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NNS-Tiller Shot-KS:Vigil For Doctor Tiller Monday, June 01, 2009 Slug: Tiller Shot-KS Story: Vigil For Doctor Tiller Dateline: Kansas City, MO Source: KCTV Network: CBS Embargo: KMBC, WDAF Producer: Pdharewood Restriction: Duration: 00:00:31.00 Created On: 06/01/09 22:49:57 Topic: Crime/Police Region: Midwest Format: VO/SOT .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. INFORMATION: -THIS IS AVAILABLE IN 16:9 with the Orange rimmed slate and 4:3 with the Blue rimmed slate. Hundreds gathered in Kansas City, Missouri Monday night (6-1) to honor the life of Doctor George Tiller. About 2-hundred people gathered on both sides of the abortion debate to pay tribute to Tiller. Even though some were abortion rights supporters and others were abortion rights opponents they all said the death of Doctor Tiller was senseless. Tiller was shot and killed Sunday (5-31) while attending his Wichita-area church. Scott Roeder has been arrested. Charges are expected in the coming days. SUPERS: Kansas City, MO Joanne Katz Attended Vigil Chris Keen Attended Vigil VIDEO INFO: SOT-Katz: (covered in part by VO of vigil) "I grew up in a time where abortions were illegal. I had friends who got illegal abortions which affected their lives... their entire lives. And here' s a man who really understood that and stood for that and someone would walk into his church and kill him." SOT-Keen: "It doesn't solve anything and it doesn't ... no one won with this murder so I think that it's a sad day for everyone." 06/01/2009 23:44:02MX06-02-2009 03:44UTC / ( / ****************************************************************************
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