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US Office 3 - One dead, five injured, in office building shooting
NAME: US OFFICE 3 20091106I TAPE: EF09/1044 IN_TIME: 10:31:17:24 DURATION: 00:01:52:23 SOURCES: ABC/ORLANDO POLICE HANDOUT/AP TELEVISION DATELINE: Orlando, 6 Nov 2009 RESTRICTIONS: Check shotlist for details SHOTLIST: ABC - NO ACCESS NORTH AMERICA/INTERNET Orlando, Florida - 6 November 2009 ++MUTE++ 1. Mid of police officers and yellow cordon tape outside scene of shooting, pull out to wide of office building and ambulances 2. Police officers walking towards office building and through cordoned off area 3. Emergency workers wheeling medical stretcher towards office building 4. SOUNDBITE: (English) Val Demings, Orlando Police Chief: "You know, it's still a lot of details that we're sorting through right now. It's such a tragedy to occur, especially after the shooting that occurred in Texas yesterday. Still a lot of details we need to sort through." ORLANDO POLICE HANDOUT Date and location unknown 5. STILL: Police mug shot of suspected gunman Jason Rodriguez ABC - NO ACCESS NORTH AMERICA/INTERNET Orlando, Florida - 6 November 2009 6. SOUNDBITE: (English) Val Demings, Orlando Police Chief: "Well, we received information that he may be in the area of his mother's residence. We sent some officers out there, sent our SWAT team out there, they confirmed. We of course had information, intelligence information on him, they were able to see him through the window and asked him to come out. He did. He was arrested without incident." AP TELEVISION Orlando, Florida - 6 November 2009 7. Wide of fire trucks and ambulances blocking off a road at the scene 8. Wide of police officers at the scene 9. Mid of police officers walking inside cordoned off area 10. Police officers with semi-automatic weapons outside office building 11. Another officer with a semi-automatic weapon standing on footpath outside building 12. Wide of emergency workers wheeling a medical stretcher towards building 13. SOUNDBITE: (English) Camille Previlon, Niece of a shooting victim: "My uncle does work in this facility. He works downstairs. The only thing I know is that he's been shot in the back. But we're still waiting on answers. So far, we know he will make it, cause you know, he called, he was conscious, it's just that he's in a lot of pain. And that's all we know." 14. Close-up of emergency sign outside Orlando Regional Medical Center, pull out to wide shot of the hospital as ambulance pulls away STORYLINE: A gunman opened fire on Friday in the offices of an engineering firm from which he was sacked more than two years ago, killing one person and injuring five others. Jason Rodriguez, 40, surrendered to police about three hours later, after officers saw him through the window of his mother's home and asked him to come outside, Orlando Police Chief Val Demings said. Demings called the shooting "a tragedy" and said there were still "a lot of details" to clarify. The Florida shooting comes a day after a gunman at the Fort Hood military base in Texas killed 13 people and wounded about 30. An Army psychiatrist is suspected of opening fire on fellow soldiers there. Demings said investigators did not know why Rodriguez targeted the engineering firm where he once worked. Camille Previlon told The Associated Press her uncle, engineer Guy Lungenbel, was shot in the back and was able to talk but had not said much about the shooting. People streamed out of the 16-story Legion Place office building around lunchtime and some told local television stations they had barricaded themselves inside their offices while the gunman was on the loose. A main highway was closed in both directions through downtown Orlando and nearby schools were locked down until the gunman was caught. Rows of ambulances lined up outside the building as police snipers took up positions around the building and officers on foot and horseback searched the area.