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President GW Bush Remarks at Event Honoring Martin Luter King Jr.
P January 17, 2005 President George W Bush and First Lady Laura Bush attend a Martin Luther King Georgetown University Event Honoring Secretary of State Colin Powell and his family at the Kennedy Center. President GW Bush makes remarks at Georgetown University's "Let Freedom Ring" Celebration honoring Dr. Martin Luter King Jr. RS: 20 Slugged: 1540 BUSH MLK X83 (Tape 1) 15:43:01 WS Choir singing on stage 15:45:44 WS Empty stage 15:49:48 Kennedy Center rep walks on stage 15:50:18 CU Kennedy rep 15:50:45 WS Stage 15:50:51 Rev. Constance Wheeler walks on stage 15:51:01 Bow our heads, and go to god in prayer, god of our weary years, tears asks for your .as we celebrate the life and legacy of MLK..if my people will humble themselves and pray and turn from their wicked ways then I will heal from heaven.lord humble ourselves today, MLK's dream.strength, despite challenge, deep love of Dr. King be released in us.we life up 15:52:22 in prayer before and women in positions of authority, grant divine wisdom.spirit will rest upon them..lift up and may name be glorified. 15:52:54 We can always depend on you, not fear trusting you, life our voices in praises.thank you for your faithfulness, amen. 15:53:29 CU: Tom Joyner 15:53:49 happy King day.Gtown U and Kennedy brings you celebration honoring b/c of what he means to all of us 15:54:10 Members of Civil rights generation , I was one of them.King played role in my life as a child, heard him preach 15:54:29 Those who are members of Civ rights generation, we thank you. Most of students born yrs after..for you it is history.close as parents, gparents, neighbors, to the abut it 15:55:07 Be patient with them..sometimes they embellish things, and they talk a long time and let me tell you everyone claims to march with King arm and arm..thank the students 15:55:35 I want to see Coach Carter too but not today.we should thanks Kennedy center, for opening their doors again. 15:56:01 Even as we celebrate dream, use as imp part of celebration.. 15:56:41 WS Coach Powell walks on stage 15:57:41 WS Jack walks on stage 16:00:25 WS Georgetown President walks on stage 16:01:24 MS Colin Powell walks on stage 16:01:42 MS Bush and Laura walk on stage 16:01:56 Shaking hands 16:02:18 Georgetown University president: On behalf of Gtown U. thanks to Kennedy Center for hosting this, and target our sponsor to celebrate the life of King. Too brief like or MLK he challenged the world to a new standard. 16:02:50 Showed us how life should be lived. Part of our celebration GTown presents legacy of a dream award. Contributions to comm. Service reflect values and ideals of King. 16:03:29 George town presents this award to 2 people who's contributions are an inspiration to us all.Alma Johnson Powell has served her country as spouse and partner to top military leader and diplomat. Represented US at it's best. 16:04:05 Equal commitment improved lives of our children. Role model for a gen. of young women..thriveing neighborhoods.helping young people promise in lives,. 16:04:33 Colin Powell embraced the country from 1st time he walked into classroom. Embraced less public role as mentor and role model to people who find him accessible. 16:05:08 America's promise.a nations good will. When Pres George Bush asked him to again answer his nation's call he agreed, policy advisor to the Pres, worked on two fronts. 16:05:35 relationships between US and nations of the world..on the front pages important are his leadership of 2 presidential imitative, Millennium Challenge Account and the emergency plan for AIDS relief.combat AIDS 16:06:09 recognition to the Powell's dedication, creation of the legacy of the dream made possible from a donation.. 16:06:26 $25, 000 scholarship for Gtown student that reflects spirit of MLK..thank target for this gift for a deserving young person. 16:06:53 Contributions bring us clo0se to the vision of MLK..present the award to Sec State Colin Powell and Alma Johnson Powell 16:07:16 MS Powell's accepting award 16:07:27 MS Powell's with award and Bush's 16:07:37 MS Bush, Powell's, and Gtown Pres 16:07:57 Mrs. Powell: President and Mrs, Bush, I am truly honored and humbled to be here on this stage. 16:08:16 I grew up in Birmingham, Al..and there when King made his speech in a crusade that would change the world forever.. 16:08:37 Living with my parents when my husband was on battlefield 16:08:47 We wondered with great fear, as this young man stood firm and demanded to take notice. 16:09:05 Dr. King's dreams was born out of a nightmare of humiliation and degradation of people. Colin and I believe that we are the inheritors of that dream. 16:09:45 Let none of us ever forget, continue the challenge.thank you very much. 16:10:03 Colin Powell: President and Mrs. Bush..ladies and gentlemen, students, we are honored to be with you. Sincere thanks to GTown for giving us this award named after a man with great integrity. I also want to thank target for their money for the scholarship. 16:10:50 Birmingham in 1963 I was in Vietnam and she was with her parents.chairman of the communications commission. 16:11:14 Birmingham that Dr. King wrote the letter from the jail, August when he gave the famous I have a dream speech.what was happening was well known.we were having a move, a civil war 100 yrs after the first one 16:11:51 Fund ourselves still struggling with discrimination, fighting 16:12:00 Things were changing. 16:12:04 10 yrs after we were segregated, 5 years we were segregrated even more 16:12:19 Nothing like that 16:12:25 All who marched with them, and worked with them 16:12:32 Dr King was recorded with troops, fought with profound, so fundamental.of what he did for all America 16:13:04 We take what King did.he held up a mirror to America..and in that wonderful voice of his and beautiful cadence he kept saying read what we are trying to show eth e rest of the world.if you read it and you believe it that our nation has changed 16:13:46 The civil war that has seen great progress but is not quite over. Not entirely fulfilled. Must not be just a legend but a reality 16:14:11 King if he were here would be 76 yrs old and would still say that our work is not done until every American believes that anything they desire ended by one's ability to dream and work hard. 16:14:45 King became a leader of the world.speaking out against poverty, ignorance..nagging us telling us we have to do more than we are now. 16:15:04 Stand here very proud to be with you, proud to be given this award, humbled that others are deserving, others who came before us and never had an opportunity b/c they came along too early. 16:15:32 In their sacrifice they made it possible for us to achieve. Never forget it was done for you to make this country a better day closer to the dream. 16:16:10 Now, pleasure to intro Pres Bush.. 16:16:21 President Bush: Thank you all. 16:16:35 thanks for coming, thanks for invite, Laura and I pleased to join you on this national holiday 16:16:54 thanks Dr. Djoa, and Gtown university, legacy of a dream award.thank choir, appreciate thoughtful words from voices of America 16:17:33 Can't wait to hear Aaron Neville..members of admin and guests, also want to thanks Dorothy Hype for joining us here this afternoon. 16:18:00 every yr on this day we reflect history of civil rights in America.story of slave owners who declare standard to put end to slavery 16:18:20 story of a terrible (HIT) 16:18:31 story of generations having seen them 16:18:40 a story of Americans like King and would not rest until they were written into law. 16:18:55 king was a minister of gospel who didn't have an easy he would be 76 yrs old.spirit of John Wesley..I look up on all the world as my parish 16:19:21 the nation took notice in 1950's and 60's when he wrote I am in Birmingham b/c injustice here 16:19:34 power of intellect, truth of words, courage left this country a diff and better place 16:19:47 made own journey to a better place 16:19:53 king believes in the ideals of America offended everyday they were violated 16:20:08 studied founding docs and founds no exceptions to freedom 16:20:17 unfair practiced to country, no disappointment 16:20:24 king lived America.enough to confront it's injustice not compromising the truth and America loves him in return 16:20:43 King also knew mans right to be free far beyond charters of a country 16:20:57 believed and knew basis of our equality 16:21:10 teachings of Jesus stand, God for freedom will bring us to freedom 16:21:23 observe (HIT) 16:21:31 Next generations lessons must never be forgotten.racial justice in our society, and how much work remains to be done 16:21:48 we need them to know the greatest causes involve the greatest sacrifices, history, children know that a life can life up..message for the legacy of a dream award 16:22:18 Powell's are the most admired people in this country 16:22:31 for these 4 yrs they have been representative to the honor of the nation.America is grateful of the service 16:22:49 They met on a blind date.Alma says she remembers the future general looking like a lost 12 year old 16:23:06 That's the side of the man I've never seen before. 16:23:14 That night he was memorized, from that say to this he is fortunate to have her at his side. 16:23:31 Colin has lived his own story of accomplishment that started before segregated ended.someone said "you're the best black lieutenant I've ever known" later, said if you measure me only against blacks you're making a mistake. Show you the best lieutenant in the army period. 16:24:16 best let. In the army went on that ended with 4 stars on his shoulder 16:24:28 along the way earned two purple heart, two pres medals of freedom, etc. 16:24:41 I'm not through yet. 16:25:13 Services, that pres Reagan..under bush and Clinton.. 16:25:24 4 yrs ago I was looking for someone with values, wisdom and decency, a leader bring out best I people.found all this and more in Colin Powell 16:25:53 65th sec of state, most affected and admired in history, rally world in global war, resolve conflicts, challenges of nat. disaster, and disease 16:26:15 tireless and self less and the work we shared he has become a great friend and appreciates all he has done for US 16:26:33 proudest achievements little to do with pub service, wonderful dad.over yrs, mentor to young people..become involved in lives of kids, hope and confidence 16:27:03 today we honor not just Colin's leadership but also his kindness and compassion 16:27:17 same kinds of idealism have marked Alma Johnson Powell, raised by strong and decent people 16:27:34 Birmingham, also home of Johnson family..Alma remembers her father during worst of days sitting with shotgun to protect 16:27:56 legend to generations of students, to daughter Alma always impressive as well 16:28:18 Alma served America as a soldiers wife, moving 18 time and 16:28:32 anyone who wants to know the meaning of duty should look at military families like the Powell's, 16:28:55 Leading member of the boras of trustees, author, volunteer, Alma Powell finest people we are privileged to know..supurb choice for the award. 16:29:25 we have chosen on this day for America to pay tribute to them who uphold highest ideal of citizenship. 16:29:41 love of country, show character as King. .thank you for the privilege and pleasure of honoring these fine Americans. 16:29:59 May god bless Powell's and US 16:30:07 Bush shakes hands with Powell 16:30:15 MS Powell and Bush's 16:30:25 Exit stage, Powell's and Bush's 16:36:47 Aaron Neville and quintet perform