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Georgia Grenade - Trial date to be set for man accused of trying to kill Bush
NAME: GEO TRIAL 20051202I TAPE: EF05/1067 IN_TIME: 10:00:09:00 DURATION: 00:01:59:05 SOURCES: AP Television/Georgian POOL/Police Video DATELINE: Tbilisi - 2 Dec 2005/ File RESTRICTIONS: SHOTLIST AP Television Tbilisi, Georgia - 2 December 2005 1. Wide shot of court building 2. Suspect Vladimir Arutyunian being led out of van 3. Mid shot Arutyunian walking into court 4. Security personnel and journalists in courtroom 5. Mid shot Arutyunian behind bars in courtroom cell 6. Mid shot judge's bench 7. UPSOUND (Georgian) Vladimir Arutyunian, Suspect: "If you (addressing the judge) really want me to have defence, then I need international organisations such as Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International to be present here. I will talk only to them and explain everything." 8. Mid shot court officials 9. Close up security personnel 10. Mid shot Arutyunian, zoom out as he sits down 11. Wide pan of courtroom Georgian POOL FILE: Georgia - May 2005 12. Various of US President George W. Bush meeting Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili Police Video FILE: Georgia - 22 July 2005 13. Various STILL shots of the suspect in the crowd and the grenade - NB a large red arrow (inserted by police) points at the suspect 14. Various of FBI and Georgian law enforcement officials where suspect Arutyunian was captured STORYLINE A Georgian court said on Friday that the trial of a man accused of trying to assassinate US President George W. Bush would open next week. Vladimir Arutyunian faces terrorism and murder charges stemming from the May 10 incident in Tbilisi and the killing of a policeman in a shootout before his arrest in July. The charges carry a punishment of life imprisonment - the same punishment that he would face in the United States. Bush and Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili were addressing a rally of thousands in Tbilisi from behind a bullet-proof barrier when the grenade, wrapped in a cloth, landed about 100 feet (30 metres) away. It did not explode; investigators said it apparently malfunctioned. No one was harmed. The Tbilisi City Court set the opening for Monday. Arutyunian's lawyer Lizi Dzhaparidze - the fifth to be appointed to represent the defendant, who has said he does not need legal representation - refused to speak to reporters on Friday. But Arutyunian himself said that "the court's decision has been determined in advance." He said his only hope for an impartial trial was if international organisations took up his defence. He has admitted throwing the grenade.