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US Iran Hostages - 1979 US hostages believe Ahmadinejad was among captors
NAME: US IRN HOSTAGES 300605Nx TAPE: EF05/0575 IN_TIME: 10:24:10:11 DURATION: 00:01:30:24 SOURCES: APTN/AP Photos DATELINE: Various/FILE RESTRICTIONS: See Script SHOTLIST: APTN Tehran, Iran, 29 June 2005 1. Iranian President-elect Mahmoud Ahmadinejad 2. President Mohammad Khatami of Iran sitting with Ahmadinejad 3. Cutaway media 4. Ahmadinejad and officials leaving FILE Frankfurt am Main Airforce base, Germany - 1981 5. Various of hostages getting off plane 6. Close-up of newspaper with headline "Freedom Day 1" following release of hostages Pinehurst, North Carolina, USA - 29 June 2005 7. SOUNDBITE (English): Voice of David Roeder, Former Hostage (OVERLAID WITH FILE AS DETAILED ABOVE): "It stopped me cold in the middle of the room, and I knew, it wasn't one of those things, where, gee, you know that's a familiar face. I knew absolutely and immediately where I had seen that guy before." FILE Frankfurt am Main Airforce base, Germany - 1981 8. Various of hostages getting off plane AP Photos - NO ACCESS CANADA/INTERNET 9. Still picture of Chuck Scott, former Hostage APTN Jonesboro, Georgia, USA - 29 June 2005 10. SOUNDBITE (English): Voice of Chuck Scott, Former Hostage (OVERLAID WITH STILL): "We knew from what other guards had told us that he was a leader and he was a, what I'd call a 'hardass' (tough character), and even some of the regular guards referred to him as being very strict and very anti-American." 11. SOUNDBITE (English): Voice of Chuck Scott, Former Hostage (OVERLAID WITH STILL/FILE): "If you've got something in Iran with the hard-liners like being part of the organisation that took over the American Embassy and embarrassed the hell out of this country for 14-and-a-half months, that looks good on your resume." FILE Frankfurt am Main Airforce base, Germany - 1981 12. Various shots of hostages after leaving plane FILE Tehran, Iran - 1979 13. Wide shot of people climbing wall into US embassy compound 14. Gunmen firing 15. Sign reading "US can do anything" 16. Woman holding child and shouting 17. Effigy of 'Uncle Sam' burning STORYLINE: A quarter of a century after they were taken captive in Iran, five former American hostages said they received an unexpected reminder of their 444-day ordeal - in the bearded face of Iran's new president-elect. Watching coverage of Iran's presidential election on television dredged up 25-year-old memories that prompted four of the former hostages to exchange e-mails. And those four realised they shared the same conclusion - the firm belief that President-elect Mahmoud Ahmadinejad had been one of their Iranian captors. Scott and former hostages David Roeder, William J. Daugherty and Don A. Sharer told The Associated Press on Wednesday they have no doubt that 49 year-old Ahmadinejad was one of the hostage-takers. A fifth ex-hostage, Kevin Hermening, said he reached the same conclusion after looking at photos. Not everyone agrees. Former hostage and retired Air Force Colonel Thomas E. Schaefer said he doesn't recognise Ahmadinejad, by face or name, as one of his captors. Several former students among the hostage-takers also said Ahmadinejad did not participate. And a close aide to Ahmadinejad denied the president-elect took part in the seizure of the embassy or in holding Americans hostage. Militant students seized the US Embassy in Tehran on November 4, 1979, and held 52 Americans hostage for 444 days to protest against Washington's refusal to hand over the US-backed Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi for trial. The shah fled Iran earlier that year after he was overthrown by the Islamic Revolution.