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Meth Addict Gonzalez Presser
August 18, 2005 NASHVILLE FEED: METH EPIDEMIC, GONZALEZ PRESSER, METH ADDICT RS 16/ X75/ Slugged: 1615 HAYES X75 TAPE 2 16:45:13 which were a reduction 10%, 25%...the good news here is the youth the 2 year goal 17% reduction.25% meth.conceptually we have been successful, many kinds of substance abuse. Marijuana. 16:46:19 that include. 16:47:54 focused on pieces of different information. I think it's important to dispel. If you're concerned about marijuana, you want to forget about meth. That is not true, injustice.and frankly in drug court throughout the country. I also think the argument we talk about meth now, we're forgetting about marijuana. That is not true. 16:48:35 community institutions, public safety and law enforcement, and they needed to be supported. METH ADDICT 16:49:56 It got really bad. I tried it you know as a.addicted to cocaine. Really bad on alcohol, well this is helping not do the other stuff. It got to the point where I was cooking it. 16:50:37 It ruined my life. I went pretty far down there.I did things that I would never where the changed my whole thought pattern. 16:51:31 anybody can be a meth addict, it can be a lawyer, person serving your food. 16:52:13 No matter how many people they send to prison, it's still going to be there. The knowledge is easy.internet. I think the solution to the problem is treatment to meth addicts. 16:53:30 that's my horoscope sign whatever. I really just haven't....and that's a big thing. 16:55:32 Woman reading book on bed. 16:57:04 Woman picking up. 16:57:59 an experience we meth. 16:58:06 it's the large quantities by addicts, whether it's from gangs, cut off the supply too many young people. The effort here is to raise the urgency and apply it to the situation, but the basic tool. 16:58:55 Local cooks that bake it, we also need obviously cut off the supply 16:59:05 Bringing the knowledge and experience to Meth. 16:59:13 it's the largest, quantity by addicts, whether it's from gangs, local cooks, and we also need to cut off the supplies.destruction.