a crowd of several thousand in Tbilisi's main square on May 10. Bush and Saakashvili were behind a bullet-proof barrier when the grenade, wrapped in a cloth, landed about 100 feet (30 metres) away. It did not explode; investigators said it apparently malfunctioned. No one was hurt. During the shootout that followed one policeman was killed, Arutuynian himself was wounded, but he wasn't arrested until July.