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Middle East Tension 2 - Unrest and clashes across region after Friday prayers
NAME: ME TENSION 2 20091009Ix TAPE: EF09/0957 IN_TIME: 10:03:45:18 DURATION: 00:02:52:09 SOURCES: AP TELEVISION DATELINE: Various - 9 Oct 2009 RESTRICTIONS: SHOTLIST East Jerusalem - 9 October 2009 1. Masked Palestinians hurling stones 2.. Zoom in of Israeli policemen being stoned and then running after the fleeing Palestinians, clouds of tear gas Qalandiya, West Bank - 9 October 2009 3. Wide of Palestinian youth throwing stones behind cover of burning tyres 4. Zoom in of Palestinian burning the Israeli flag 5. Medium of Israeli soldiers firing tear gas towards Palestinian teens 6. Wide of Palestinians running away from tear gas 7. Zoom out from burned tyres to Palestinians throwing stones 8. Medium of Israeli soldiers firing tear gas 9. Wide of scene, waste container in foreground, smoke Jebaliya, northern Gaza strip - 9 October 2009 10. Medium of Islamic Jihad demo, with marchers holding Black Islamic Jihad flag 11. Demonstrators marching 12. Medium of Islamic Jihad leaders raising hands as a sign of support of the Al-Aqsa mosque 13. Wide of Islamic Jihad marchers Khan Younis, southern Gaza strip - 9 October 2009 14. Hamas demo against Israeli actions in Al-Aqsa, with people holding green Hamas flags 15. Close up of sign reading in Arabic: "We will never forget the matter of Al-Aqsa mosque" 16. Various of people holding signs, flags 17. Wide of demo with green Hamas flags Hebron, West Bank - 9 October 2009 18. Wide of Fatah demo calling for Palestinian control over Jerusalem, while holding Palestinian flags, with Yellow Fatah flags 19. Medium of Fatah demo 20. Close up of Palestinian man chanting 21. Tilt down from flag to man holding flag Tulkarem, West Bank - 9 October 2009 22. Wide of thousands of Palestinian demonstrating against Israeli actions in jerusalem 23. Medium of demo, people holding the Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas picture 24. Zoom out from flags to demo Amman, Jordan - 9 October 2009 25. Jordanian protesters marching toward prime minister's office chanting slogans in support of Palestinians 26. Women protesters chanting 27. Protesters burning Israeli flag, chanting "Death to Abbas (Palestinian President), Death to traitors." STORYLINE: Scattered clashes erupted on Friday in Jerusalem between Israeli police and Muslim protesters, following days of tension around the most sacred Muslim and Jewish site in the Holy Land. The unrest appears to have been sparked by rumours among Palestinians about a possible attempt by Jewish extremists to harm the Islamic holy sites in the Old City compound known to Jews as the Temple Mount and to Muslims as the Noble Sanctuary. Brief clashes were reported on Friday with stone-throwing youths being chased by Israeli police forces. Similar incidents occurred in Qalandiya on the West Bank. Earlier in the day, police mobilised reinforcements from across the country in an attempt to prevent any potential trouble. Officers also restricted access to prayers at the Al-Aqsa mosque to men aged over 55. Israel and the Palestinians both lay claim to Jerusalem, with Israel insisting it will retain control of the whole city, including the eastern sector it captured and annexed in 1967. The Palestinians want east Jerusalem, with its major Jewish, Muslim and Christian holy sites, for their future capital. Like the rest of the international community, they do not recognise the Israeli annexation. They also regard the Jewish neighbourhoods, which ring east Jerusalem, as settlements, which Israel does not. Jerusalem's 220-thousand Arabs and 550-thousand Jews live in an uneasy coexistence that frequently leads to tension and outbursts of conflict and violence. A perceived Israeli aggressiveness aimed specifically at the Al Aqsa mosque helped to trigger a series of protests across the region on Friday. Marches took place in Jebaliya, Khan Younis, Hebron, Tulkarem and in Jordan, where demonstrators burnt an Israeli flag. In Amman, protesters also chanted slogans against the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, also head of the Fatah movement in charge of the Palestinian territory of West Bank. Abbas has been weakened by public protests against his decision not to pursue a UN report that said Israel and Hamas, the Islamist movement in control of Gaza, committed war crimes in the Gaza fighting earlier this year. Some criticise Abbas for buckling to Israeli and US pressure on the 575-page report which accused Israel of using disproportionate force and failing to protect civilians. The report also referred to Hamas' firing of rockets at civilian areas in southern Israel as a war crime.