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Gates Trip - Afghanistan
GATES Tentative schedule: (in country "TBD") Helicopter to Khowst from Kabul - visit forward operating base near Pakistaon Return to Kabul and tour Kabul Military Training Center Move to NATO/ISAF headquarters for briefing News conference with Gates and Afghan Defense Minister Wardak News conference with Gates and Karzai KABUL, Afghanistan, Dec. 3 -- American military and intelligence officials are detecting early signs that Al Qaeda may be increasing its activities in Afghanistan, perhaps even seeking to return to its former base of operations, a senior Defense Department official said Monday. Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates arrived in Kabul late Monday for meetings with government leaders and military commanders to discuss how to speed economic and political development at a time of increasing violence. The senior Defense Department official, aboard Mr. Gates's plane, said, ''We are seeing early indicators that there may be some stepped-up activity by Al Qaeda.'' No details were offered. The official cautioned, ''It's pretty hard to pull trends out of a few indications,'' but added that even tentative evidence of increased Qaeda activity in Afghanistan ''is something we are concerned with.'' The official spoke on standard rules of anonymity to discuss intelligence on Al Qaeda and Mr. Gates's agenda before the secretary's third trip to Afghanistan during his first year in office. From: Pope, Lindsey Sent: Tuesday, December 04, 2007 6:55 AM To: *Pentagon VIP Pools; ''; ''; ''; ''; Chang, Emily (NE); Jordan, Carol (NE); ''; Conover, Bruce; Casey, Earl; Eames, Gene; Desta, Samson; Fallon, Bridget; Glass, Charles (TBS); Pitts-Mosley, Bridget; Christianson, Arnie; Burchman, Abbey; Somarriba, Cecilia; Bairin, Pierre; Kelley, Pam (DC-TBS); Dunlavey, Tom; Huyghe, Todd; Tavcar, Erik; Mclaughlin, Erin Subject: DOD Pool Note from Pool Producer Mike Mount Pool Note for Sec. Gates VIP trip to Djibouti, Afghanistan, Iraq and Bahrain - December 2 - 9, 2007 * Pool Note From Pool Producer Mike Mount * ** MATERIAL UPCOMING ON 1:30PM ET FEED ** ISAF Briefing with regional commanders. B-roll of suicide bombing aftermath on Airport Road in Kabul, Afghanistan. We are told there are 2 Afghans dead, 15 wounded. (video of aftermath only) Helicopter flight B-roll. Secretary Gates tour of the Kabul Military Training Center. Tour from Ministry of Defense Chief of Staff, General Bismullah Khan. Tour and briefing at Khowst Provincial Center. Tour of the Tirazye District Center and meeting with local tribal leaders. Photo spray with Afghan Ministry of Defense, Wardak and Secretary Gates. Photo Spray with President Karzai and Secretary Gates. Press Conference with Secretary Gates and President Karzai NBC Material