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Georgia Charges - Suspect in Bush grenade throwing incident in Georgia charged in cop murder
NAME: GEO CHARGES 220705N TAPE: EF05/0651 IN_TIME: 11:27:24:04 DURATION: 00:01:07:08 SOURCES: See Script DATELINE: Tbilisi, 22 July 2005 RESTRICTIONS: SHOTLIST: Georgian Police VNR 1. Vladimir Arutuynian, charged with killing policeman, lying in hospital bed 2. Close-up of Arutuynian's face 3. Arutuynian signing document that says he refuses to give testimony APTN 4. SOUNDBITE (Georgian) Georgii Gviniashvili, Tbilisi Prosecutor: "He (Vladimir Arutuynian) will be charged with premeditated murder and will be facing a life sentence." 5. Wideshot of Gviniashvili 6. Wideshot of FBI and Georgian law enforcement officers at site where Arutuynian was captured 7. Close-up of Arutuynian's belongings scattered on the ground 8. FBI officers at the scene taking photos 9. FBI and local law enforcement officers at scene 10. Local policemen and FBI officers walking 11. Police tape line at Arutunyan's apartment 12. FBI and local law enforcement officers walking STORYLINE Georgian prosecutors on Friday charged a man with premeditated murder for shooting a policeman who tried to arrest him on suspicion of throwing a live grenade toward US President George W. Bush during a rally by in the Georgian capital of Tbilisi in May. The Tbilisi prosecutor's office said 27-year old Vladimir Arutyunian had been formally presented with the charge. They said he refused to give testimony to police officials. Arutyunian was detained after a deadly shootout with security forces on Wednesday in which a policeman died. The shootout took place in a village on the outskirts of the capital Tbilisi. The suspect tried to flee into the nearby woods but was captured about an hour later and taken to a hospital for treatment of gunshot wounds. Arutyunian admitted in video footage shown on Thursday that he threw the grenade that landed near a podium where Bush was speaking. Both Bush and Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili were on the podium in downtown Tbilisi when the grenade was thrown and landed about 30 metres (100 feet) away. The grenade did not explode and nobody was hurt. Investigators - both FBI and local law enforcement officers - have been searching for clues on the motive for the attack, which cast a shadow over a visit meant to showcase Georgia's progress. In footage broadcast by Rustavi-2 television from the hospital, Arutyunian signed a document relating to the charge in the presence of a state-appointed lawyer. Arutyunian faces up to a life sentence under the charge.