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Secretary of Defense Bob Gates / Trip to Iraq
Secretary of Defense Bob Gates Tentative schedule: Meeting with Foreign Minister Livni Meeting with Prime Minister Olmert Press availability - approx. 15 minutes Depart enroute LOCATION NOT TO BE ANNOUNCED UNTIL ARRIVAL ***6:00am Proposed Feed*** Arrive LOCATION NOT TO BE ANNOUNCED UNTIL ARRIVAL FOLLOWING SCHEDULE FOR GUIDANCE ONLY UNTIL ARVL Guidance: Meeting with MND West command Guidance: Press availability - approx 15 minutes Guidance: Arrive Camp Victory Guidance: Dinner with MNF commanders (closed press) ***11am Proposed Feed*** SECRETARY ROBERT GATES IN IRAQ RS24/X75/Slugged: 1130 GATES VIP X75 We flew to Baghdad in a C-17, Gates was met upon arrival by Gen Pace, Adm Fallon and Gen Petraeus. He walked directly to a UH-60 Blackhawk Helicopter and we flew 20 minutes to Camp Fallujah. -- 3 minutes of video He was met there by Maj Gen Gaskin, Commanding General of MNF-W. Gates went into a meeting that included Gen Pace, Adm Fallon, Gen Petraeus, Lt Gen Odierno and Maj Gen Gaskin. -- several minutes of aerial shots from helicopter -- 2 minutes of ground shots of incoming helicopters -- 1 minute of video of arrival -- few shots of MRAP - Resistant Ambush Protected vehicles that protect soldiers against IED's Press got a briefing from BG Mark Gurganus who spoke about the situation in Al Anbar province - 22 minutes --more shots of MRAP - and short interview with Marines -- Jon Karl webcast stand ups Gates came out of his meeting and went around the courtyard and greeted US Marines serving in Al Anbar. Gen Pace also joined him. At one point, Gates stood with 8 Marines holding a Texas A&M banner, all graduates. -- 5 minutes Gates held a short press conference with Pace, Fallon, Petraeus, Odierno and Gaskin standing behind him. Petraeus answered a couple of questions, too. Gates held a short press conference with Pace, Fallon, Petraeus, Odierno and Gaskin standing behind him. Petraeus answered a couple of questions, too. I can get notes out, but I can feed more quickly.... 12:28:09 DAVID PETRAEUS: a day like that can have a psychological impact and it came at a time when Odierno and others have felt we were getting a bit of traction. Slow progress with the Baghdad security plan. 12:28:54 change the environment where everyone is arguing. They've called a meeting last night, met late last night actions to take to improve security. Met again for that very purpose, below the lebels at the very top. 12:29:40 ethnic groups. 12:30:16 see the effects of the real surge, it will take some time before you can actually develop what that capability will provide you. 12:30:31 seen some progress clearly the sensational attacks, and challenges, does show that the enemy, al-qaeda clearly is intent on reignite sectarian violence.the Iraqi leaders have shown determination to give back. 12:31:05 ROBERT GATES: Tonight I will be meeting, looking forward to meeting with Gen. Petraeus, sit down and talk. 12:32:05 GATES: how long it will last will depend on the situation on the ground. 12:32:13 walks away 12:32:22 Jonathan Karl in the helicopter, ts 12:32:32 helicopters flying 12:33:43 POV outside of helicopter Switch to NY2 - WEBCAST STANDUPS 12:39:47 KARL STANDUPS: this is the tool.(TAKE 1) 12:40:42 there is no deadlier threat.(TAKE 2) 12:42:30 TAKE 3 12:43:57 TAKE 4 12:45:12 Gates walking and greeting Marines WNT STANDUPS 12:46:40 TAKE 1 12:46:50 TAKE 2 12:47:17 TAKE 3 12:47:32 TAKE 4 12:47:55 TAKE 5 12:48:12 TAKE 6