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US Buffalo - Rare white buffalo born
NAME: US BUFFALO 040605N TAPE: EF05/0492 IN_TIME: 11:16:40:21 DURATION: 00:01:10:07 SOURCES: ABC DATELINE: Louisville, Kentucky, June 3, 2005 RESTRICTIONS: No Access Internet SHOTLIST: 1. White baby buffalo getting up and walking towards mother 2. Mother and baby buffalo together 3. Buffalo owner Bob Allen looking in at buffalo 4. SOUNDBITE: (English) Bob Allen, Buffalo owner "We've had thousands of babies - 13 hundred fifty head bison or buffalo at one time. This is the first white one we ever had - all white." 5. More of baby buffalo STORYLINE: A rare specimen was welcomed on a Kentuckiana Ranch US town of Shelbyville on Friday. The pure white buffalo was born at Buffalo Crossing in Shelbyville. The ranch owners say the last white buffalo was born more than 10 years ago in Wisconsin, and before that, there was one born in 1933. The owners say haven't named the female buffalo yet. According to American Indian Folklore, the White Buffalo is a symbol of hope for humanity and harmony in the world.