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Laura Bush travels to Afghanistan
LAURA BUSH Mrs. Bush in Afghanistan, accompanied by Education Secretary Margaret Spellings, Deputy WH Chief of Staff Joseph Hagin, Deputy Director of Advance Steve Atkiss, Gordon Johndroe, already on ground Tours the Women's Teacher Training Institute in Kabul Participates in roundtable discussion with teachers and students Meets with grant recipients Announces a $17.7 million grant for the American University of Afghanistan in Kabul and a $3.5 million grant for the International School in Afghanistan, a K-12 school Participates in tree planting ceremony Meets with President Hamid Karzai Dines with troops and makes remarks at Bagram Airbase Laura Bush goes to Kabul, Afghanistan Margaret Spellings is also on the trip. March 30, 2005 NY2 X82 SLUGGED: 0550 FLOTUS X82 Laura Bush arriving at Bagram Airbase at 12:00pm local time, and shaking hands with one representative from each of the coalition countries operating in Afghanistan. 06:05:13 meeting with troops on tarmac after arrival 06:06:10 Laura Bush arrival and meeting troops on tarmac 06:08:34 view out of chopper back door 06:09:40 children 06:10:58 children giving Laura Bush flowers Teachers, who are in training, sitting on the floor of the classroom. 06:13:03 ws building 06:13:14 ms women sitting on ground 06:13:21 ms women's face covered 06:14:41 Laura Bush entering room shaking hand of woman 06:15:00 Laura meeting Afghan women 06:15:06 ws of women sitting on ground 06:15:36 laura bush listens as afghan woman tells who people are 06:15:47 laura Bush meeting Afghan women 06:16:10 Laura bush shaking hands of women 06:16:22 laura; I'm so happy to be here to meet all of you who are going to train to teach others to teach 06:16:44 this was actually an idea of one of your ministers most pressing need training of teachers 06:17:14 oh that's great thank you very much I was a teacher, and then I got a masters in Library science, 06:17:24 I know how important teaching is, and teaching in your villages 06:17:54 thank you all, good luck to all of you, best wishes 06:18:04 I'm so happy to see them, great thanks so much, thank you for your good work. 06:18:16 laura talking with woman as she walks out Teachers and trainers sitting at a table talking to the First Lady. 06:18:25 two shot of afghan women 06:18:32 ms woman with head on fist 06:18:40 pull out to ms of people at table 06:18:53 ms of door 06:18:59 laura walking through room, 06:19:06 Laura: thank you so much, thank you for standing that's so nice of you 06:19:19 Laura: and men, a lot of you have met already ofcourse when you have been to the United States, I want to tell you how happy I am to be in Afghanistan, 06:19:56 stopped at a military base, and the commander's wife, wrote me a letter and asked me to please tell them how proud we are of them and how we wish them the very best, very happy to be able to tell you in person 06:20:22 Laura putting shawl on 06:20:52 ms of woman talking in English about goals, (camera is jumpy a bit then clears up) 06:21:15 ws of room with Laura and group, push in to laura and friend 06:21:30 laughing Margaret Spellings sitting next to Flotus 06:21:45 side shot of table with women telling what they want to do, and laura listening. 06:22:11 women listening, 06:22:23 06:22:33 great ms of laura, oh it's quick. 06:22:47 Laura listening to woman talk, nodding her head. 06:23:16 ms of Afghanistan map pull to room with translator standing behind 06:23:34 cu of laura's hands 06:23:39 cu of Laura listening t 06:23:47 ws of room 06:23:59 Laura: you have school buildings or buildings being built? 06:24:10 interested I am in this teacher training institute, and been to visit Karen Hughes, she said what's the most pressing need, and they said someway to train teachers, and a safe place to stay, and so this whole teacher training 06:24:48 pull 06:25:05 ws of room 06:25:19 zoom into ms of man 06:25:25 pan of women 06:25:28 margaret spellings, being introduced by Laura Bush 06:25:43 ms of Laura talking, Afghanistan and Texas are about the same size, the same population, and thank you all and very good luck to all of you. Now we'll go look at the dorm. 06:26:33 did you end up getting some money for the women's things? 06:26:49 ms of women with cameras lined up 06:27:07 ms of cases, looks like decorations, it's some kind of shop Laura Bush walking past merchandise of textiles, fabrics and jewelry they sell. 06:27:26 laura enters shakes hands of woman, kind of far away 06:28:07 laura the rugs are so beautiful pull to ws 06:28:16 side shot of laura shaking hands saying hello 06:28:31 ws Laura going over to wome on other side of room, 06:28:57 laura says: thank you so much, Laura: this beautiful gift, she holds up gift with woman, cu of gift pull to two shot 06:29:22 Laura: thank you so much 06:29:34 behind view Laura receiving a gift from a woman 06:29:55 great two shot of laura with woman who is giving her a gift. 06:30:25 cu of cases on table 06:30:44 Laura: and I love this too, is this. 06:30:53 ws of laura looking at things and talking to woman 06:31:06 laura said these, are beautiful looking at pashmina's. 06:31:27 laura; this is the jewelry? 06:32:08 Behind side view of Laura. Laura: ladies how are you? Nice to meet you. 06:32:43 Laura receiving a gift 06:32:56 cu of gift 06:33:04 How are you? Nice to meet you. They are so beautiful. Thank you so much. 06:33:23 side view of Laura taking picture with woman who makes rugs. Introduced to 300 invited Afghans --Laura Bush's speech was not covered in its entirety -- Ann points out that the best line is "...Democracy is more than elections, the survival of a free society depends on participation of all citizens, men and women..." 06:34:04 Laura bush enters room, people clap she sits down. 06:34:20 side shot of girls choir. 06:34:46 side view of girls singing 06:35:06 good cu of girl singing, 06:35:25 cu of girl singing 06:35:32 two shot of laura Bush and Margaret Spellings listening 06:35:47 Laura goes to podium. 06:36:03 ws of room Us afghan women's dormitory 06:36:20 Laura: I've especially watched . 06:36:38 translation 06:36:56 ws of audience 06:37:02 Laura: and no where is that more evident 06:37:10 the ordinary business that will take place 06:37:20 leap forward Afghan women have taken 06:37:34 we are only a few years removed from the rule of terrorists, that tyranny has been replaced by young democracy. 06:38:14 we must be mindful though, that democracy is more than just elections, depends on the participation of all of its citizens, it is possible if institutions like this exist, and the most critical tool of all is education 06:38:46 translation 06:38:51 behind shot of Laura Bush addressing audience 06:39:07 this program addresses 06:39:26 ms side view of American Army man in audience 06:39:40 audience clapping 06:40:08 ews of Laura Bush on stage pan to audience 06:40:27 side shot of Laura Bush Laura Bush watches as an agreement is signed to build an American University in Kabul --- (the US commitment is $17.7 million). 06:41:03 laura and Margaret and others go over for signing ceremony 06:41:25 cu of Margaret spellings signing agreement 06:41:43 cu of Laura Bush pull to ms 06:41:58 three shot of Laura Bush and two 06:42:30 clapping by signees --Laura Bush plants a tree outside. 06:43:16 Laura walking with Afghan woman, shaking hands 06:43:50 Laura helping to plant a tree 06:44:05 behind view of Laura holding tree 06:44:13 ws of Laura with Afhan woman ANN COMPTON TRACK AND STAND UP 06:44:34 ann compton 06:44:42 this is ann Compton su bridge 06:44:47 ofcourse there re some untidy aspects, the delay again of parl. Elections and recent dos complaint, the poppy 06:45:06 take two 06:45:14 ofcourse there are some aspects of afghan policy, including the delay again, that Afghanistan has let the population of opium and popium out of control 06:45:38 track 06:45:55 this is ann Compton, 06:45:58 06:46:02 it is a long planned journey kept secret even from the president from a week or so, 06:46:14 as a former teacher, mrs. Bush is particularly focused on re-opening 06:46:26 for those who travel in Afghan provinces 06:46:43 mrs. Bush is delivering millions of dollars of 06:46:52 close 06:46:53 mrs. Bush did pay a courtesy call to Hamid karzai, but the results are difficult 06:47:26 that's it 06:47:42 laura bush says 06:47:47 laura bush says democracy means more than simply holding elections she says she brings solidrity 06:48:01 but also a significant contribution for the establishment of an American university in Afghanistan 06:48:21 in a trip that she kept secret even from the President and helicoptered to this refurbished 06:48:40 no chairs or desks, the sit on pillows, but brightening when mrs. Bush appears. 06:48:59 end of track LAURA BUSH GOES TO BAKERY, BUYS COOKIES FOR $1. GREETS KIDS AND GIVES THEM KALIEDESCOPE 06:49:37 Laura goes into bakery 06:49:45 you have a nice bakery and it smells very good 06:49:57 ms of bakery 06:50:04 Laura gets to pick out cookies, don't they look good 06:50:22 cu of Laura getting cookies 06:50:53 up angle of Laura getting cookies 06:51:09 Laura (great angle) getting more cookies 06:51:34 men ringing up cookies. 06:51:50 one dollar, Laura laughs, a very good deal great, are those beans? Pistachios. 06:52:28 Laura: thank you so much we'll be eating these on our way home. Thank you. LAURA GIVES KALEIDOSCOPE TO CHILDREN*ONE KID HAS NO SHOES 06:52:47 ms of bare feet pan up to children 06:53:10 Laura goes to kids, gives them kaleidoscopes. 06:53:35 cu of kid with kaleidoscopes, 06:53:49 put it on a page. 06:53:54 ok Laura taking picture with kids, who one has no shoes. ANN COMPTON RE FEED OF TRACK 06:54:51 re feed of track 06:56:27 track re feed 06:56:34 close 06:56:36 mrs. Bush did pay a courtesy call on president hamid karzai, and laura bush joined many of them at bagram air base, but the results in afghanistan make americans proud. 06:57:25 laura bush says de 06:57:32 laura bush says democracy means more than simply holding elections 06:57:44 but also a significant 06:57:54 06:57:58 in a trip 06:58:05 in trip that she kept secret, here in afghanistan, afghan women are being trained as village school teachers, shy at first but brightening when mrs. Bush appears.