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LONDON / RS 170 / 12:45 - 2:12 PM
12:45:33 Schroeder speaks in German 12:47:16 "it's important to recognize the security situation is still difiicult.doing everything we can to protect the hospitals, get supplies in, and when necessary evacuate those.and try to help them. There already are 2 iraqis in britain.who are receving care in the U.K. Not one case. I do emphasize that the security situaiton is still difficult." 12:56:49 End of Presser, they walk out. ================================================================== 13:08:21 #38 Sars Piece for Mary shots of patients being treated, doctors, subway NOTE FROM LONDON: 1. CCTV - SARS CONTROL Beijing's health authority has ordered intense epidemic control measures as 37 SARS cases have been confirmed in the Chinese capital so far, with 4 death. The city's first imported case of severe acute respiratory syndrome(SARS) was reported in early March. Since then, a monitoring network has been set up to track the epidemic and report developments. A medical experts team has also been organized to give instructions to the general public. In addition, the health authority has mobilized a survey team comprised more than 2,500 medical staff to visit households of suspected patients or those who are at high risk to share knowledge and information on SARS prevention and control. Meanwhile, more efforts have also been made on the city's transportation sector to conduct the sterilization work on metro trains, buses and taxis to prevent the killer virus spreading among passengers. In the meantime, the city has implemented massive sterilization polices in public venues. ========================================================================== 13:09:56 #87 Baghdad, good pictures, block market of hot goods on sidewalk, good shots looted and burned hospital DOPESHEET: 030415#087 Name: 030415#087 Title: IRAQ LIBRARY ZDF EVNW Type: EVN FEED In point: 14:14:55.28 Out point: 14:17:11.08 Duration: 00:02:15.08 Tape ID 6141 Dopesheet LIBRARY Date Shot: 15-APR-2003 Location: BAGHDAD Country: IRAQ Sound: NATURAL Language: Source: DEZDF Restrictions: Web Use Restricted: N Dopesheet: In the past two days, streets in Baghdad have filled up with people going about their everyday lives although most shops remain closed in the absence of electricity. But sporadic bursts of gunfire and explosions still erupt, often at night, while the U.S. forces have been seeking to return order to the streets of Baghdad, where looters rampaged after the collapse of the Iraqi government. Some of the stolen goods seem to make a reappearence at Baghdad's black market these days, including medicine apparently taken from hospitals or doctors' cabinets. But damaged, destroyed or lost forever is a good deal of Iraq's cultural wealth, like for example treasures and artefacts from the ancient Sumerian, Babylonian and Syrian civilisations in the capital's National Museum. Or the National Gallery which featured exhibitions on contemporary Iraqi art, where hundreds of paintings were simply cut from their frames and disappeared and where most of the interios are destroyed. Or the National Library, some blocks away from the Gallery, whose archives contained more than 11 million books and scripts, amongst which invaluable authentic manuscripts from the abbasid caliphate (750 - 1258) and the ottoman empire Shotlist: black market Baghdad pills and medicine on table people watching man sitting on ground selling books more people at market US patrol driving through street in city center locals sitting together, drinking tea marines in front of bank building with man they arrested for intended looting on the ground sot marine in english, confriming that the man was still alive, that he was just unconscious exterior Saddam National Gallery vs. interior National Gallery in chaos soundbite painter Walid Nasralla who came to the Gallery to look for his works - in vain: I can't believe it, it is unimaginable, the entire modern art of Iraq destroyed all at once, lost forever exterior Saddam National Library vs. interior National Library in chaos soundbite Haithem Aziz Mohammed, english teacher, in english US soldiers in street ============================================================================= 13:12:11 #85 good destruction, Baghdad, arrests, bank notes being seized by us forces DOPESHEET: 030415#085 Name: 030415#085 Title: IRAQ BAGHDAD BANK APTN 1200G Type: APTN FEED In point: 13:06:38.12 Out point: 13:09:14.09 Duration: 00:02:35.25 Tape ID 6139 Dopesheet AP-APTN-1200: ++Baghdad Bank - Tuesday, 15 April 2003 STORY: ++Baghdad Bank - NEW US marines foil bank robbers LENGTH: 2:35 FIRST RUN: 1200 RESTRICTIONS: APTN Clients Only TYPE: English/Nat SOURCE: APTN Page: 1 DATELINE: Baghdad - 15 April 2003 DATELINE: Baghdad - 15 April 2003 SHOTLIST: 1. Wide shot of bank robbery suspects on ground detained by US marines at gunpoint 2. Pan from marine to suspects 3. Mid shot face of suspect 4. Wider shot showing blood on the white vest of suspect 5. Marines removing stacks of US dollars in white and orange sacks 6. Bundles of dollar notes removed from orange sack 7. Wide shot of bundles of notes removed and counted 8. Various of marines piling up US dollars 9. Close up of stacks of dollars 10. Marines throw stacks of dollars back into orange bags 11. Close up of tag reading: '$3,689,800' 12. Close up of sack being sealed 13. Wider shot of sack being sealed 14. SOUNDBITE (English) US Marine: "Seen the suspects come out of the bank. They had all a bunch of weapons on them. Every weapon was round ... (inaudible) ... they fired at us. We got them back. So that is pretty much it." 15. Marines loading sacks of banknotes into armoured vehicles 16. Close up label on sack, pull-out as sack is picked up and taken to armoured vehicle 17. Armoured vehicles drive away from site STORYLINE: U-S marines on Tuesday recovered nearly four (M) million US dollars stolen from a Baghdad bank the previous day. On Monday, 3,689,800 US dollars were taken from a branch of the Rafidain Bank near the Marine Headquarters at City Hall, in the centre of the Iraqi capital. Acting on intelligence they had received, the marines retrieved the money when they thwarted another robbery attempt at the bank by the same people on Tuesday. The troops took five people into custody after a fire-fight broke out between the suspected thieves and soldiers. Two of the assailants escaped during the gun-battle, one was wounded. The money already stolen was being carried in the car the assailants had returned in. ========================================================================== 13:14:54 #84 Ben Brown spot on Ali DOPESHEET: 030415#084 Name: 030415#084 Title: IRAQ ALI BROWN BBC 1300B Type: BBC In point: 14:03:44.21 Out point: 14:05:41.20 Duration: 00:01:56.27 Tape ID 6138 Dopesheet INTRO: It's hoped 12 year old Ali Ismaeel Abbas, the Iraqi boy who lost his arms,and was orphaned, in an air raid, can be treated by specialists in Kuwait. The Ministry of Health there, says Ali, who has sixty per cent burns, will be flown by helicopter from Baghdad, where his doctors say his condition's improving. Ben Brown, in Baghdad, has the latest. SLUG/CORRESPONDENT: BAGHDAD / BEN BROWN DATE SHOT: 15/4/2003 LOCATIONS: IRAQ IN WORDS: "There were sweets today... OUT WORDS: ... cannot come quickly enough." DURATION: 1'5O" ASTONS: NO ASTONS SOURCES: BBC SHOTLIST: Ali eating sweets in hospital/ Doctor on mobile phone and intv/ Baghdad hospital/ crying Iraqis/ Ali in bed/ Brown PTC / Ali in bed ========================================================================= 13:17:07 #73 Protests in Baghdad, APTN DOPESHEET: 030415#073 Name: 030415#073 030415#073 Title: IRAQ BAGHDAD PROTESTS 3 APTN 0900G Type: APTN FEED In point: 10:13:14.04 Out point: 10:15:29.07 Duration: 00:02:15.03 Tape ID 6139 Dopesheet AP-APTN-0900: +Baghdad Protest 3 - Tuesday, 15 April 2003 STORY: +Baghdad Protest 3 - WRAP Iraqis rally against looting and disorder LENGTH: 2:14 FIRST RUN: 0900 RESTRICTIONS: APTN Clients Only TYPE: Arabic/Nat SOURCE: APTN DATELINE: Baghdad - 15 April 2003 SHOTLIST (FIRST RUN 0715 ASIA 15 APRIL) 1. Locked-off shot of line of US military personnel holding back protesters gathered outside Palestine Hotel (FIRST RUN 0800 EUROPE 15 APRIL) 2. Chanting demonstrators, one with Iraqi flag 3. Iraqi policeman talking to demonstrator 4. Iraqi policeman talking to demonstrators and gesticulates, pan to demonstrators behind razor wire 5. Chanting demonstrators at side of busy road 6. Civilians inspecting toppled statue, pull-out to wide shot of plaza and mosque (FIRST RUN 0900 AMERICAS 15 APRIL) 7. Mid shot US self-propelled gun (SPG) with group of demonstrators in foreground 8. Close up of SPG crew member and muzzle of gun 9. Mid shot of SPG with group of demonstrators in foreground 10. Mid shot demonstrators 11. Closer shot of demonstrators 12. Iraqi policeman addressing part of crowd 13. US military personnel standing behind razor wire and in front of the crowd of protestors 14. SOUNDBITE (Arabic) unnamed Iraqi policeman: (in answer to demonstrator's complaint) "The policeman is a brother as well. What do you mean by you don't want the police? Do you want us to give the policing to the Americans?" 15. Protesters standing in front of US soldier STORYLINE Protests by Iraqi civilians continued outside the Palestine Hotel in central Baghdad on Tuesday. In the last few days the hotel - the base for many of the foreign journalists covering the US-led invasion of the country - has become a focus for discontent felt by many since the fall of Saddam Hussein's regime. Demonstrators included those protesting against the lack of basic services, especially water and electricity and those wanting US soldiers to take a firmer grip on law and order in the city and clamp down further on looting. ============================================================================ 13:19:40 #64 BBC Willis spot on police force in Baghdad 13:20:18 injured outside hospital 13:20:45 iraqi police with an arrested looter DOPESHEET: 030415#064 Name: 030415#064 Title: IRAQ BAGHDAD POLICE BBC WILLIS *SPLIT* Type: FEED-LINES In point: 12:59:19.19 Out point: 13:00:55.14 Duration: 00:01:35.27 Tape ID 6138 Dopesheet ========================================================================= 13:21:23 #58 good pix of looted and burned library DOPESHEET: 030415#058 Name: 030415#058 Title: IRAQ BAGHDAD LIBRARIES APTN 0900G Type: APTN FEED In point: 10:05:33.04 Out point: 10:08:35.29 Duration: 00:03:02.25 Tape ID 6133 Dopesheet AP-APTN-0900: ++Baghdad Libraries STORY: ++Baghdad Libraries - NEW Iraqis assess damage at main libraries LENGTH: 3:01 FIRST RUN: 0900 RESTRICTIONS: APTN Clients Only TYPE: Natsound SOURCE: APTN DATELINE: Baghdad - 15 April 2003 SHOTLIST 1. Wide exterior of central library with statue out front 2. Zoom out from wrecked library door to wide 3. Various of blown windows 4. Interior with debris and ash on floor 5. Various archived newspapers strewn on floor 6. Close-up of articles in newspapers 7. Various magazines in tatters 8. Wrecked tables and chairs 9. Iraqi war poster 10. various interiors destroyed bookshelves 11. Various destroyed furniture 12. SOUNDBITE (English) Haithem Aziz, Library teacher and doctorate student: "This is a treasure, not a main big library, a treasure of manuscripts, dictionaries, all what were written are kept in this library. Now we have no national heritage kept, except what is kept in personal libraries". 13. Cutaway of people outside library 14. SOUNDBITE (English) Haithem Aziz, Library teacher and doctorate student "Some books won't be found, will never be found because it is kept here for being revised or read again so who can have these books again. I think some books won't be found again. The modern mongols, the new mongols did that. The Americans, they did, or their agents did that. The Iraqi's, good Iraqis may steal but they won't burn." 15. Zoom out library from gate 16. Various wreckage in and around the library of Islamic works 17. Charred staircase 18. Exterior pan of library STORYLINE Iraqis on Tuesday were examining the irreparable damage caused to two of the city's main libraries. Looting and destruction have left a huge cultural loss. The Central Library and the Library of Islamic Works were not only physically destroyed, their contents were lost as well. One library teacher, mourning the destruction, blamed US forces for the damage. ============================================================================ 13:24:37 #56 demo pictures, color a little strange DOPESHEET: 030415#056 Name: 030415#056 Title: IRAQ HOTEL PROTEST EBU EVN0 Type: EVN FEED In point: 11:26:31.15 Out point: 11:32:03.14 Duration: 00:05:31.29 Tape ID 6135 Dopesheet HOTEL DEMO Date Shot: 15-APR-2003 Location: BAGHDAD Location: BAGHDAD Country: IRAQ Sound: NATURAL Language: Source: ZZEBU Restrictions: Web Use Restricted: N Dopesheet: Live shot of demonstration outside Palestine Hotel in the centre of Baghdad Shotlist: ============================================================================ 13:28:55 #51 GOOD PIX OF BURNING BUILDING, looters carting away goods, bank robbery, good destroyed cars, APTN, Baghdad DOPESHEET: 030415#051 Name: 030415#051 Title: IRAQ LOOTING APTN EVN0 Type: EVN FEED In point: 11:15:45.23 Out point: 11:19:02.07 Duration: 00:03:16.12 Tape ID 6135 Dopesheet LOOTING A Date Shot: 15-APR-2003 Location: BAGHDAD Country: IRAQ Sound: NATURAL Language: Source: GBAPTN Restrictions: Web Use Restricted: N Dopesheet: Looters were on the rampage in Saddam City Tuesday, trashing the City Hall before torching the building. Down the road, looters raided another premises of food, escaping with sacks of grain and other goods. Baghdad's celebrated Ministry of Information was also set alight Tuesday. The offices of the internation press corps were in tatters, with furniture and equipment strewn about the floor. One opportunistic looter robbed a downtown bank, getting away with wads of cash stuffed under his shirt. Marines at roadblocks appeared unable to halt the looting. Shotlist: Saddam City, Baghdad - 14 APRIL 2003 1. various of City Hall building on fire 2. petrol truck with men on top of truck standing in front of smoke 3. close up flames burning at City Ha;ll 4. close up charred walls of building 5. various of locals carting off sacks of food from second premises 6. men on trucks with sacks of food 7. trucks taking off looted food 8. warehouse gates smashed in 9. Ministry of Information 10. interior of ministry of information - offices smashed 11. desks trashed, offices demolished 12. tapes on the ground at looted office of international press 13. exterior bank - man with stolen money 14. sticking money under his shirt 15. US Marines searching vehicles ============================================================================ 13:32:15 #50 Uday's gun collection, including his gold kalashnikov DOPESHEET: 030415#050 Name: 030415#050 Title: IRAQ GOLDEN GUNS APTN EVN0 Type: EVN FEED In point: 11:12:30.21 Out point: 11:15:08.04 Duration: 00:02:37.11 Tape ID 6135 Dopesheet GOLDEN GUNS Date Shot: 15-APR-2003 Location: BAGHDAD Country: IRAQ Sound: NATURAL Language: Page: 5 DopeSheets Printout Printed: 15/04/2003 16:35:59 030415#050 Sound: NATURAL Language: Source: GBAPTN Restrictions: Web Use Restricted: N Dopesheet: Hundreds of custom-made weapons found in Uday Hussein's house were seized by the US army Tuesday. The high-tech and luxury weapons include 76 gold-plated AK47s, gold plated kalashnikovs with Saddam Hussein's insignia, 20 nickel plated Belgian made automatic rifles, and a suitcase fill of MPG3 (assassination kits). The cache is being itemised by the army and will, eventually be turned over to a new Iraq government. Shotlist: BAGHDAD - 15 APRIL 2003 1. wide exterior streets of Baghdad 2. tracking shot discarded weapons on ground 3. US army around weapons cache 4. stacks of boxes of weapons 5. US soldier holding and adjusting gold-plated kalashnikov 6. gold-plated machine gun 7. US soldier showing off gold-plated kalashnikov 8. tilt up from ammunition to another nickel plated rifle 9. close up on gold plated kalashnikov with engraving - "gift from Saddam Hussein" 10. heap of pistols 11.wide view room filled full of small arms 12. crates of guns 13. crates of browning pistols 14. US army soldiers showing and discussing the items found =========================================================================== 13:34:59 #47 Demos in Baghdad, BBC not great pix 13:35:34 soldiers watching crowd DOPESHEET: 030415#047 Name: 030415#047 Title: IRAQ BAGHDAD DEMO BBC FEED Type: FEED-LINES In point: 09:36:10.07 Out point: 09:38:16.08 Duration: 00:02:06.01 Tape ID - Dopesheet ============================================================================ 13:37:12 #30 demos in Baghdad, via RTV better protest pix DOPESHEET: 030415#030 Name: 030415#030 Title: IRAQ BAGHDAD DEMO RTVcAPTN EVNY Type: EVN FEED In point: 09:40:35.10 Out point: 09:43:47.29 Duration: 00:03:12.19 Tape ID 6132 Dopesheet BAGHDAD DEMO Date Shot: 15-APR-2003 Location: BAGHDAD Country: IRAQ Sound: NATURAL Language: Source: GBRTV /GBAPTN Restrictions: Web Use Restricted: N Dopesheet: Several hundred Iraqis continued demonstrating on Tuesday (April 15) morning outside the Palestine Hotel, the base for the international media in Baghdad. Chanting slogans and waving papers and banners, the protesters demanded tighter security in the capital. Shotlist: BAGHDAD, IRAQ (APRIL 15, 2003) (REUTERS - ACCESS ALL) 1. A CROWD OF DEMONATRSTORS GATHERED OUTSIDE THE PALESTINE HOTEL 2. VARIOUS OF DEMONSTRATORS CHANTING AND SHOUTING SLOGANS 3. MORE OF DEMONSTRATION 4. DEMONSTRATORS BEGIN TO MARCH ALONG STREET WITH BANNERS =========================================================================== 13:40:31 #14 great pix of soldiers searching a hotel DOPESHEET: 030415#014 Name: 030415#014 Title: IRAQ BAGHDAD HOTEL RAID APTN EVF 0630G Type: FEED-LINES In point: 07:29:57.20 Out point: 07:32:00.19 Duration: 00:02:02.29 Tape ID 6127 Dopesheet IQ: PALESTINE RAID; EVF;15-APR-2003 06:30; Source: GBAPTN; IQ;BAGHDAD;;15-APR-2003;Audio: NATURAL;Language: US marines raided the Hotel Palestine early on Tuesday in a sweep for fedayeen and hidden weapons. Believing the hotel that accomodates much of the foreign press corps could have been used as cover for remaining Saddam loyalists, troops apprioached the hotel in tanks. The troops banged on doors and searched the hotel, room by room. Stunned hotel guests were searched at gunpoint. Four people were arrested. 1. Ext. Palestine hotel; tanks approaching; US Marines walking to hotel 2. armed US Marines walking into entrance 3. US Marines through hallways of hotel; up the stairs 4. Marines bust guest door open 5. Man on ground on stomach waiting to be searched 4. marines Searching man by elevator 5. Marines with guns coming out of rooms 6. Marines checking Russian journalists cards/questioning 7. detained men outside rooms, hands on wall 8. Marines busting door open with large pipe 9. Marines on roof of hotel 10.marines scour rooftop ============================================================================ 13:42:48 #006 Uday's car collection DOPESHEET: 030415#006 Name: 030415#006 Title: IRAQ UDAI CARS APTN EVNM Type: EVN FEED In point: 04:35:50.13 Out point: 04:38:03.00 Duration: 00:02:12.15 Tape ID 6122 Dopesheet IQ: UDAI CARS; EVNM;15-APR-2003 03:30; Item Start and End Time: 15-APR-2003 03:34:00;15-APR-2003 03:38:22; Origin: GBAPTN;City: LNDN; Source: GBAPTN; Status: TRS; IQ;BAGHDAD;;14-APR-2003;Audio: NATURAL;Language: ; US soldiers arrived too late at Udai Hussein's compound to stop looters from making off with a number of expensive imported cars in the underground car-park. But some cars remained because they had been damaged, or because the looters had been unable to start them. They included an armored 1960 Fleetwood Cadillac, a 1956 Thunderbird, several other vintage antique vehicles, a dune buggy, and even a small replica landrover which US soldiers managed to restart and use within grounds. It was not the first discovery of such expensive taste in Baghdad. APTN discovered another group of vintage cars belonging to other high officials in the Iraqi government underneath city hall earlier this week. Baghdad, 14 April 2003 APTN - Clients only 1. Wide shot of underground car park 2. Mid shot of Rolls Royce with engine panels open 3. Various shots of classic and vintage cars 4. Wood-panelled van 5. SOUNDBITE (English) Specialist Patrick Chute, US Army Third Infantry Division: Page: 7 "It's kind of hard when there's a '55 Belair out there that was totally DopeSheets Printout Printed: 15/04/2003 16:35:59 030415#006 "It's kind of hard when there's a '55 Belair out there that was totally crushed. And when we came in here, we got to see all these cars, and the looters got to them. They already got the batteries, they brought in old batteries to try to get them fired up, but I guess they didn't know how to hot-wire a car very well. The ones that are still here, they're the ones that are left, all the rest are gone. There're remnants of some of them like the Range Rover.. The last ones must be driving around Baghdad right now, like the ones across the road, there was actually another garage but its totally empty." 6. Various of cars in carpark 7. Exterior shot of white sports buggy 8. Interior of sport buggy 9. Various shots of US troops driving a partly-damaged miniature landrover =========================================================================== 13:45:09 #95 airport landings in Nasiriyah, garner in tent meeting DOPESHEET: 030415#095 Name: 030415#095 Title: IRAQ GARNER POOL EVNW Type: EVN FEED In point: 14:38:51.22 Out point: 14:42:29.02 Duration: 00:03:37.10 Tape ID 6141 Dopesheet GARNER Date Shot: 15-APR-2003 Location: NASSIRIYAH Country: IRAQ Sound: NATURAL Language: Source: USPOOL Restrictions: Web Use Restricted: N Dopesheet: Iraqi opposition groups have begun in Nassiriya. Talks near the ancient Mesopotamian city of Ur, 375 km (235miles) south of Baghdad, were aimed at shaping a postwar Iraq but highlighted the divisions among Iraqi opposition groups, united mainly by a desire not to look like U.S. puppets. About 60 Iraqis, from radical and mainstream Shi'ite and Sunni Muslim, Kurdish and monarchist groups, were due to attend. But many are irked by Washington's choice of Jay Garner, a retired U.S. general, to head an interim postwar administration. Shotlist: Various view of the meeting. Jay Garner addressing the meeting (English), saying: "In the name of God. I spent the night here last night, I did that so I wake up this morning next to the birthplace of Abraham. So I wake up at the site of the ancient city of Ur, where civilisation began and I said what better birthday can a man have than to begin it not only where civilisation began but where free Iraq and a democratic Iraq will begin today. I'd like to turn this over to president Bush's special envoy a man who has done great things for us throughout the war, Zalmay Khalilzad." (Note: This POOL material fed subsequently to the POOL material flashed at 12:45 GMT on the PNN) =========================================================================== 13:49:05 #83 Popplewell BBC spot on demo, chalibi, aid BBC Nasiriyah DOPESHEET: 030415#083 Name: 030415#083 Title: IRAQ NASIRIYAH POPPLEWELL BBC 1300B Type: BBC In point: 13:59:07.00 Out point: 14:00:27.00 Duration: 00:01:20.02 Tape ID 6138 Dopesheet INTRO: The beginnings of a new, democratic and free Iraq, could take shape today. Amid tight security, political, tribal and religious leaders are holding talks with British and American officials, in an air-conditioned tent, near the southern city of Nasiriyah. They'll discuss the government of the country, post Saddam Hussein. But the Shia Muslims won't be there - they're objecting to American involvement in the reconstruction of Iraq, whose interim administration will be run by a retired US General, Jay Garner. SLUG/CORRESPONDENT: NASIRIYAH / MARTIN POPPLEWELL DATE SHOT: 15/4/2003 LOCATIONS: IRAQ, NASIRIYAH IN WORDS: " OUT WORDS: ... BBC News" DURATION: 1'16" ASTONS: NO ASTONS SOURCES: Shia demonstration in Nasariya - APTN -Subscribers only Iraqi opposition leader / boy/ US troops filling water / vox pops Iraqis/ US troops patrolling -BBC =========================================================================== 13:50:40 #54 exteripr of tents where meetings taking place APTN DOPESHEET: 030415#054 Name: 030415#054 Title: IRAQ NASIRIYAH MEETING APF 1000G Type: FEED-LINES In point: 11:05:11.11 Out point: 11:07:16.03 Duration: 00:02:04.22 Tape ID 6136 Dopesheet AP-APTN-1000: ++Nasiriyah Meeting - Tuesday, 15 April 2003 STORY: ++Nasiriyah Meeting - NEW Preps for talks to determine shape of interim authority LENGTH: 2:04 LENGTH: 2:04 FIRST RUN: 1200 RESTRICTIONS: APTN Clients Only TYPE: Natsound SOURCE: APTN DATELINE: Nasiriyah - 15 April 2003 SHOTLIST: 1. Wide shot of area where meeting is due to be held, and ziggurat temple on right of screen 2. US army vehicle 3. Various of vehicles at site 4. US soldier walking 5. Wide shot tent where meeting is to be held 6. Bus arriving at site 7. Mid shot of bus and tent where meeting is to be held STORYLINE: The job of rebuilding Iraq from its war-torn ruins is to begin on Tuesday with the first of a series of meetings to shape an interim authority and a future government. The "big-tent" meeting in the southern city of Nasiriyah will bring together representatives of Kurds, Sunni and Shi'ite Muslims, as well as exiles who have lived for years outside Iraq. U-S officials were keen to stress that they were "facilitating" rather then "hosting" the meeting at Tallil airbase, close to the four thousand-year-old ziggurat at Ur where, according to the Bible, Abraham was born. A ziggurat is a temple tower of the ancient Assyrians and Babylonians, and has the form of a terraced pyramid of successively receding stories. ========================================================================== 13:53:05 #29 Shiia demo in Nasiriyah DOPESHEET: 030415#029 Name: 030415#029 Title: IRAQ NASSARIYA DEMO APTN EVNY Type: EVN FEED In point: 09:36:42.13 Out point: 09:39:20.11 Duration: 00:02:37.26 Tape ID 6132 Dopesheet NASSARIYA DEMO Date Shot: 15-APR-2003 Location: NASSARIYA Country: IRAQ Sound: NATURAL Language: Source: GBAPTN Restrictions: Web Use Restricted: N Dopesheet: Over two thousand people including civilians and spiritual leaders of Nasiriyah are demonstrating against today's Iraqi opposition meeting, angry they are not being fully represented at these talks to discuss the political future of Iraq. Shotlist: Nasiriyah Iraq 15th April 1. Helicopters over airbase 2. Convoy of TV cars arriving for meeting - at checkpoint on road that leads to US airbase 3. Sign saying 'Restricted Military Area' 4. Various demonstrators. Protestors shouting "No to America, No to Saddam" 5. Various banners - saying 'No the the conference, al-Hawan is not represented. (Al-Hawan is the main temple and school of the Shi'a in Iraq.) 6. SOUNDBITE (English) Student: "This protest is because we are not being represented at the conference. Our leaders have not been invited". 7. Various demonstrators 8. Closeup Koran 9. Various demonstrators 10. Tank driving through with US marines on top 11. Wide shot of protests 12. Protestors speaking into megaphones 13. Various protestors marching with bicycle 13. Various protestors marching with bicycle ============================================================================ 13:56:32 #21 Mynott BBC piece on aid Nasiriyah DOPESHEET: 030415#021 Name: 030415#021 Page: 3 Title: IRAQ NASIRIYAH MYNOTT BBC 0800B Type: BBC In point: 09:02:40.01 Out point: 09:04:25.07 Duration: 00:01:45.04 Tape ID 6124c Dopesheet INTRO: Iraq takes its first steps towards a post war government today. Opposition figures and tribal leaders are meeting at an airbase outside the southern city of Nasiriyah to decide the country's future after Saddam Hussein. The talks are being hosted by the retired American general Jay Garner, the man given the job of running Iraq while a new administration is chosen. But there are already signs of problems ahead, with one of the main Shi'ite parties refusing to take part. SLUG/CORRESPONDENT: NASIRIYAH/ADAM MYNOTT DATE SHOT: 14/04/03 LOCATIONS: NASIRIYAH IN WORDS: "No matter how small OUT WORDS: ..Adam Mynott, BBC News Nasiriyah" DURATION: 1'41" ASTONS: 0.03 ADAM MYNOTT, Nasiriyah SOURCES: ALL BBC boy carrying water container/man filling up carton with water/Iraqis at US first aid camp/soldier walking with gun on street/PTC/US greeting Iraqi men/men fishing ========================================================================== 13:58:57 #91 Babylon DOPESHEET: 030415#091 Name: 030415#091 Title: IRAQ BABYLON TF1 EVNW *MIXED* Type: EVN FEED In point: 14:25:48.09 Out point: 14:27:18.28 Duration: 00:01:30.17 Tape ID 6141 Dopesheet BABYLON Date Shot: 15-APR-2003 Location: BABYLONE Country: IRAQ Sound: NATURAL Language: Source: FRTF1 Restrictions: Web Use Restricted: N Dopesheet: The ancient historical site of Babylon is one of the few places in Iraq to be spared by the coalition bombing. Shotlist: Missiles on the side of the road (less than 1km from the site of Babylon, the Iraqi army had set up 2 missile launchers wich remained intact as the Americans did not want to bomb the site) Scenes from the road Saddam palace (built on a hill overlooking the archaeological site) Pan of the site to the palace; nothing has been bombed, only looters have gone through here Inside the palace Exterior of the reconstitution of Babylon Sound bite: By building on top of the bases, he has buried for ever the true face of our history and our culture.' Babylon rebuilt Mural sculptures Sound bite: He thought he was going to establish a dynasty and that his children would follow him.' Gate of Babylon Wide shot of the rebuilt Babylon MISSILES SUR LE COTE DE LA ROUTE ( A MOINS D'UN KILOMETRE DU SITE DE BABYLONE , L'ARMEE IRAKIENNE AVAIT DISPOSE 2 RAMPES DE MISSILES QUI SONT RESTEES INTACTES , LES AMERICAINS N'ONT PAS VOULU BOMBARDER LES LIEUX ) PAYSAGE SUR LE BORD DE LA ROUTE . PALAIS DE SADDAM ( CONSTRUIT SUR UNE COLLINE QUI DOMINE LE SITE ARCHEOLOGIQUE ) PANORAMIQUE DU SITE VERS LE PALAIS . RIEN A ETE BOMBARDE , SEULS LES PILLARS SONT PASSES PAR LA . INETRIEUR DU PALAIS EXTERIEUR DE LA RECONSTITUTION DE BABYLONE . SONORE : " EN CONSTRUISANT PAR DESSUS LES VESTIGES , IL A ENTERRE DEFINITIVEMENT LE VRAI VISAGE DE NOTRE HISTOIRE ET DE NOTRE CULTURE " BABYLONE RECONSTRUITE . SCULPTURES SUR LES MURS SONORE : " IL CROYAIT QU'IL ALLAIT FONDER UNE DYNASTIE ET QUE SES ENFANTS LUI SUCCEDERAIENT " PORTE DE BABYLONE PLATEAU JOURNALISTE . ============================================================================== 14:01:24 #90 Tikrit, b-roll, empty streets, us forces in the city, men looting palace, destruction to palaces, some defaced saddam murals, marines keeping vigil over wounded man DOPESHEET: 030415#090 Name: 030415#090 Title: IRAQ TIKRIT TODAY TF1 EVNW Type: EVN FEED In point: 14:23:52.25 Out point: 14:25:36.21 Duration: 00:01:43.24 Tape ID 6141 Dopesheet TIKRIT TODAY Date Shot: 15-APR-2003 Location: TIKRIT Country: IRAQ Sound: NATURAL Language: Source: FRTF1 Restrictions: Web Use Restricted: N Dopesheet: Only a day after the birth city of Saddam Hussein, Tikrit, was taken by American forces, relative calm has returned to the streets. Shotlist: American soldiers in half empty streets of Tikrit Sort of check point Lamppost 3 men crossing a road Sound bite: 'Saddam; we love him, we won't tell you otherwise! Now, God has wanted for all this to change, we can't do anything about that!' Portrait of Saddam in tiles and pan of an empty street group of inhabitants Street Sound bite: 'I am Tikriti, but I'm not part of Saddam's family!' American soldiers Saddam palace (Saddam's father is buried here) Looters inside the palace taking valuable objects Hole in a mural panel figuring Saddam and completely erased 5km from Tikrit at Saddam's birth village American troops have encircled the zone around the natal villa of Saddam which they continue to observe with binoculars The village from afar Mood at the American post American soldier running on the road towards a site where movements of armed men have been reported Iraqi wounded lying on the ground and taken care of by the American soldiers American military post Helicopter in the sky SOLDATS AMERICAINS DANS LES RUES DE LA VILLE A MOITIE VIDES SORTE DE CHECK POINT LAMPADAIRE 3 HOMMES TRAVERSANT UNE RUE . SONORE : " SADDAM , NOUS L'AIMONS , NOUS N'ALLONS PAS VOUS DIRE EL CONTRAIRE ! MAINTENANT , DIEU A VOULU QUE TOUT CA CHANGE , ON Y PEUT RIEN !" PORTAIT DE SADDAM EN CARRELAGE ET PANORAMIQUE SUR REU VIDE GROUPE D'HABITANTS RUE SONORE : " MOI , JE SUIS TIKRITI , MAIS JE NE SUIS POAS DE LA FAMILLE DE SADDAM POUR AUTANT ! " SOLDAT AMERICAINS PALAIS DE SADDAM ( LE PERE DE SADDAM EST ENTERRE ICI PILLARDS DANS LE PALAIS EMPORTANT DIVERS OBJETS TROU DANS UN PANNEAU MURAL REPRESENTANT SADDAM ET COMPLETEMENT EFFACE . PLATEAU JOURNALISTE . LIEU : 5 KILOMETRES DE TIKRIT , EN FACE DU VILLAGE NATAL DE SADDAM . LES TROUPES AMERICAINES ONT BOUCLE LA ZONE AUTOUR DU VILLA GE NATAL DE SADDAM.QU'ILS OBSERVENT AVEC DES JUMELLES. LE VILLAGE AU LOIN AMBIANCE SUR CE POSTE AMERICAIN SOLDAT AMERICAIN COURANT SUR LA ROUTE VERS UN ENDROIT OU DES MOUVEMENTS D'HOMMES ARMES ONT ETE REPERES . IRAKIEN BLESSE A TERRE ET SOIGNE PAR LES SOLDATS AMERICAINS POSTE DE SOLDATS AMERICAINS HELICOPTERE DANS LE CIEL . =========================================================================== 14:03:06 #80 Fergal Keane BBC package DOPESHEET: 030415#080 Title: IRAQ TIKRIT KEANE BBC 1300B Type: BBC In point: 13:53:49.08 Out point: 13:55:21.18 Duration: 00:01:32.08 Tape ID 6138 Dopesheet INTRO: American troops are strengthening their hold on Saddam Hussein's home town of Tikrit, which is quiet today. Fergal Keane reports from there, on the palatial opulence which the American troops discovered. SLUG/CORRESPONDENT: TIKRIT / FERGAL KEANE DATE SHOT: 15/4/2003 LOCATIONS: TIKRIT, IRAQ IN WORDS: OUT WORDS:...BBC News Tikrit." DURATION: 1'30" ASTONS: NO ASTONS SOURCES: BBC SHOTLIST: US marines playing music/ gv lake/ statue of soldier/ interiors palace/ Intv US soldier/ smoke in distance/ Marines in Tikrit/ Iraqi talking/ Keane PTC/ =========================================================================== 14:04:55 #70 APTN Tikrit marines searching men, saddam's father's palacial tomb DOPESHEET: 030415#070 Name: 030415#070 Title: IRAQ TIKRIT PALACE APTN 1200G Type: APTN FEED In point: 13:13:41.02 Out point: 13:16:31.27 Duration: 00:02:50.23 Tape ID 6139 Dopesheet AP-APTN-1200: ++Tikrit Palace - Tuesday, 15 April 2003 STORY: ++Tikrit Palace - NEW Interior of one of Saddam's palaces, security in city LENGTH: 2:49 FIRST RUN: 1200 RESTRICTIONS: APTN Clients Only TYPE: English/Nat SOURCE: APTN DATELINE: 15 April 2003 SHOTLIST 1. US marine sitting on APC in front of statue of Saddam Hussein on horseback 2. Statue of Saddam 3. American armoured vehicles in square by statue 4. Various of US marines checking local people for weapons 5. Marine with rifle 6. Wide of part of Saddam's palace complex with US truck in front 7. Damage to roof 8. Statue of Iraqi soldier outside 9. Damage to pillar outside 10. Chandeliers hanging above damaged staircase 11. Various of damaged window 12. Marine walking past damage 13. Wide shot 14. Various of US military vehicles driving through front gate 15. Various of marines on guard 16. Various of US military vehicles inside complex 17. Various of US marines getting off truck 18. Various of marines and local people 19. SOUNDBITE (English) US marine, no name given: "We are currently here to prevent any looting and to prevent any more (Iraqi) military coming into this area. We are currently trying to flush out any Saddam Fedayeen troops, any Iraqi military, anybody that are Saddam sympathists (sympathisers) that will assist them." 20. Various of badly damaged building 21. Various of US helicopters in sky over Tikrit STORYLINE US forces moved through Tikrit on Tuesday, securing bridges and checkpoints as they searched for Iraqi holdouts. Tanks stood guard outside the presidential palace and helicopters roared overhead. overhead. Pedestrians were searched for weapons. Tikrit, Saddam Hussein's hometown, was the last major Iraqi city to fall. After several days of airstrikes, US marines attacked Tikrit from the south, west and north on Monday, capturing a key Tigris River bridge in the centre of the city. One US marine said he had heard from his superiors that there were still pockets of resistance in the city - and said locals told them some fighters were still hiding out. Following the fall of the city, looters ransacked Tikrit's agricultural building and the governor-general's office but large-scale looting like that in Baghdad or Kirkuk was not immediately evident. There was also no widespread defacing of images of Saddam seen in other Iraqi towns. At the gates to Al Adl, or Justice Street, one of the main roads of Tikrit, a statue of Saddam on a horse stood intact. ============================================================================ 14:07:42 #53 good pix of confiscated weapons in Tikrit DOPESHEET: 030415#053 Name: 030415#053 Title: IRAQ TIKRIT WEAPONS 2 APF 1000G Type: FEED-LINES In point: 11:03:28.19 Out point: 11:05:02.18 Duration: 00:01:33.27 Tape ID 6136 Dopesheet AP-APTN-1000: +Tikrit Weapons 2 - Tuesday, 15 April 2003 STORY: +Tikrit Weapons 2 - NEW Weapons cache found in hospital LENGTH: 1:32 FIRST RUN: 1200 RESTRICTIONS: No UK/Ireland/CNNi/Euronews/Internet TYPE: English/Nat SOURCE: SKY DATELINE: Tikrit - 15 April 2003 SHOTLIST: (FIRST RUN 1000 gmt F-L-A-S-H, 15 APRIL 2003) 1. Various of weapons cache being shown by US captain Gilbert Wallace (FIRST RUN 0600 gmt AUSTRALIA/NZ, 15 APRIL 2003) ++Video Phone Quality++ 2. Pan of weapons cache 3. SOUNDBITE: (English) Captain Gilbert Wallace, US Army: "It's not really surprising; we found other caches along the way, not my company but other companies, other units, almost as large as this, but this is the first one we found in a hospital." STORYLINE: A weapons cache has been found in a hospital in Saddam Hussein's hometown of Tikrit. Among the weapons were AK-47 assault rifles and rocket propelled grenades. The US army said the find was not surprising, although it was the first time coalition forces in Iraq had found weapons stored in a hospital. =========================================================================== 14:09:28 #22 BBC Helm poor quality video of marines in Tikrit and planes taking off carriers DOPESHEET: 030415#022 Name: 030415#022 Title: IRAQ HELM BBC 0800B Type: BBC In point: 09:04:53.18 Out point: 09:06:17.16 Duration: 00:01:23.26 Tape ID 6124c Dopesheet INTRO: Elsewhere in Iraq, US marines have been consolidating their control over Tikrit, the last major city to fall. SLUG/CORRESPONDENT: IRAQ/JAMES HELM SLUG/CORRESPONDENT: IRAQ/JAMES HELM DATE SHOT: 15/04/03 LOCATIONS: VARIOUS IRAQ IN WORDS: "The final step OUT WORDS: ...James Helm, BBC News" DURATION: 1'20" ASTONS: 0.03 JAMES HELM, Diplomatic Correspondent 0.38 Major General STANLEY McCHRYSTAL, Vice Director, Joint Chiefs of Staff 0.50 Pentagon video SOURCES: BBC marine walking down road/resting against tank/gv of palace/ explosion/marines removing missiles and arms McCHRYSTAL sync - US Pool released group of POW on board flight - (DOD) US gv of USS Constellation - APTN - Subscribers Only =========================================================================== 14:11:05 #15 videophone of weapons cahce, military bite APTN DOPESHEET: 030415#015 Name: 030415#015 Title: IRAQ TIKRIT WEAPONS APTN EVF 0630G Type: FEED-LINES In point: 07:32:26.25 Out point: 07:33:06.23 Duration: 00:00:39.26 Tape ID 6127 Dopesheet TIKRIT WEAPONS Date Shot: 15-APR-2003 Location: TIKRIT Country: IRAQ Sound: NATURAL Language: Source: GBAPTN Restrictions: APTN Clients only/ No Access UK/Ireland/CNNi/Euronews/Internet Web Use Restricted: N Dopesheet: A weapons cache has been found in a hospital in Saddam Hussein's hometown of Tikrit. The US army said the find had not surprised them, although it was the first time coalition forces in Iraq have found weapons stored in a hospital. Shotlist: Pan of weapons cache Automatic guns on bench ammunition boxes rifles stacked between boxes SOUNDBITE: (English) Captain Gilbert Wallace, US Army: "It's not really surprising; we found other caches along the way, not my company but other companies, other units, almost as large as this, but this is the first one we found in a hospital." =============================================================================