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ROLL "A" 1030 SOF/MAG CS Shot of survivors exiting. INTV/W man who cries as he talks about the disasters. Shot of rows of dead bodies on the floor. SU DOBBS. VS Fire in Full blaze at Beverly Hills supper club in Southgate, KY. Aerial view and zoom in of burning debris of club. VO STEWART. VS of search for victims. Shot of body put in truck. VS rescue operation. Shot aerials view of burned club. LS of fire engine. VO ECKHARDT INTV/W Fire chief. Chief says no one is at fault for the fire, only new construction requires ceiling sprinklers. Shot of fire hose and sprinkler. VO DOBBS. VO STEWART END CS VO ECKHARDT. SU STEWART. More of aerials of supper club. INTV/W man at an armory where the bodies are identified. VS Refrigerated truck loading bodies. VS of bodies in plastic bags being transported. CU Sad on looker. INTV/W David Colwell, relative of missing person, talks about the anxiety of waiting. More interviews with relatives of missing people. Shot of relatives going in out for body identification. Shot of funeral limousines. Shot of man on crutches descending stairs at armory. CI: DISASTERS: SURVIVORS, FIRE. DISASTERS: FIRE. BUILDINGS: NIGHT CLUB, SUPPER. AIRVIEWS: DISASTERS, FIRES, BLDG. TRANSPORTATION: VEHICLE, FIRE ENGINE. PERSONALITIES: GARETHA, STEIN. PERSONALITIES: GRAVES, RALPH. GEOGRAPHICS: KY, NEWPORT. CASUALTIES: DEAD. EMOTIONS: CRYING.