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White House - Colorado Springs Rally at the Colorado Springs World Arena
White House - Colorado Springs Rally at the Colorado Springs World Arena RS 20, X83 Jenna Bush introduces her father, President George W Bush 10.12.04 Bush at Rally in Colorado Springs WH Pool 11:30am RS 20, X83 Slugged: 1130 WH CO x83 11:29:59 jenna enters 11:30:02 bush announced. 11:30:08 in frame. He's got a brown shirt. Sleevews rolled up. Waves. 11:30:20 he's above the crowd. People are really excited. 11:30:43 he's on stage. Next to jenna. 11:31:53 he waves. Tight on him. Pull back 11:32:38 Pete Coors is a giant. He makes bush look tiny. He's also got on a tie. COORS SPEAKS 11:33:40 hard working families know how to spend their money better than the govt. does. Honor for me to be here with all of you. JENNA SPEAKS 11:34:12 jenna to the podium: "great to be here in Colorado. So much energy to reelect my dad prez. Make sure that everybody gets out and votes nov. 2. when you grow up as the daughter of gwb and laura, you learn an appreciation of how special a blessing it is to live n this great country. So proud to be here today to introduce somebody who read bedtime stories yadda yadda yadda. 11:35:33 someone who told me I looked cute in braces. Importance of bringing everying respect. 11:36:56 bush to the podium BUSH SPEAKS 11:37:47 participate in the democratic system. 11:38:07 better America to put me and dick back in office. 11:39:22 the no speeches for laura thing. 11:39:43 running mate dick cheney. Great job in his debate the other night. Admit it. He doesn't have the waviest hair. But I didn't pick him for his hairdo. 11:40:25 honor to be on the platform with the next sen. From Colorado: pete coors. Turn out to vote for him as well. 11:40:52 enjoyed working with sen. Nighthorse Campbell. Wayne allard. 11:41:18 bill owen. 11:41:37 great congressman in joel heffly. 11:42:42 members of the Olympic team have joined us today. 11:42:53 appreciate those serving in our united states military. (cheers). 11:43:23 families of the men and women who wear the uniform. Thank all the vets who are here today. Thank all you all for coming. Thank you all. Thank the grassroots activists. Put out the signs make the phone calls turn out to vote no doubt we'll carry Colorado again. 11:44:03 on my way to Arizona. For the final debate. Those debates have highlighted the clear differences between the senator and me from jobs to health care to the war on terror. 11:44:36 my opponent has shown why he earned the ranking as the most liberal senator. 11:44:52 several of the statements he made in the last debate don't pass the credibility test. 11:45:11 said he'd only had one stand on iraq. Could barely contain myself. Said it was the right decision to remove saddam. Now he says it's the wrong debate. Says saddam is a threat and then a few minutes later. tries to tell us 11:45:58 he can run from his record, but he cannot hide. 11:46:13 with another straight face, he tried to tell us. The govt. has nothing to do with his health care record. 8 out of 10 would be placed. Run but cannot hide. TAXES 11:46:59 promise he would not raise taxes for anyone who raises less than 200,000 a year. His plan would raise 600 billion. But his spending plans are 4x that. Can't have it both ways. To pay for all the spending programs. He's going to have to raise your taxes. After litany of complaints. Took all I could do not to make a face. Compassionate conservative. Govt. oughta help people realize their dreams, not tell them how to run their lives. 11:48:51 my plan for a more hopeful America begins with a growing economy that creates new jobs. Farmers. Ranchers. That's why we unleash that energy with the largest tax relief in a generation. When you're out convincing people to vote, come our way. Six months before we got to Washington the stock market was in serious decline. Citizens forgot what it means to be a responsible American. Won't tolerate dishonesty in the boardrooms of America. Those scandals hurt our economy. The attack cost America a million jobs. Acted. Put tax relief in place. Recession was one of the shallowest in American history. The tax relief spurred consumption and investment. Our economy has been growing at rates as fast as any in>>> years. Added 1. whatever new jobs. Unemployement rate is 5.4. lower than the average of the '70s, '80s, and '90s. 11:51:18 unemployment in Colorado is 5.1. the home ownership rate is at an all-time high. More minorities own a home than ever before. The entrepreneurial spirit is trong. But there's more work to be done. In order to make sure there's hope. America must be the best place to do business. That means less regulations on our employers. Less junk lawsuits. 11:52:33 plan that encourages conservation. Spend money on research and development. Lifestyle we're accustomed to. Coal in environmentally friendly ways. To keep jobs here, we must become less dependent on foreign sources of energy. 11:53:20 don't wanna be closing down markets. If you've got more choices to choose form you're likely to get that what you want. Tellin' places like china: you treat us the way we treat you. We can compete with anybody anytime anywhere. 11:53:59 gotta keep your taxes low. Raising taxes would be the wrong prescription for economic grown. 11:54:39 not gonna let him tax you because we're going to win in November. 11:54:58 tax code is a million pages long. Six billion hours. Simplify the tax code and make it more fair for the American people. In order to make sure. Work force. Make sure our youngsters can read and write and add and subtract. 11:55:40 shuffle a kid through. Hard to educate a inner city kid. Just move 'em through. Believe every child can learn. Expect every teacher to teach. Solve problems early before they are too late. Before it is too late. Back door. Realize we're closing the achievement gap in America. More work to be done. Fund . emphasize . rigorous exam. More of our kids to graduate and start their career with a college diploma. 11:58:21 low premium policies. Vital plans which would help our small businesses. Own their own accounts. Hmo. 11:59:32 can't be pro doctor, pro healthcare, pro trial lawyer 11:59:43 medical liability reform now. 11:59:49 in all we'll do to improve health care. Not by govt. officials in dc. 12:00:04 went to Washington to solve problems. Not to pass them on to future. 12:00:22 medicine was modernizing but medicare wasn't. pay thousands of dollars for heart surgery, but not one dime for the drugs that could stop surgery in the first place. Modernize medicare. Now in 2006, seniors will get prescription drug coverage for the first time under medicare. 12:01:52 think differently. 12:02:13 younger workers oughta be able to take their own money. Personal account the government cannot take away. 12:02:42 ownership society. Some things don't change. Reverance and integrity. In changing times we must support. The . families. Schools. Religious congregations. Stand for a culture of life in which every person counts and every being matters. Stand for marriage and family which are the foundations of our society. 12:03:50 federal judges who know the difference between. and strict interpretation. Solemn duty of the potus is to protect the American people. World will drift toward tragedy. This will not happen on my watch. 12:04:50 since that terrible morning. fought not for pride or power, but because the lives of our citizens are at stake. Defend the homeland. Military. All-volunteer army will remain an all-volunteer army. 12:05:29 staying on the offensive so we do not have to face them here at home. 12:06:08 saudi Arabia was fertile ground. Iraq 12:06:42 because we acted. making .12:06:49 army of a free iraq is fighting for freedom and more than ? of al qaeda's leadership has been brought to justice. 12:07:17 knew saddam aggression and support for terror. Shooting missiles at his pilots. Using wmd. Knew that after sept. 11, we must take threats seriously before they materialize. In order to protect the . 12:08:28 concluded that saddam was a threat. My opponent looked at the same intel I looked at. Voted yes. 12:08:46 before I ever commit troops into harms way. Must try all means to deal with the treat. No president wants to send our young into harms way. Hope that free world would . 12:09:20 when an international community speaks, it must mean what it says. That goes for the president as well. 12:09:51 saddam had no intentions of using the . inspectors inside his country. Resolution 17. nothing happened. Wadn't about to listen. Continued to deceive. Forget the lessons of sept. 11 and take the word of a madman. defend America every time. X-DECK STOPS ROLLING SEE POOL 4 FEED 1225 wh co x86 for seven mins. 12:11:28 get rid of the sanctions. greatest danger we face is wmd in the hands of a terrorist enemy. Safer with saddam in a prison cell. 12:12:15 think about what happened in Afghanistan a couple weeks ago. Mothers weren't allowed to go to school. Taliban were backward and barbaric. This past weekend, millions of . first voter was an afghan woman. 19 year-old woman. That society has gone from darkness to light because of freedom. Iraq will have . 12:14:24 help them get on the path of stability and democracy as soon as possible. 12:14:52 made commitment to troops and our families. That's why I went to the us congress and asked for 87 billion in supplemental funding. 12:15:45 four senators who voted for the war and against the funding. 2 of them are my opponent and his running mate. Actually did vote for the 87 billion before I voted against it. 12:16:30 nothing complicated about supporting our troops in combat. 12:17:03 opponent has a record voting against the weapons systems that helped us win the cold war. Cut the intel budget in '93. wants a global test before taking action to defend america's security. 12:18:33 if saddam does not meet his test. Nothing will. Dangerous way of thinking in the way in which we will. 12:18:55 new evidence that the senator fundamentally misunderstands the war on terror BACK TO X83. 12:19:30 prostitution and illegal gambling. Staying on the offensive. Destroying the networks. Spreading freedom and liberty. 12:20:03 work with allies. Never turn over national security decisions to leaders of other countries. Believe in the transformational power of liberty. 12:20:32 use my friend koizumi. By the way, I been talkin'a bout you in the campaign trail. Its true. One of his fave movies is high noon by the way. Head of a country that some sixty years go. 12:21:23 harry Truman believed in the transformational power of liberty. A lot of people said why work for democracy in japan. Why bother. Death of a loved one during that war. People questioning if it was worthwhile. Now I sit down at the table with him. 12:22:19 children and grandchildren. I believe that there will be a democracy. Some day a potus and a duly elected president of iraq will be sitting at a table. Millions plead in silence for freedom in the middle east. Want their children to grow up in a free society. Freedom is not america's gift to the world. It's the almighty god's gift to each and every man and woman in this world. 12:23:51 we're all Americans these years. History always stand apart. Quiet times when little is expected. This time involves firm resolve. Clear vision. None of us will forget that week when one era eneded and another began. Today I'll never forget workers in hardhats. whatever it takes. 12:25:10 never relent in defending America. Whatever it takes. 12:25:30 pledge that if you gave me the chance to serve. Honor and dignity. God bless. Thank you all. END END END Gladhand.