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US Kennedy 2 - WRAP Cemetery, vox pops, motorcade leaves family compound
NAME: US KENN 2 20090827I TAPE: EF09/0815 IN_TIME: 10:12:27:12 DURATION: 00:04:02:08 SOURCES: AP TELEVISION/POOL DATELINE: Hyannis Port/Arlington - 27 Aug 2009 RESTRICTIONS: SHOTLIST: POOL Hyannis Port, Massachusetts 1. Casket carrying remains of Senator Edward Kennedy being carried from house 2. Family members exiting house 3. Casket being placed in hearse 4. Family members standing at front of house 5. Family members filing past hearse, three members of family place hand on door of hearse in this order: Caroline Kennedy Schlosberg (niece), William Kennedy Smith (nephew), Joseph Kennedy (nephew) 6. Hearse drives away AP Television Hyannis Port, Massachusetts 7. Motorcade with hearse leaving Kennedy compound 8. Two women walking back from viewing motorcade AP Television Boston, Massachusetts 9. Wide shot of John F Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum 10. Mid shot people walking in 11. Close-up flowers 12. Pan of people walking in 13. SOUNDBITE: (English) Leonard Abraham, Mourning Edward Kennedy: "We think he did great things for our state and our country, and it's up to people like us to say that out loud." 14. Mid shot Leonard and Kathleen Abraham walking into building AP Television Arlington, Virginia 15. Wide shot of people at John F Kennedy's graveside, flag on hill at half mast 16. People looking at John F Kennedy's grave 17. JFK's headstone 18. People looking 20. Close shot of flame 21. Various of Robert F Kennedy's grave 22. Seats being put on grass in preparation for Senator Edward Kennedy's funeral 23. SOUNDBITE: (English) Juanita Thomason, Visitor from Iowa: "I think it's nice for people who want to remember them that the brothers are all together. It is a nice memory for our country to have them all together." 24. Wide shot hillside where Kennedy's are buried 25. Wide shot of cemetery STORYLINE: Senator Edward M Kennedy's body was being taken to Boston on Thursday to lie in repose at his slain brother's presidential library for two days of public visitation. The motorcade carrying the statesman's body and members of the prominent American political family departed the family compound on Cape Cod for the 70-mile (115-kilometre) trip to the state capital. The flag-draped casket was loaded into a hearse after a private Mass in the home. Relatives took turns touching the hearse as they passed it on the way to their cars. Hundreds of people are lining the route of the motorcade, which will end at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library in Boston. His body will lie in repose there for two days with several hours of public visitation scheduled. The motorcade began passing the hundreds of people lining the route and was to go by sites important to the senator on the way to the library, which he helped develop and where he will lie in repose until Friday, a Senate office statement said. Mourners gathered at both ends of the route from the Cape Cod home where he spent his final days to the presidential library bearing the name of one of his slain brothers. In Boston, at the John F. Kennedy Library, Leonard Abraham and his wife Kathleen, paid tribute to the Massachusetts Senator and planned to sign the condolence book. "We think he did great things for our state and our country and it's up to people like us to say that out loud." Plans are being finalised for a private memorial service at the presidential library Friday evening and for the funeral Mass on Saturday morning at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Basilica - commonly known as the Mission Church - in Boston's Mission Hill neighbourhood. US President Barack Obama is scheduled to speak at the funeral. All of the living former presidents will also attend the funeral, said a person familiar with the arrangements who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorised to release details. Shortly before the Mass, 44 sitting senators and 10 former senators will be among a group of about 100 dignitaries paying their respects at the library before heading to the cavernous basilica. Among them will be former US Senator Birch Bayh, of Indiana, who pulled Kennedy from the wreckage of a small plane that crashed near Springfield, Mass., in June 1964. The pilot and a legislative aide were killed, and Kennedy suffered a broken back. Kennedy's favourite song, "The Impossible Dream" from the musical "Man of La Mancha," will be played at one of the services, according to the person familiar with the arrangements. Thursday's motorcade is expected to go by St. Stephen's Church, where his mother, Rose, was baptised and her funeral Mass celebrated; cross the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway, the Boston park that he helped create and that is named after his mother; and pass historic Faneuil Hall, where Boston Mayor Thomas Menino will ring the bell 47 times, once for each year Kennedy served in the Senate. Kennedy will be buried Saturday evening near his slain brothers - former President Kennedy and former Senator Robert F. Kennedy - at Arlington National Cemetery in northern Virginia.