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NIGHTLINE CS VO GARY SHEPARD ON HOLLYWOOD MOVIES ABOUT THE VIETNAM WAR. 00:42 Film transfer, off air television ftg of fighting during the Vietnam War. su Shepard. vs of battle scenes being filmed for the movie, Hamburger Hill. Soundbite of the screenwriter for the movie who says Vietnam veterans are portrayed negatively in movies. Soundbite of John Irvin, the director of the movie who says Vietnam veterans have been slandered. vs of students walking on a college campus. vs of clips from Vietnam War movies including, The Green Berets, and, Deer Hunter. B & W still of film director Oliver Stone in his military uniform during the Vietnam War. Soundbite of Stone who says he wanted to make, Platoon, an historically accurate film about Vietnam. Clips from Platoon. vs of another Vietnam war movie, Hanoi Hilton, being filmed. mcu of film consultant and former prisoner of war Leo Thorsness. vs of the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington, DC. su Shepard. 08:16 Refeed, natural sound. CI: PERSONALITIES: IRVIN, JOHN. PERSONALITIES: STONE, OLIVER. PERSONALITIES: THORSNESS, LEO. ART: VIETNAM WAR MEMORIAL. ENTERTAINMENT: MOVIES. INDUSTRIES: MOTION PICTURE. WAR: VIETNAM.