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Georgia Suspect 6 - WRAP Bush grenade suspect detained, adds more of suspect after arrest
NAME: GEO SUSPECT 6 210705N TAPE: EF05/0647 IN_TIME: 11:06:00:16 DURATION: 00:03:00:22 SOURCES: APTN DATELINE: Various, 20/21 July 2005 RESTRICTIONS: SHOTLIST Georgian police video Night shots - July 20 1. Various of suspect, Vladimir Arutyunian, being taken in to hospital on a stretcher 2. Close up shot of Arutyunian on stretcher APTN Night shots - July 20 3. Wide shot suspect Vladimir Arutyunian (aka Arutyunov) inside a police vehicle 4. Wide shot police vehicle with Arutyunian inside 5. Wide shot police vehicle driving away 6. Mid shot police vehicle 7. Mid shot masked police near Arutyunian's house 8. Wide shot police 9. Mid shot Vladimir's mother, Angela Arutyunian, being led away by plainclothed policemen 10. Mid shot police investigators 11. Mid shot evidence in red bags 12. SOUNDBITE (Georgian) Angela Arutyunian, Vladimir's mother "I heard the shooting but I couldn't imagine that my son would have committed such a crime." 13. Mid shot Arutyunian's mother being led away Daytime shots - July 21 13. Wide shot of his house 14. Mid shot two cars riddled with bullets 15. Close up bullet holes 16. Wide shot interior Arutyunian's apartment, with stuff scattered on the floor 17. Mid shot stuff on the floor 18. Wide shot police in the area AP PHOTOS - no access Canada/Internet File - July 18 19. Four photos released by the Georgian Interior Ministry showing Vladimir Arutyunyan, who is suspected of throwing a grenade in Tbilisi on May 10, 2005, during the speech of the U.S. President George Bush APTN File- Tbilisi - May 10, 2005 20. US President George W. Bush and Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili walking out to address crowds 21. Security officers alerted to security threat STORYLINE A man arrested after a fatal shootout with police has admitted throwing a grenade at a rally in May where US President George W. Bush was making a speech, the Georgian government said on Thursday. The government said the suspect made the admission in the hospital where he is being treated for wounds suffered in the shootout. The shooting erupted in a village on the outskirts of the capital Tbilisi when police tried to arrest him late on Wednesday. One policeman was killed in the crossfire and the suspect, Vladimir Arutyunian, fled into a nearby woods. He was captured about an hour later and taken to a hospital for treatment of gunshot wounds. Police had surrounded his house and his shocked mother was taken away. Bush and Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili were on the podium in front of a massive crowd in downtown Tbilisi when the live grenade was thrown. The grenade landed less than 100 feet (30 metres) from the podium but did not explode. A preliminary investigation indicated the activation device deployed too slowly to hit the blasting cap hard enough, the FBI said.