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US Arrests - Series of arrests over alleged militant plots
NAME: US ARRESTS 20090926I TAPE: EF09/0912 IN_TIME: 10:39:35:01 DURATION: 00:02:41:02 SOURCES: AP TELEVISION/Police Handout/ABC DATELINE: Various - 25 Sept 2009 RESTRICTIONS: See Shotlist SHOTLIST ABC - NO ACCESS NORTH AMERICA/INTERNET Arapahoe County, Colorado - 25 September 2009 1. Pan of armed federal agents guarding airport hangar 2. Wide plan of airplane carrying suspect, Najibullah Zazi being towed from hangar 3. Wide of plane taking off ABC - NO ACCESS NORTH AMERICA/INTERNET New York, New York - 25 September 2009 4. Various top shots of motorcade carrying Zazi travelling on roads towards holding facility 5. Various top shots of car carrying Zazi entering holding facility, surrounded by media AP TELEVISION Dallas, Texas - 25 September 2009 6. Wide of Fountain Place tower, which Hosam Maher Husein Smadi allegedly planned to blow up, zoom in 7. Tilt up of tower 8. Richard Anderson, Hosam Maher Husein Smadi's lawyer, speaking to reporters 9. SOUNDBITE (English) Richard Anderson, Hosam Maher Husein Smadi's Lawyer: "We've got a lot of work to do on our behalf to make sure that we understand everything there is that is necessary to defend our case. We have a 19-year-old boy who is scared, who doesn't have any family hardly at all in this country, and we're going...and also has a language, somewhat of a language barrier." 10. Anderson walking surrounded by media POLICE HANDOUT Ellis County, Texas - 11 September 2009 11. Black and white security camera video of Hosam Maher Husein Smadi in back of police car ILLINOIS DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS HANDOUT Date and Location Unknown 12. STILL photo of suspect Michael Finton, also known as Talib Islam AP TELEVISION Chicago, Illinois - 25 September 2009 13. SOUNDBITE (English) Charles Tucker, DePaul University College of Law: "I think the bigger concern isn't whether you're leading them on; the bigger concern is what happens if they get away at that point, what happens if they get wind of your investigation, they go underground, then they commit the crime that they were planning to, that's the real concern I have." 14. Wide of Tucker working at desk STORYLINE Prosecutors say a 24-year-old Afghan immigrant now in police custody was on the verge of unleashing an attack in New York City on the anniversary of the September 11 2001 attacks. Najibullah Zazi was stopped by police on September 10 as he entered the city of Denver, Colorado, and federal prosecutors say he dropped his plans for an attack once he realised that law enforcement were aware of his reported plans, prosecutors said. Investigators say Zazi and three associates went from one beauty-supply store to another in a Denver suburb this summer buying chemicals to make explosives. Zazi was flown from Denver to New York on Friday on a US government plane. He is now in custody in Brooklyn, police said and will face charges of conspiracy to use weapons of mass destruction. Zazi denies the militant charge. He is set to appear for a hearing in Brooklyn on Tuesday. On Friday however, a another man arrested in an unrelated alleged bomb plot in Dallas, Texas appeared in court. The 19-year-old Jordanian national, Hosam Maher Husein Smadi, was arrested on Thursday and stands accused of parking what he thought was an explosive-laden truck in a garage beneath the 60-story Fountain Place office tower and trying to detonate it. The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) said they have had Smadi under surveillance since March. The agency says the suspect has repeatedly espoused his desire to commit violent militant activities. Undercover agents posed as al-Qaida members and set up a decoy car bomb, the FBI said. They say Smadi placed the car bomb in the garage of the Fountain Place tower, in Dallas, Texas. The FBI said Smadi then detonated the bomb from his cell phone but it could not explode as the undercover agents had built it with inert materials so the public was never at risk. Smadi mostly looked down as he was led into a federal courtroom in Dallas in handcuffs. Asked whether he understood his rights, he answered "Yes." Smadi is being represented by public defender Richard Anderson. Following the court hearing, Anderson told reporters had a lot of work to do in order to understand the case and how to defend his client. Anderson said he planned to be ready for Smadi's preliminary hearing scheduled for October 5. The sheriff's department in Ellis County, Texas, released dash-cam video of Smadi in custody in a patrol car. The video was taken on September 11 2009 after deputies arrested Smadi on a charge unrelated to the bomb plot. Smadi was charged with driving without a license or insurance and paid a 550 US dollar fine. Meanwhile, an American ex-convict described as an admirer of US Taliban fighter John Walker Lindh is being held in Illinois. Michael Finton is accused of trying to blow up a federal courthouse in Springfield on Wednesday. Federal agents arrested Finton Wednesday after he attempted to set off what he thought was a powerful bomb in a van outside a federal courthouse. In the Finton and Smadi cases, authorities say decoy devices were provided to the men by FBI agents posing as al-Qaida operatives. Both men are charged with trying to detonate a weapon of mass destruction, although they stressed that the two cases were unrelated and that both had no connection to Zazi. Security analyst Charles Tucker of the DePaul University School of Law said that in such cases, authorities have to perform a balancing act. Tucker said authorities must allow suspects to proceed just far enough with their plans to prove that they were serious about committing the crimes. However, he also noted that authorities must also keep a close watch on the suspects in order to prevent them from actually carrying out an attack. "The bigger concern is what happens if they get away at that point, what happens if they get wind of your investigation, they go underground, then they commit the crime that they were planning to, that's the real concern," Tucker said.