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US Tornadoes - One dead, houses detroyed after tornadoes rip though Iowa
NAME: US TORNADOES 131105N TAPE: EF05/1007 IN_TIME: 10:24:04:19 DURATION: 00:01:24:19 SOURCES: ABC DATELINE: Iowa, 12 Nov 2005 RESTRICTIONS: SHOTLIST: Woodward, Iowa 1. Wide of damaged gas station 2. Wide of downed tree 3. Damaged house 4. Overturned car 5. Emergency worker running 6. Close up of doorway 7. Various flattened homes 8. Man walking with piece of wood 9. Police are outside house 10. Residents walking around 11. Car buried under rubble 12. UPSOUND: (English) VOXPOP "I just want everybody out of here. There's a gas leak." 13. Close up of downed stop sign 14. Various rescue personnel ++NIGHT SHOTS++ 15. SOUNDBITE: (English) VOXPOP "And I looked off to the southwest and I could see it coming across that field, and that's when I told my wife, I said, 'Okay this is it. We gotta go to the basement, now!' And we went. We were watching our little grandson and we took him and went down in the basement, got huddled up in a corner, hang on to some pipes that were overhead and rode it out. We could hear the crashing and the stuff flying around. The basement was just full of dust and dirt from the wind." 16. Wide fire trucks and damage 17. Wide shot of destruction STORYLINE: A series of tornadoes swept across the US state of Iowa on Saturday leaving one person dead and two others hospitalised. The tornadoes ripped up farms, destroyed homes in several towns and sent college football fans running from a stadium for shelter. In Stratford, search teams found the body of 82 year old Lucille Runyan, 82. Her daughter-in-law said Runyan's son had been with the team that discovered her. Another woman was pulled alive from the rubble as authorities reported two dozen homes in the town were destroyed. In Woodward, 30 miles (48 kilometres) to the south, 20 to 40 homes were severely damaged. One resident described how he and his family ran to the basement of their home when they saw the tornadoes approaching. National Weather Service meteorologist Craig Cogil said it appeared that at least three tornadoes touched down Saturday afternoon. In Ames, football fans gathering for the Iowa State-Colorado game were cleared from the stands and told to take shelter in the nearby basketball arena as the tornado sirens sounded. Tornadoes are rare this late in the year. There have been 23 November tornadoes in Iowa since 1950, all but six of them recorded in the years 1975 and 1988, according to Weather Service records.