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MNF Hall of Fame game tease clip reel 1
CLIP REEL FOR HALL OF FAME GAME TEASE TAPE STARTS AT 13:39:03 Paul Monusky Great Players, Great Reax, and Fan Shots Time Code Team Play_____________________________________________ 13:39:03 PHI Hugh Douglas sacks Wuerfeul, then flexes and waves 39:22 PHI SSM James Thrash runs right at us, scores, spikes the ball, drops to knees 39:58 T.B. Warren Sapp psyched on field, pumps his fist and screams 40:22 T.B. Sapp runs off the field, waving his arms 41:00 OAK Charlie Garner runs down the sideline, outstretches ball ** 41:25 T.B. Keyshawn Johnson runs onto field at camera, slapping hands 41:47 T.B. Derrick Brooks runs onto field, jumps up, motions ***** 42:03 TEN Derrick Mason pushes Jevon Kearse in celebration 42:13 TEN Jevon Kearse down sidelines, throws gloves into stands 42:30 PHI Donovan McNabb 'dunks' ball through goalposts 42:50 NYJ Chad Pennington runs onto field screaming w/fireworks in back 42:59 NYJ Randy Thomas runs, screaming 43:04 NYJ Curtis Martin nice fake, scores, points to the sky 43:07 NYJ Pennington good run into end zone, L/A spikes ball 43:14 NYJ Wayne Chrebet scores, raises his arm, good reax 43:24 NYJ Randy Thomas waves Jets flag and plants it in the ground 43:33 NYJ John Abraham psyched as he takes the field 43:39 NYJ Top LaMont Jordan, TD, pulls ball like chainsaw to cut through Goal post 43:52 NYJ 3 Jets run together, high five 43:57 ARI Marcel Shipp clapping 44:06 MIN Chris Hovan and another Viking hug as they enter the tunnel 44:09 MIN Duante Culpepper fumbles snap, fumbles again, picks it up and scores TD 44:14 N.O. Saints player waves to crowd ** 44:18 MIN Chris Hovan says "bring it on" *** 44:20 MIN Randy Moss talking before the game 44:26 MIN TD pass to Moss who makes a ONE HANDED CATCH, displays it to the crowd 44:41 BAL Ray Lewis dancing during pregame **** 44:45 BAL Lewis sacks Griese, celebrates 45:05 NYG Jeremey Shockey in walks through tunnel under stadium 45:08 NYG Coach Fassel on sidelines talking about Shockey 45:12 NYG Hall of Fame Game last year, Shockey, runs over Matt Stevens **Both NFL Films and ABC angles** 45:32 NYG Shockey medley 45:56 NYG Shockey claps * 45:58 NYG Shockey makes the catch, loses helmet upon tackle, points to crowd **** 46:36 NYG Michael Barrow going nuts after TD 46:47 NYG Shockey runs over David Gibson in INDY 47:03 NYG Shockey makes the catch of the year over Brian Dawkins 47:24 NYG 2 Giant fans going nuts, hugging each other ** 47:36 NYG Michael Strahan jumping and screaming 47:43 NYG Toomer and Shockey jump for a high five FAN AND COLOR SHOTS 47:47 DAL Cowboys cheerleaders, slowmo onto field 47:55 OAK Darth Vadar fan 47:56 Ball placed on tee to start a game 47:58 OAK Raider raising arms to crowds 48:00 OAK Fans with black/whit striped faces 48:01 sideshot, ball on tee, kicked 48:03 OAK Raider fans medley 48:10 OAK 2 fans high-five 48:11 OAK "Goth" raider fans 48:14 OAK slow mo, Rich Gannon hugs daughter 48:20 OAK raider fan's painted face, "Just Win Baby" close up of mouth 48:28 NYJ small boy jets' fan cheers/ another boy/ two friends bang the wall 48:35 NYJ Confetti and scoreboard of game vs. Oakland 48:50 NYJ Jets players celebrate 48:49 NYJ Jets fireman fan 48:52 PHI Wide shot of stadium, fans stand and react to play 49:12 PHI 4 men cheering, 1 eagles jersey, 2 Penn State shirts 49:19 JAX wide shot of stadium, SSM of two teams going to the line 49:30 MIN Duante Culpepper pass long TD to Moss 49:40 MIN Vikings fan cheers 49:43 N.O. Saints fan bangs the thunderstix 49:45 ARI Cardinals Dave McInnis pumps fist 49:47 ARI Cards cheerleader, slow-mo 49:55 ARI Cards fan with red and white painted face screams at camera * 50:01 ARI Cards mascot 50:05 ARI Cards Coach Dave McInnis runs into the stands and parties with the fans 50:12 CLE Head Dawg of the Dawg Pound Stadium Shots & Scenics 50:18 Kansas City Chiefs run out of the tunnel * 50:24 Chiefs players shake hands with fans as they go down the tunnel 50:35 Pan down of stadium stop at "KC" at the 50 yd line 50:40 Chiefs fans cheer 50:43 Nice shot of Chiefs running out of the tunnel w/ balloons going off behind them 51:07 Chiefs flag waving in the stands **** Vince Lombardi 51:24 ISO Lombardi cheers on sideline 51:27 ISO Lombardi sound: "If you look at this play what we are trying to do is get a seal here, and a seal here, and try to run this play in the alley." 51:38 Top Perfect example of a Packer sweep executed in 1962 (more later) More Stadium Shots & Scenics 52:05 Pan of an empty snowy Lambeau field in Black and White 52:11 Sign : "Green Bay City Limit, Pop. 62,888" 52:14 ISO Old man stands in front of snowy Lambeau 52:20 Lombardi (Black and White) strolls onto the field 52:29 Black and White sign "Tintletown, U.S.A" 52:36 Great old sign "Titletown, U.S.A Home of the Green Bay Packers" 52:41 Lombardi gets carried off the field 52:47 Lombardi's bust and plaque at the Pro Football Hall of Fame 53:06 Brett Favre walks slowly through the tunnel and into Lambeau field 53:23 Start at a tree, pan over to the front of Lambeau, present day 53:40 Wide shot behind a little girl who is standing in the stands, waving a foam finger 54: 04 Pan of Lambaeu and fans from inside the stadium More Fans 54:30 NYJ SM Jets fan standing up, screaming with his arms raised 54:47 N.E . SM Pats fans in the snow, flexing their muscles w/ Pats tattoo 55:07 WASH Wide shot of Redskin fans standing up and cheering, pan of wild crowd throughout half of the stadium 55:35 PIT Crazy lady in Bettis jersey screaming her lungs out *** 55:50 T.B Fans in top corner of the stadium stand up and cheer 56:17 OAK Raider fan points a homemade Super Bowl Trophy 56:50 PHI Eagle fan in winter jacket leads the cheers for the crowd Brett Favre 57:11 ISO Favre after game looks back, stares ahead 57:21 L/A SSM Favre in Green Jersey(GJ) throws pass 57:24 L/A Favre in White jersey(WJ) barking out signals under center 57:35 ISO Fade in of Favre with helmet off sitting on the bench, dejected 57:38 L/A Favre (WJ) throws deep for touchdown to Driver 57:51 L/A Favre (WJ) throws to Bubba Franks who makes a one-handed catch 57:57 ISO Favre waves his hands in front of the camera before heading out of tunnel 58:01 Top Favre (WJ) throws 85 TD pass to Donald Driver 58:18 ISO Favre (WJ) jumps into lineman's arms 58:20 Top Favre (WJ) rolls out and hits Franks in the back of the endzone 58:24 ISO XCU of Favre smiling 58:29 L/A Favre (GJ) under center 58:35 L/A Favre (GJ) gets carried off the field after injuring himself last year vs. Wash 58:35 ISO Favre (GJ) emerges from the tunnel 58.47 ISO Favre (GJ) standing on the sideline, you can see the back of his jersey 58:51 ISO XCU of Favre (GJ) smiling 58:54 ISO Favre (GJ) runs out of the tunnel waving a towel and smiling ** 59:01 L/A Favre (GJ) standing up behind center nodding head and laughing 59:06 L/A Favre (GJ) rolls towards us, fires pass 59:09 ISO Favre congratulates a teammate, then points to the stands ** 59:16 L/A SM Favre (WJ) throws pretty pass to Davis 59:28 L/A SM Favre (WJ) throws TD to Driver 59:44 ISO GOD Shot of Favre (GJ) running out of the tunnel on a gorgeous day ***** 59:55 L/A Favre (GJ) pumps his fist, congratulates Ahman Green 14 hrs 14:00:22 L/A SM Favre (WJ) drops back, fakes, fires ball right at the camera * 14:00:47 L/A Favre (GJ) rolls out, sets up, fakes, throws the ball right at the camera 01:10 L/A XCU of Favre's right arm as he takes the snap and drops back, CU on him as he throws 01:56 L/A Favre (GJ) in the shotgun, drops back 02:34 L/A Favre (GJ) under center calls out signals Ahman Green 02:52 L/A Ahman Green spins out of tackles vs. Lions, runs down the sideline for the TD ** GREAT RUN** 03:30 L/A CU of Green as he bursts through the hole ** runs in front of camera into endzone 04:01 L/A Green does the Lambeau leap gets beer spilled all over his jersey 04:30 L/A Bubba Franks celebration **GREAT REAX*** **(This should have been at the beginning of the tape, but it is a great reax and should be used) 04:46 L/A SSM XCU of Green running with the ball 04:51 Top Green nice, tough run scores TD vs Redskins 05:01 L/A Green runs low angle 05:05 Top Green bounces outside, scores vs. Redskins 05:14 ISO A very excited Green hi-fives McKenzie as he walks off the field ** 05:22 L/A Green with a great run vs. the Bills, hurdling at making fantastic moves 05:36 L/A Green runs in the clear ** Tony Gonzalez 05:45 L/A SSM XCU fade in on Gonzalez who outstretches ball and then spikes it over the goalpost 06:31 L/A Gonzalez stretches back to make a great catch vs. the Broncos 06:53 ISO SSM Gonzalez runs through line during introductions 07:10 L/A SSM Gonzalez running after the catch dragging would be tacklers 07:38 L/A SSM Gonzalez makes catch and then dunks the football 08:07 L/A Gonzalez dunks the football 08:29 ISO XCU of Gonzalez warming up 08:33 Top Green to Gonzalez who scores 08:40 Top Green to Gonzalez who makes a nice catch 08:51 Top Green to Gonzalez, great moves, scores vs. Dolphins 09:01 ISO Fan in Gonzalez jersey claps and screams 09:03 L/A Gonzalez catches TD in the corner of the endzone 09:20 L/A side Gonzalez dunks the ball Trent Green 09:27 ISO Trent Green congratulates all of his lineman that are sitting on the bench 09:32 ISO XCU GOD shot of Green warming up w/ his helmet on 09:38 L/A behind Green throws in the flat to Tony Richardson 09:43 L/A Green drops back, rolls towards us, throws TD to Thomas 10:16 ISO Green and Vermeil talk on the sideline 10:49 L/A Green drops back throws nice deep ball to Parker who makes a great catch 11:17 L/A ISO on Green as he throws 11:25 L/A Green nice play fake, throws to Gonzalez for the TD* (Gonzalez dunks ball) 11:58 L/A Green drops back hits Alexander in the back of the endzone More Aerials 12:10 Beautiful fly-by of a half empty Arrowhead stadium 13:28 Fly over an empty Arrowhead stadium 14:01 Awesome blimp shot of a filled Arrowhead Stadium *** 14:25 Cool blimp shot of a packed Lambeau Field at Night 15:02 Good blimp shot of a sold out Lambeau Field during the day