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US NO Poor - New Orleans poor struggle to cope with Katrina
NAME: US NO POOR 210905N TAPE: EF05/0847 IN_TIME: 10:29:53:06 DURATION: 00:03:15:06 SOURCES: APTN DATELINE: New Orleans - 20 Sep 2005 RESTRICTIONS: SHOTLIST: 1. Ramshackle apartment in slum near French quarter, shirtless, bearded man walks past woman in wheelchair 2. Woman hoists herself up into wheelchair 3. Man listening to radio and smoking cigarette 4. Close-up radio with speakers next to cigarettes 5. Pan from "New Orleans" tattoo on man's knee, pan to man smoking 6. Interior of wrecked house, man walks through past wrecked stove 7. Close-up hole in ceiling 8. Wrecked toilet 9. Man looking through opening into room 10. Pan from mattress up against TV to box spring covered with debris 11. SOUNDBITE (English): Jim Osborne, New Orleans Resident: "So it blew the kitchen wall out and we were in the bedroom. And we're living with that. And then I saw the walls start pushing in like this here, and Debra said it looks like this is something that's gonna (going to) come down. And I said "no, it ain't (is not)." It came down on top of us, so I shot over here to these people's house. My friends." 12. Jim Osborne and Debra Allison seated 13. Salvation Army volunteer hands a bag of apples to man out of truck 14. General views another volunteer talking to a local resident about religion 15. Tilt up from household items to Jim receiving them from Salvation Army volunteer 16. SOUNDBITE (English): Jim Osborne, New Orleans Resident: "You know, the military and the police and the Salvation Army have been carrying us through it. I mean I got 50 gallons of water and food and more. I'm doing better now that I was before the storm. I'm poor." 17. Wide shot Allison giving man haircut 18. Closer shot of Allison cutting hair 19. SOUNDBITE (English): Debra Allison, New Orleans Resident: "Well, what I want to do, is clean this little place up and get back to the business that Jim and I do together. And make some money." 20. Allison and Osborne talking 21. Close-up tattoo on Jim's leg 22. SOUNDBITE (English): Jim Osborne, New Orleans Resident and Debra Allison, New Orleans Resident: Osborne: "I don't know about her, though, but I may ship her out, man. It depends. I'll see how bad it is." Allison: "You ain't gonna ship me nowhere. I may not have legs, but I am not going." 23. Couple pass by with Jim pushing Debra in wheelchair 24. Rear view of couple going down damaged street STORYLINE: Hurricane Katrina hit the poorest hardest. Many simply couldn't afford to evacuate, or were afraid they'd lose benefit cheques if they left home. Jim Osborne and Debra Allison were among a group of about 50 residents of one of New Orleans' most infamous downtown slums who stayed throughout the storm. The couple have been together for 18 years. They make money doing odd jobs, reading fortunes, cutting hair, selling scrap. Debra is confined to a wheelchair most of the time. Jim and Debra had a harrowing experience when the full force of the hurricane hit the house where they were renting a room. So they fled to a friend's place, five blocks away. And now they, like their neighbours, wait for life's basic needs to come to them via the authorities and charity organisations like the Salvation Army. One relief truck has been coming daily, so regularly that neighbourhood residents know what time to expect food, household supplies and ice. They also receive counselling, both practical and spiritual, but seem focused on the material, in some cases claiming they are eating better than before the storm. Debra cut a friend's hair on Tuesday, making a couple of dollars from a neighbour. The neighbour, in turn, had made a bit of money helping with the clean-up. Debra hopes that in the near future the area will return to some sort of normality. But, with Hurricane Rita threatening the Gulf Coast once again, the couple will again have to decide how to respond to new evacuation orders. Jim is afraid that his arrest record for grand theft will make it hard or even impossible to return to his home if he leaves. But he doesn't want to take any chances on the health of his partner - after Katrina, he had to move her to safety, buoyed in a tyre inner-tube. Debra says that no matter what, she's not going anywhere. No matter what they choose, it will be hard for either to escape their own poverty, and the damage to the only place they feel they can call home.