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B roll of Nationwide Terror Preperations
WCPO CINCINNATI, OH - BROLL OF NATIONWIDE TERROR PREPS RS 1 2/12/03 RED CROSS TERROR PREP KIT 13:15:38 fast pan of conference room 13:16:07 pan down, interior of kit shuttle VIDEOTAPE [ believed to be shot by the MADEIRA INDIAN HILL FIRE DEPT, CINCINNATI, OH] 13:17:18 tight shot, black patch 13:18:24 showing videotape shuttle 13:18:59 videotape on TV screen HARDWARE STORE BROLL 13:21:35 tight shot, ACE Duct Tape 13:21:50 medium shot, ACE plastic sheeting 13:22:24 tight shot, label ACE plastic sheeting 13:22:59 medium shot, push in, older gentleman in line at store 13:23:18 tight shot, ACE plastic sheeting and Scotch tape on counter 13:23:39 side shot, man purchasing items, man at register ringing customer 13:24:04 tight shot, ACE plastic sheeting 13:24:18 pan up, from cigars to employee ringing up customer's items GAS MASKS [ARMY SURPLUS STORE, NEWPORT, KENTUCKY] 13:25:35 side shot, woman holding gas masks 13:25:59 side shot, woman placing gas masks on face 13:26:09 head on, tight shot, woman with gas masks 13:26:23 posterior shot, store employee, customer in foreground 13:27:04 wide shot, interior of store shuttle 13:28:11 interior shot, storeroom 13:28:26 pan across, surplus clothing and backpacks on shelves 13:28:45 wide shot, interior of store 13:29:41 tight shot, pull out, sleeping bags on shelve