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Meth Addict Gonzalez Presser
August 18, 2005 NASHVILLE FEED: METH EPIDEMIC, GONZALEZ PRESSER, METH ADDICT RS 16/ X75/ Slugged: 1615 HAYES X75 TAPE 1 16:16:37 J. AVERITT: we're going to have a major, major problem. Have the funds that this fund has brought to us.fight this addiction. People have been using meth no other drug addiction we've seen before. Epidemic worse.they're going to find it through labs. 16:17:27 that we've not seen to this point. 16:18:31 People walking down the street. Director Walters and Attorney General Gonzalez. 16:19:11 Judge Seth Norman. Operational..I would like to welcome you all. 16:39:01 complicated questions dollars are allocated in the specific budget. First responders.assets and resources that can be used by resource here to deal with crime in this community. Simply what the dollars are.within one particular segment 16:39:35 whether or not additional dollars are being allocated. We have some obviously dollars havet o be spent to deal with the war on terror. Working the hardest we can. We're concerned to visit with state locals. What is working with this community. 16:41:07 former attorney general.obviously Supreme Court, but they can operate within the law.we are working with Mexico and encourage them to find ways, these commits a crime brought to justice. 16:41:45 whether in Mexico. 16:41:51 The previous law exempted..contained products, below a little over 9 grams. Same control packaging power meth. Packaged in that way as they are in other forms of packaging. 16:42:37 I haven't heard any other objection by other I haven't consulted them. We want to address all. 16:43:20 Categories of substance that is growing.if any additional leadership federal government. We have to take.budget, the 12.4 billion dollar.budget climate where we had to show restraint. 16:44:07 resources in addition that are necessary here. Bridge between force and treatment and we want to expand.