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India Torch 2 - Olympic torch arrives in New Delhi
NAME: IND TORCH 2 20080416Ixx TAPE: EF08/0407 IN_TIME: 10:09:40:05 DURATION: 00:02:59:21 SOURCES: TV Today DATELINE: New Delhi, 17 April 2008 RESTRICTIONS: No Access India SHOTLIST: 1. Wide of official plane carrying Olympic torch taxiing on runway 2. Girls with huge banner cheering arrival of torch 3. Indian Olympic Association President Suresh Kalmadi carrying Olympic flame down steps of plane 4. Wide of tarmac crowded with journalists 5. Kalmadi and Chinese official posing with flame 6. Zoom out from lantern to low angle shot of Chinese official 7. Cutaway of aircraft, writing on side: (English) "Beijing 2008 Olympic Torch Relay" 8. Lantern being carried by attendants into bus 9. Kalmadi and Chinese official walking hand in hand past cheerleaders 10. Tibetan protesters running along highway shouting 11. Various of protesters with Tibetan flags shouting anti-China slogans 12. Reverse shot of protesters 13. Police van arriving; policemen getting out of vehicle 14. Various of police trying to restrain protesters 15. Pan from traffic on highway to protesters shouting slogans 16. Various of a monk crying; pan to woman 17. Protesters shouting slogans 18. Protester lying on ground shouting: (English) "(Chinese President) Hu Jintao, Stop Lying"; tilt up to policemen restraining him 19. Pan from protesters to policemen pushing them into van 20. Protesters resisting detention 21. Door of van being shut 22. Protesters being pushed into another van 23. Female protesters lying on ground resisting arrest 24. Female protester being carried by police, shouting: (English) "India, please help us!" and then being put in back of truck along with others STORYLINE: The Olympic torch touched down in the Indian capital on Thursday amidst loud protests by Tibetan exiles on a highway in New Delhi. The official plane carrying the Olympic flame landed at New Delhi's military airport a little after midnight local time (0630 GMT). The flame was received by the Indian Olympic Association President Suresh Kalmadi amid cheering by Chinese cheerleaders. Meanwhile, about two dozen Tibetan exiles, shouting anti-Chinese slogans, protested the flame's arrival along a busy highway in the city. They were forcibly pushed by police into vans, but it was not known whether they were arrested or detained. Thousands of police patrolled central New Delhi as the city braced for the relay of the Olympic torch - a potential minefield in India, the heart of the world's Tibetan exile community. After decades of frosty relations, New Delhi is trying to forge closer ties with far more powerful China, and Indian officials are desperate to avoid the chaos that has plagued the torch runs in London, Paris and other Western cities. That seems unlikely with many in India's 100,000-strong Tibetan exile community, the world's largest, threatening more of the protests that they've staged nearly every day here since demonstrations first broke out in Tibet in March. In recent weeks, Tibetan exiles here have stormed the Chinese Embassy, which is now surrounded by barricades and barbed wire, gone on hunger strikes and shaved their heads to protest China's crackdown on protests in Tibet. On Wednesday, about 100 Tibetan exiles again tried to breach the security cordon around the Chinese Embassy. Police dragged away about 50 of them, loading them into police vans, but not before they manage to spray paint "No Olympics in China" on a street near the embassy. The exiles say that Thursday's torch run through the city is a perfect opportunity to make their point, despite the Dalai Lama, the exiled Tibetan Buddhist spiritual leader, saying he supports China hosting this summer's Olympic games. Protests are expected to begin early on Thursday, hours before the run scheduled 1600 (1030 GMT) start. Thousands of Tibetans are reportedly heading to New Delhi to protest and will take part in their own torch run to highlight the Tibetan struggle against Chinese rule. Exiles have also called on Indian athletes to boycott the torch relay and asked local residents to wear "Free Tibet" T-shirts and fly Tibetan flags. Activists disrupted torch relays in Paris, London and San Francisco. However, recent stops in Argentina, Tanzania, Oman and Pakistan have been trouble-free.