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Entertainment US Kerouac - Excerpts from recently discovered Kerouac play to be published
NAME: US KEROUAC 240505E TAPE: EF05/0462 IN_TIME: 10:02:11:01 DURATION: 00:02:19:23 SOURCES: APTN DATELINE: New York, May 24, 2005 RESTRICTIONS: SHOTLIST: 1. Wide shot photographs of typed manuscript which is in the possession of the Kerouac estate 2. Title page "Beat Generation" 3. Close-up address of Kerouac's agent Sterling Lord 4. Various, text of typed manuscript 5. Stephen Perrine, Editor-in-Chief, Best Life magazine, walks into his office and goes to computer 6. Cutaway of Perrine's hand on computer mouse and magazine on his desk 7. SOUNDBITE (English): Stephen Perrine, Editor-in-Chief, Best Life magazine: "Kerouac wrote it in 1957, the same year he wrote "On the Road," and when Kerouac wrote the play he asked Sterling (his agent) to send it around to some producers, particularly Marlon Brando, because Kerouac was obsessed with Marlon Brando. And "On the Road" had not yet been published, so the play was rejected, and Kerouac asked Sterling to put it aside, file it, and we'd revisit it later. They never did. So it wound up in this warehouse in New Jersey where it's been since about 1957. It's almost fifty years now since the manuscript has seen the light of day." 8. Cover of next issue of magazine which features excerpt from the play 9. Photograph of Kerouac in the magazine 10. Pages of magazine with Kerouac play excerpt being flipped 11. Text from play as printed in magazine 12. SOUNDBITE (English): Stephen Perrine, Editor-in-Chief, Best Life magazine: "At a time when Kerouac was writing this, it was a time where a conservative government and a conservative society was fighting against a literary movement that was trying to push those boundaries, and I think we find ourselves in the same kind of situation today." 13. Photograph and text on page from magazine KEROUAC TREASURE UNEARTHED Excerpts from a recently discovered three-act play by Jack Kerouac are due to be published for the first time next month in a US men's lifestyle magazine. Written in 1957 - the same year as his classic novel 'On the Road' - 'Beat Generation' was found in a warehouse in Jersey City, six months ago. Passages will be published in Best Life magazine - the entire play will be published this autumn by Thunders Mouth Press. 'Beat Generation' draws on Kerouac's life - via his altar ego, Jack Duluoz - and those of other 'Beat' writers such as Allen Ginsberg and Neal Cassady. Kerouac failed to build interest in the 'Beat Generation' in the theatre world, despite contacting figures such as Lillian Hellman and Marlon Brando. Kerouac died in 1969. Stephen Perrine, the Editor-in-Chief of Best Life magazine, said that he learned about the play while having lunch with Sterling Lord, Kerouac's agent.