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Laura Bush travels to Afghanistan - meets wirh Hamid Karzai
LAURA BUSH Mrs. Bush in Afghanistan, accompanied by Education Secretary Margaret Spellings, Deputy WH Chief of Staff Joseph Hagin, Deputy Director of Advance Steve Atkiss, Gordon Johndroe, already on ground Tours the Women's Teacher Training Institute in Kabul Participates in roundtable discussion with teachers and students Meets with grant recipients Announces a $17.7 million grant for the American University of Afghanistan in Kabul and a $3.5 million grant for the International School in Afghanistan, a K-12 school Participates in tree planting ceremony Meets with President Hamid Karzai Dines with troops and makes remarks at Bagram Airbase Laura Bush goes to Kabul, Afghanistan Margaret Spellings is also on the trip. LAURA BUSH MEETS WITH PRESIDENT HAMID KARZAI; DINES WITH TROOPS & MAKES REMARKS AT BAGRAM AIRBASE NY2 X75 slugged: 1125 FLOTUS X75 Wednesday, March 30, 2005 11:38:57 ws of flotus and Karzai sitting / no audio 11:40:33 refeed PHOTO-OP WITH KARZAI 11:41:01 ws of Laura bush and Karzai 11:41:19 ms of Laura 11:41:26 ms of Karzai 11:41:49 Laura bush and karzai shaking hands 11:42:04 karzai: this is worth much more PHOTO-OP WITH WOMEN 11:42:18 ms of women in head scarves walking in 11:42:59 flotus and woman shaking hands 11:43:17 ms of woman shaking hands with Margaret Spellings 11:43:55 Laura shaking hands with a line of women 11:44:28 flotus: now Margaret is our new secretary of education. it's like a minister 11:44:45 cu of Laura seated, wearing a maroon scarf around her shoulders 11:45:08 ms of woman in white and green head scarf 11:45:23 medium two shot of flotus and woman in white and green head scarf / handshake 11:45:57 Laura: girls that go to. university 11:46:04 BLACK FLOTUS DINING WITH TROOPS 11:46:40 ms of cafeteria workers 11:46:48 ms of flotus glad handing with troops 11:47:23 mss of flotus: y'all cooking some pretty good food? 11:47:38 flotus bending over counter to look at food 11:48:07 mss of flotus walking through dining hall 11:48:38 ws of Laura walking among dining tables / troops stand and clap 11:49:39 zoom to ms of flotus sitting with troops in front of American flag 11:50:08 zoom out to ws of dining hall 11:50:47 cu of female soldier 11:50:56 cu of Asian soldier 11:51:05 ms of seated troops 11:51:35 mws of Laura seated at table 11:51:49 cu of Laura 11:52:10 walk up to podium REMARKS 11:52:46 cu of Laura / my tour is quite short but I bring warm wishes from everybody back home. praying for you every single day 11:53:05 on behalf of my husband. we want you. to know that we support you, we believe in you and we are proud of you 11:53:25 your fellow citizens know that your mission is not easy 11:53:34 sometimes far longer than you expected. many of you enlisted in a time of peace 11:53:47 many of you miss your families and you worry about them. and they worry about you a lot 11:54:00 men and women you will never forget. I know that all Americans are grateful to live in a country that has produced fine young men and women like you 11:54:24 I know a little bit about having your life turned upside down 11:54:36 celebrated Easter in fort hood, Texas 11:54:42 the families we meet at every base. I'm filled with awe at their courage and resilience 11:54:57 taking extra time to make sure that your wives and husbands, mothers and dads are cared for 11:55:17 every day you're protecting the rights and the liberties all of us hold dear 11:55:29 thanks to you the Taliban is gone. thanks to you more than 8 million men and women in Afghanistan voted in a free election. little girls who were denied an education just three years ago 11:55:59 these are big goals and you've met every one with courage and honor 11:56:09 small acts that have big consequences 11:56:18 when people need care, you deliver it. You're helping people battle the elements 11:56:31 some of them paid for out of your own pockets. brightening the lives of afghan children 11:56:45 show the people of Afghanistan our true selves. to see first hand the progress being made here 11:57:03 women who are serving in Afghanistan's government. helps the roots of democracy grow stronger 11:57:20 appreciate every chance we get to be with the men and women who serve on the front lines 11:57:36 look forward to getting home and telling the president that America is safer because of the men and women who serve at Bagram Airbase. thank you so much 11:58:11 officer: we'd like to present you with a small token of our appreciation. 11:58:27 ms of photo op / Laura bush being given a large photography book 11:59:19 zoom out from Laura to ms of photo op with troops 12:00:45 Ann Compton track