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Gates Trip: Seoul and Tokyo
GATES Defense Secretary Robert Gates continues his trip Tentative schedule: Motorcade departs MOD enroute LZ Helicopters arrive Osan Air Base Lunch with Troops - closed Tentative pool feed: 3:00am Wheels up Korea enroute Tokyo Arrive Haneda Airport Motorcade arrives Hotel Okura RON RS24/X83/Slugged: 0200 GATES GOTNO SEOUL X83 Various video of Defense Secretary Robert Gates in Seoul, South Korea 02:00:20 Gates and wife ascend air stairs 02:00:43 MS of guards at airport 02:00:52 WS, Gates and wife exit plane, descend stairs 02:01:16 MS, Gates and wife are greeted, shake hands 02:01:39 MS of honor guards 02:01:52 Gates walks down red carpet 02:02:12 Gates gladhanding 02:03:27 WS, helicopter in flight 02:04:17 WS, Gates and wife walking 02:05:24 Gates laying wreath 02:05:41 TS, Gates 02:07:39 WS of Gates walking away 02:08:01 Gates signing visitor's book 02:10:48 Gates walking with officials and Defense Minster Kim 02:11:45 Gates, Kim and soldiers saluting for national anthem 02:13:31 Photo-op of Gates and Kim 02:13:53 Gates signing visitor's book 02:15:55 Photo-op of Gates and Kim over conference table 02:16:21 MS, Gates seated 02:17:33 TS, Gates seated, pull back to WS of table (profile) 02:18:04 MS, over-the shoulder, of Kim (from Gates) 02:18:16 MS, O-T-S of Gates (from Kim) Gates: 02:19:02 Alliance of global role. This continues long standing security relationship 02:19:19 We are deeply grateful to Korea making this world a safer place 02:19:32 Our mutual efforts to endure a more capable and enduring alliance Joint Presser: 02:22:18 Gates and Kim approach podiums, MS 02:23:17 Kim speaks 02:24:06 TS of 02:24:13 TS of General Burwell Bell 02:24:26 TS of Gates 02:26:36 Gates speaks, MS 02:26:45 The US reaffirmed the solidity of it commitments to Korea 02:27:00 Increase defense preparedness 02:27:09 Good review of how we are implementing control to Iraq forces 02:27:29 S Korean troop deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan and UN commitments in Lebanon 02:28:02 Take opportunity to thank men and women stationed here, for their important work carried out everyday 02:28:24 My visit to ROK national cemetery is reminder of national sacrifice 02:30:31 MS, Gates and Kim listen Questions: Gates: 02:33:32 The US will remain committed to the security of Korea in keeping with the alliance 02:34:12 It is my expectation we will continue to play a large role in security in the region.