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Gates Trip to Afghanistan - Photo Op with Maliki and Talibani
Secretary of Defense Robert Gates Trip Trip continues - tentative schedule for guidance Depart Kabul for Mosul Arrive Mosul Meet with MND-North Commander and Iraqi civilian leaders and Lunch with 2nd Iraqi Army Depart Mosul for Balad Air Base Helicopter to Baqubah to meet with 5th Iraqi Army and civilian Leaders Helicopter to Green zone for meetings with senior Iraqi Govt and US officials Meeting with Amb. Patricia Butenis, Deputy US Ambasador POSSIBLE TAPE DROP AND FEED FROM CNN BAGHDAD Roundtable with brigade combat team commanders at Camp Liberty Dinner with Gen. Petraeus at Camp Victory END OF THE DAY VIDEO FEED - VIA DVIDS Overnight in Baghdad SECRE. ROBERT GATES IN IRAQ: PHOTO-OPS W/ MALIKI & TALABANI, ARRIVALS/DEPARTURES/ AERIALS, ROUNDTABLE RS24/X75/Slugged: 1045 GATES FEED X75 (DROPPING INTO LOGGING) ROUNDTABLE WITH BRIGADE COMBAT TEAM COMMANDERS AT CAMP LIBERTY 11:00:22 Gates walking w/ Commander 11:00:54 Gates gladhanding with soldiers, TS 11:01:45 Gates sitting at table, zoom in, TS 11:01:58 pan of table to Gates 11:02:18 TS Gates 11:02:45 TS Gates Thomas speaking.. DEPARTURE 11:07:38 Gates shaking hands with Iraqi military leader, TS 11:08:21 Gates walking outside with Commander, TS 11:09:03 Gates gladhanding, taking photo 11:09:23 Gates entering plane, TS ARRIVAL & DEPARTURE BY HELICOPTER, AERIALS 11:09:55 Gates exiting plane, TS 11:09:59 Gates gladhanding 11:10:43 Gates enters helicopter, TS 11:11:17 ws helicopters 11:11:29 TS security/contractor 11:11:35 TS head on helicopter 11:12:43 OTS soldier sitting inside helicopter 11:13:05 aerials of buildings 11:14:20 Gates exiting motorcade 11:14:38 Gates & David Petraeus(backshot only) gladhanding with Iraqi officials PHOTO-OP WITH TALABANI 11:15:18 Gates PHOTO-OP w/ Jalal Talabani 11:15:32 pan from Gates to Talabani 11:16:14 zoom out to Gates & Talabani, WS PHOTO-OP WITH MALIKI 11:17:22 Nouri al-Maliki enters room head on, TS 11:17:44 Gates exiting motorcade, WS 11:17:59 Gates & General David Petraeus walking head on, TS 11:18:44 Gates & Maliki PHOTO-OP 11:18:51 zoom in Gates, TS 11:18:56 pan to Maliki, TS 11:19:29 Gates & Maliki, WS 11:19:34 push in to Gates & Maliki 11:19:42 push into Gates, TS 11:19:48 pan to Maliki, TS 11:20:08 TS Petraeus PRESSER WITH GATES & IRAQ'S MINISTER OF DEFENSE 11:23:29 GATES: growing sense of normalcy and hope. 11:24:22 Gates enters room, Al-Qadir(?) following (SEE 0930 GATES BRIEF X75 FOR LOG) 11:34:27 Petraeus, TS 11:40:31 Petraeus, TS 11:44:24 Bush & MOD shake hands, TS 11:44:32 Gates walks off BARS