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Senate Party Policy Luncheons Stakeout
Slugged: 1250 OHIO CLK x86, 1420 OHIO CLK X86 Ohio Clock Stakeout with Sen Rick Santorum (R-PA) and Sen George Allen (R-VA), followed by Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid October 18, 2005 Sen RICK SANTORUM 14:09:22 of Iraq, for standing up and proving once again that the pundits and many around the world were wrong in underestimating the resolve, willingness for the men and women of Iraq 14:09:47 their opinion on the constitution of Iraq, monumental day Saturday, enormous turnout, while we don't know the, all signs indicate that there was strong support across the country, crafting a new constitution 14:10:16 elections that are being held, problems from the Islamo-fascists, trying to disrupt the democratic process, unfriendly neighbors, Syria and Iran, take up my Iran Freedom and Democracy Act, support groups within Iraq 14:10:50 across the border from Iran, there's a lot of work, great week for democracy in the Middle East, scarcely two years ago improbable, has occurred Sen GEORGE ALLEN 14:11:21 men and women who served in our armed forces, as well as our coalition forces, seen since the January 30, predominantly Sunnis, places greater participation, more and more Iraqi's taking control of their own destiny, violent attacks on the part of the terrorists 14:12:30 retarding or harming their ability to have their own say in this constitution, realized that that was a dead end approach, the indications are that this group of terrorists will be those to disrupt and wreak havoc, no idea or philosophy that would I think win the hearts and minds of the people of iraq 14:13:10 have the individual freedoms and rights protected in that constitution, great day historic day that we've seen, but I think what you're seeing is that tree of liberty taking root in Iraq, a change in the whole outlook, their government, constitution that they supported and directed QUESTIONS 14:14:03 Santorum: fair process here, make her case, and that's what I'm looking forward to, 14:14:28 not going to pledge, the word under god, cities like New London, CT, commissars taking people's homes, derive more tax revenues, and so with, like Rick and all of us want a fair and dignified procedure, very helpful for us in determining the kind of justice Harriet Miers would be 14:15:45 I trust President Bush and his nominations, presumption that his nominees are qualified, principled men and women to be judges, verify for myself, my responsibility as a US Senator, we'll see how it goes, I hope to be at the end of this process in full understanding why President Bush has such confidence in Harriet Miers, many people don't know that much, including us about her, 14:16:38 very, very important seat on the Supreme Court, conservative philosophy, make sure that Harriet Miers has that philosophy 14:16:59 Santorum: uh, I'm going to again, I'll look rather entire record, one piece of paper on how she feels about an issue doesn't tell me a whole lot, who I serve with in the House and Senate who are candidly not pro-life, not going to be activists on the courts 14:17:54 well, all I, no I said that from what I've seen that she was qualified, beyond that let's wait and see 14:18:11 President Bush was elected to make these calls, and so you know for people, this whole thing reminded me before the draft in football, all this speculation and then all of a sudden it's someone-booed Donovan McNabb, I'm not saying she'll be a McNabb but she should be allowed to state her case Sen Harry Reid 14:24:01 HEARD THE SAME QUESTIONS what's going on in Iraq, have we forgotten about the people in the Gulf, and of course what about the price of gasoline? 14:24:22 what about the price of heating oil and then the issue that people are talking about is avian flu, they're afraid, we democrats want to face these issues with legislation, priorities are different with democrats and republicans, 14:24:55 before thanksgiving, after this week we're going to have four weeks and then we have Thanksgiving, two of those weeks the Republicans are going to spend on how much they can cut on programs like Medicaid, student loans, food stamps 14:25:30 how they can get the tax cuts to the elite of this country, what are we leaving, we're leaving it all, nothing dealing with avian flu, we only have 2 manufacturers, no legislation directed toward this pandemic we're told very likely will come to America 14:26:03 we have people from the business community asking about terrorism insurance, it's going to expire-trying to get a bill since May 14:26:37 Americans need better than the agenda that the Republicans have set for us, do everything we can do, focus on issues important to them not the people downtown on K street QUESTIONS 14:27:10 in the caucus today, consensus that we shouldn't go along with them on reconciliation, as foolish as what they're doing, remember they had not even done the relief for Katrina, doing some other things that FEMA should do, we have people with no place to live, to eat 14:27:44 have thousands of people who have no ability to get medical care, not responding to that, go forward on this program that is a road to tax cuts for the rich, may role us but they're going to have to do that 14:28:24 I think that's something for you folks to write about, not going to answer 14:28:49 closely take three or four years, suffering from dreaded diseases, waiting for someone three or four years from now, people have told me we need this work done on stem cells today, children suffering from diabetes, Lou Gehrig's disease, that doesn't solve the, do legislation dealing with stem cell research today 14:29:40 I think that, anytime that there's issues that come up on a yearly basis, there for the year, I think that we have some natural disasters, that's Katrina and that's Rita, we have the ongoing cronyism, coming from the White House, we have the spiraling gas prices 14:30:48 yes, just one Senator, all of the questions about privacy, it's only one question of many that need to be asked and that's why when I walked out here I was very happy that the President had nominated a person that was not a judge, 30-45% of the people who have served on the court have not been judges, that I appreciate, trial lawyer, picking jurors, understand what this is all about 14:31:38 that's why we're having hearings, the senate democrats are meeting across the hall here to see about feelings when the hearings should start, important, questions of privacy, making a Supreme Court justice have to be asked