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US Subway - Narrow escape for woman who fell in front of subway train
NAME: US SUBWAY 20091110I TAPE: EF09/1054 IN_TIME: 11:07:45:03 DURATION: 00:00:53:02 SOURCES: MBTA DATELINE: Boston - 6 Nov 2009 RESTRICTIONS: SHOTLIST 1. Surveillance video showing woman falling onto tracks, people waiving at train driver to get him to stop, train stopping just in time STORYLINE A train driver in the United States has been hailed as a hero after managing to avoid hitting a woman who had fallen on the tracks. Surveillance video released by the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority shows the woman struggling to maintain her balance at a Boston subway station on 6 November. Unable to keep herself upright, she topples off the platform - just as the train approaches. Train operator Charice Lewis said she saw commuters on the platform frantically waving their arms in the hope of getting her to stop. At the same time, she received a radio warning to pull the emergency brakes, the Boston Globe newspaper reported. The video shows the train coming to a halt - right in front of the fallen woman. Fellow travellers helped the lucky woman climb back up the platform and she appeared unhurt. Local media reported police said the woman appeared intoxicated at the time of the incident and may have been trying to stub out a cigarette with her foot when she tumbled on to the tracks. According to the Boston Globe, Lewis received a call from the state governor and was honoured as a hero by Massachussett's transport chief on Monday. Later in the day, co-workers gave her and inspector Jacqueline Osorio, who was on the platform and sent the radio warning, a standing ovation.