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Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez
NVS0069 Subject: Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez LA Ben Affleck Award (10/15/03) APTN - 388797 01:00:00 BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA - Show clip of director/producer Kevin Smith presenting award to Ben Affleck. SOUNDBITE Kevin Smith: "Ladies and gentlemen it is my pleasure to introduce you to the only man I would ever consider taking a bullet for, my hero, Ben Affleck." SOUNDBITE Ben Affleck: "Thank you Kevin. I thought this was quite a serious political occasion and I so I prepared so remarks that were sort of serious and not about how well hung I am, although that is what I should win an award for to be perfectly honest because this seems a little ridiculous to me. I wasn't a champion of little league, much less a champion of the American way although it sounds good in its own way, it's deliberately vague, they were like 'The Dixie Chicks defended democracy, Skip gave people a lot of money, Affleck, what is he? Well the cameras will show up, but what can we call his award?'" 01:01:22 BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA - Show clip of Ben Affleck acceptance speech. SOUNDBITE Ben Affleck: "Anyway it is an honour to attend an event put together by such distinguished and accomplished people and it is an embarrassment to be honoured by such a group. I'm embarrassed because I am being honoured by people who have done so much better and who have done so much more than I have when it comes to contributing to society and improving the lives of others. I only except it in the hopes that the absurd amounts of publicity that I received lately, that as far as I can tell is chiefly because I have a pretty girlfriend, that's what I did, I am a champion of the American way with a pretty girlfriend. bring it on, paparazzi, News at 11. In the hopes that some of that publicity might be pointed at something more significant, something more positive, productive and meaningful. I've always admired people for the American way, they are a group of people, many of who are successful and accomplished and who can chose to continue living a blessed life, but instead have chosen to give their time and money in an effort to protect that basic of our civil rights, freedom." Entertainment Oscar Fashion (3/24/03) APTN - 367185 01:02:27 LOS ANGELES - Tilt-up Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck. Entertainment Oscar Wrap 1 (3/24/03) APTN - 367167 01:02:43 LOS ANGELES - B-roll of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck. Entertainment: Maid In Manhattan Premiere (2/27/03) APTN - 364547 01:02:52 LONDON - Exterior Odeon Leicester Square. Close-up Poster. Wide shot arrival Jennifer Lopez. Photocall Jennifer Lopez. Close-up J-Lo's engagement ring. SOUNDBITE Jennifer Lopez: "I really just wanted to do another romantic comedy, they are my favourite type of film. I know a lot of women love romantic comedies. They are definitely my favourite and after doing 'The Wedding Planner' I really wanted to do another one. (Reporter : Also you borrow the outfit from somebody, do you ever worry that someone is going to do that to you? Because you are a prime target. You have probably got loads of lovely clothes? ) SOUNDBITE Jennifer Lopez: "They could take my clothes and I probably wouldn't even notice. No, I think I could be a target for them I'm sure. " (Reporter: Has you attitude changed towards maids since you made this film?) SOUNDBITE Jennifer Lopez: "You know it absolutely gave me more of an appreciation. Because you go into hotels, and I work a lot and so I'm in and out of the hotel, you are not really paying attention to everything going on around you. After I did this movie I am like 'oh my God so much work goes into making a hotel run'. So it definitely gave me a better appreciation of it. (Reporter: Are you now known as Jennifer Lopez or J-Lo? ) SOUNDBITE Jennifer Lopez: "You know, it was always Jennifer Lopez, I just named my second album J-Lo and it kind of stuck, people took a liking to it and I don't mind. You called me Jennifer, somebody called me J-LO, call me Jenny, it's all fine." (Reporter: Will you change your name when you get married?) SOUNDBITE Jennifer Lopez: "Yes, yes I will. " (Reporter: So you will be Jen Affleck?) SOUNDBITE Jennifer Lopez: "Yes yes...yes that's what it'll be (laughs)." Photocall Ralph Fiennes and Jennifer Lopez. 01:05:05 LONDON - SOUNDBITE Jennifer Lopez (on what she will wear for her wedding): "It'll be a good dress, that's all I can tell you." Close-up Jennifer Lopez. (Reporter: Have you been asked at all to clean anyones house?) SOUNDBITE Jennifer Lopez: "No, that hasn't happened yet, but it hasn't been out that long so we will have to wait and see." Photocall Jennifer Lopez and Natasha Richardson. Cutaway press. Entertainment: DareDevil Premiere (2/10/03) APTN - 362926 01:05:45 LOS ANGELES - Ben Affleck and J-Lo arriving. Poster for DareDevil. Ben Affleck and J-Lo greeting fans. Ben Affleck on red carpet. Cutaway of camera operator. Ben Affleck walking along red carpet. Young fans at the premiere. Ben Affleck on red carpet. Tilt from J-Lo's rings to her face. Full length shot of J-Lo. 01:07:18 LOS ANGELES - Colin Farrell with J-Lo in the background. Colin Farrell signing autographs for fans. Tight shot of fans screaming. Friend of Ben Affleck, Director Kevin Smith. Cutaway of camera operator. SOUNDBITE (English) Jon Favreau "Oh I think I'm a super hero in my heart and that's all that matters isn't it? I solve crimes of the spirit in my own mind." Long shot of J-Lo putting in earrings. Long shot of Ben Affleck on red carpet. Long pull out shot of Ben Affleck and J-Lo on red carpet. Entertainment: DareDevil (2/3/03) APTN - 362286 01:08:45 SOT Ben Affleck: "It was fun, this was a character that I've loved since I was a kid. I was really excited to play it. I would have probably never had played a super hero had they not made a movie version of this particular guy. When they did I felt like I couldn't pass it up. It's a different kind of picture, it's a comic book picture and that means a different thing. Within that genre this is probably the most realistic, grey, sexy version of that movie. That's one of the reasons that I was attracted to it. It's an interesting exercise in whether or not you can straddle the line of these two tones." Entertainment: Project Green Light Sundance (1/22/03) APTN - 361162 01:09:17 PARK CITY, UTAH - B-Roll Mat Damon & Ben Affleck. Jennifer Lopez. WS Ben Affleck & Mat Damon. CU Affleck & Damon. SOT Ben Affleck: "Thanks for coming up and helping us cover this Green light thing , we appreciate it..." SOT Mat Damon: "This is the first kind of exposure we have had to it. We have been deliberating for a couple of days about who is going to be the winner of the contest, so we have been working up the hill for about 48 hours , so this is kind of a rude awakening...Well I think this place is about independent film and this contest is about independent films. It was really nice that they let us come her last year and end our show here last year and for Pete to show his movie here last year. So it seemed like the right place to kick off the season." SOT Ben Affleck: "It is always special for me because I had 'Chasing Amy' up here, the first movie that I did that I was really proud of and so this is great. I remember what that felt like, that I was in something that people saw. I am really, really excited by the prospect of all the really talented people that applied this year. I think we are going to make a really good movie with 'Project Green Light' this year. That is the most exciting thing. " Entertainment: Maid in Manhattan (12/09/02) APTN - 357608 01:11:24 NEW YORK - Exterior theatre. Pan of crowds. Mid shot Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez. Cutaway press. Close up Ben Affleck kissing Jennifer Lopez, tracking shot following Affleck walking away. Mid shot arrival. Close up Lopez, pull out to wide. Cutaway media. SOT Jennifer Lopez: "I think it's the one that I probably most like and can relate to the most because she lives in the Bronx and grew up there and I know what that is and I know what it is to live there and get on the train and go to work every day, I used to work in a bank and still want more, have dreams and be kind of afraid to take the risk and then go for it. So, I so understood everything that was going on inside of her." 01:12:38 NEW YORK - SOT Jennifer Lopez: "What I realise is that I really do have to keep a balance, I have to give a certain amount of time to the movies and then I have to do the music and give time to that. Everybody has been asking me are you going on tour. It's such a long commitment that I would be away from movies for so long, so it's hard to juggle it and I don't ever want to cheat one for the other because they are both so important to me." 01:12:59 NEW YORK - Close up ring on Lopez's finger. Ben Affleck. SOT Jennifer Lopez: "I just think that it is a message of hope, if anything. In a romantic comedy what you really want to do is go away smiling and have fun with the movie but at the same time when a movie like this it touches on a few little themes and social issues in the world, you want them to have hope." Various of Lopez on set. Entertainment: Maid in Manhattan (12/11/02) APTN - 357823 01:13:28 NEW YORK - SOUNDBITE Jennifer Lopez: "It's funny I was sitting in the apartment of a friend of mine who happens to be the producer on this movie, Elaine Goldsmith Thomas, and she told me that they had this script at her company and they wanted to do it and she was like I think it could be a really good idea, what do you think. We started brainstorming and I was like well she should be from one of the outer boroughs because those are the people that come in and travel and work in the city and blah, blah, blah, and it's such a different world. She was like wow all those dynamics, what's that like, if we could capture all that. That was the appeal, the fact that it was something based in reality for me." 01:14:08 NEW YORK - SOUNDBITE Jennifer Lopez: "I think people are saying that this is like a fairy tale or Cinderella story but I see it more as a working girl movie but in the romantic comedy genre." 01:14:25 NEW YORK - SOUNDBITE Jennifer Lopez: "He's an amazing actor obviously and for me to work with him was wow, OK, cool, he wants to do it, that's nice. You wouldn't think of him on this kind of movie either, this kind of genre, the romantic comedy, he's never really done anything like that so I think for him too it was challenging as well. You would think for him it would be kind of er, but no, it's a whole different animal." Entertainment: UK Versace arrivals (10/14/02) APTN - 352704 01:14:53 LONDON - Wide shot dresses. Mid shot of green dress worn by Geri Halliwell and Jennifer Lopez. Entertainment: US / Enough (8/23/02) APTN - 348029 01:15:03 NEW YORK - SOT Jennifer Lopez (on being able to relate to her character): " She is a girl who is guarded, finds Mr right, has this wonderful life and then that dream is shattered for her. And then she is living in this nightmare for a while. I think we all in our lives go through relationships that feel like that. So it wasn't hard for me to relate to. I don't think it would be hard for anyone to relate to. I think everybody has gone through things like that in their lives where they feel like this is not for me, I have got to take control of the situation, I have got to do something." Entertainment Americas: Jennifer Lopez perfume-JLo perfume (7/1/02) APTN - 343435 01:15:37 NEW YORK - B roll Jennifer Lopez in standing and chatting. More B roll of Lopez chatting. B roll of GLOW Fragrance. B roll of GLOW Fragrance. B roll of GLOW Fragrance. B roll of Lopez at the party. Cutaway of women at the party. SOT: Jennifer Lopez - "I 'm very excited to have you here tonight as we unveil my new fragrance. I wanted to take just a couple of minutes to say a few words about what we created. As we developed this fragrance, I wanted women to wear it kind of effortlessly. You know, I wanted it to be fresh, I wanted it to be clean and of course, I wanted it to be sexy. I wanted this fragrance to embody the things that make women glow. Things like femininity and happiness and confidence and sensuality and I am very, very thrilled with the results. I think you guys are going to like it. Glow represents all the things in my life that make me happy. You know, scent can do that for you. Things that make me smile, things that make me feel warm and things that make me glow." SOT: Bernd Beetz (C.E.O. Coty Inc.) - "So, the fragrance development is a very complex development. There's a lot of force going back and forth. And she was always available, for each of the crossroads, for each development stage, she was there. Accessible, available and that gave us the chance, really, to get her into the project, to make her really reflect, in the project, what she wanted to do." B roll of Jennifer Lopez. B roll of a bartender pouring champagne. B roll of fireworks. Entertainment Asia: Peoples Sexiest Bachelors (6/14/02) APTN - 341522 01:18:16 B-roll Ben Affleck. Entertainment Europe: US MTV Awards (6/2/02) APTN - 340163 01:18:28 LOS ANGELES - Ben Affleck walking down leapard carpet and kissing Kate Beckinsale. Entertainment Asia: Sum of All Fears Premiere (5/30/02) APTN - 339742 01:18:48 LOS ANGELES - Wide of cinema. Fan holding Ben banner. 'The Sum of all Fears' sign. Exterior cinema. Security on roof. Tight shot security with ear piece. Pullout to red carpet. Various B-roll of Morgan Freeman and Ben Affleck. Cutaway cameraman. Wide of Morgan Freeman and Ben Affleck. Pull focus cameraman to Morgan. Pan from crowd to Morgan Freeman. Set up shot Morgan Freeman. SOT Morgan Freeman (on nuclear arms): "I think it's very relevant, I think it's extremely relevant and particularly in the light of today's news with the president of Russia and United States agreeing to reduce stockpiles." Cutaway. SOT Morgan Freeman (on themes of the movie): "Well it's a story about both. It deals with paranoia and also with real fear and also deals with the problems of nuclear proliferation and the danger of losing control of this arsenal." Set up shot Ben Affleck. SOT Ben Affleck: "That's a very loaded question isn't it? Well, I think that I know when we first made it I thought that it's going to be difficult to convince people of the relevance of this movie that this is a possibility, this is something that we have to be concerned about. And now somehow it's almost too relevant in some ways, almost too close to what's going on in the world. And so that's a strange thing and it happened after the movie had already been shot. And I think I feel about being the star of movie or one of the actors in the movie I feel comfortable in that I feel that the movie was done tastefully and intelligently and in the spirit of the cautionary tale tone that the novel was written in." Crowd cutaway. UPSOUND Ben Affleck talking about real CIA analysts: "So it was a curious thing for me. And what was a really interesting thing for me was the challenge posed to people who worked there in terms of their family life what they can tell what they can't tell,(fans screaming) all that sort of stuff slightly inappropriate in some ways to be talking about this stuff .Anyway ..(turns to fans) hello hello." Crowd reaction. Ben Affleck and Phil Alden Robinson playing on red carpet. Set up shot Phil Alden Robinson. SOT Phil Alden Robinson: "The hardest thing about the film was that the scope of it was so big and I always wanted to keep the focus on being real and focussing on the characters and you know when you have those big toys to play with the temptation is to go 'Oh wow! This would be really cool!' and I always try and keep in mind that it's not cool. We're dealing with a dangerous and frightening possibility." Entertainment Europe: US / Jennifer Lopez Model Competition (4/28/02) APTN - 336488 01:23:31 NEW YORK CITY - Interior pan from fans to Jennifer Lopez. Fans cheer. Tilt up Jennifer Lopez. Soundbite: Jennifer Lopez (English)"I really can't believe that I'm here. I always wanted to design clothes -- I don't know if you know that about me -- for girls out there like myself who had trouble growing up finding the right fit, the right style at the right price." WS Jennifer with six finalists. Pan across finalists. Soundbite: Jennifer Lopez (English) "Okay, I don't want to make them hold out any longer. I'd like to introduce our newest J. Lo girl. She represents my idea of what we say the J. Lo lifestyle is which is the sexy, new, cool. I'm gonna open the envelope. It's Natalie Martinez from Miami." MS Natalie Martinez hugs other finalists. MS Jennifer Lopez thanks fans. MS Jennifer and Natalie. Pan media to Jennifer and Natalie. MS Jennifer and Natalie hug. Vox Pop "I think she's really beautiful. They all looked really nice and I think she deserved to win." Vox Pop "I love the way she like makes it for a younger generation and the way it can fit like curvier girls 'cause some of us are not all thin like models, you know. We've got curves and she caters to us. I love that." Cutaway Vox Pop girl. MS fans waving. WS Jennifer Natalie on stage. CU Jennifer and Natalie pullout to MS. Entertainment Asia/Europe: Changing Lanes 2 (4/8/02) APTN - 334590 01:26:35 LOS ANGELES - Wide shot Ben Affleck talking to press. Paramount studios arch - tilt down to tight shot Ben Affleck. Cutaway cameraman. SOT (English) Ben Affleck "It's true that something happens to you when you get in a car and you will say things to people that you would never say to them like standing in line behind them at the bank. You would never say 'What's wrong with you, you idiot you stepped on my toe!' You'd just say, 'You stepped on my toe.' But you get behind the windshield of their car and they give you the finger and get a little crazy. I'm not one of these complete lunatics that you see. You meet perfectly normal people and you sit next to them, drive with them for the first time and all of the sudden they're honking and swearing and going nuts and they're nuns and you're that's not exactly me. I try to keep it under control." 01:27:36 LOS ANGELES - Ben Affleck hugging Amanda Peet. Entertainment Europe/Americas: Oscar Parties pt2 (3/25/02) APTN - 333264 01:27:48 LOS ANGELES - Jennifer Lopez arriving. Entertainment Daily: Milan Fashion (10/4/01) APTN - 317334 01:28:02 MILAN, ITALY - WS press melee. MS arrival Jennifer Lopez and Cris Judd. GVs Versace catwalk. Entertainment Daily: Pearl Harbor - Tokyo premiere (6/22/01) APTN - 307692 01:28:52 TOKYO, JAPAN - Wide Shot Tokyo Dome. Outdoor sign saying "Pearl Harbour Super Premier". Japanese TV Crew filming standup. Large crowd waiting outside Tokyo Dome. Pan of crowd inside Tokyo Dome. Close-up of crowd inside venue. Press gallery waiting at red carpet area. Japanese celebrities arriving. Special effects entrance of Pearl Harbor cast members. Pan of cast from screen to stage. 01:29:57 TOKYO - Wide shot of Pearl Harbor Presser. SOUNDBITE (English): Jerry Bruckheimer, producer Pearl Harbor, "Dec. 7 was Dec. 8 in Japan, so that's one of the changes we made. And also it's entertainment and we don't want to have cultural things that are inaccurate or things that we would say that would offend people because we want to entertain you so we made minor dialogue trims. But I think if I showed you the movie side-by-side you would have a heck of a time telling the difference between the two." Wideshot of Pearl Harbor presser. SOUNDBITE (English): Ben Affleck, actor, Pearl Harbor: "When you see the movie please keep in mind, as I did when I first saw it, and reflect on how really incredible it is that two nations that once fought each other now has such a wonderful friendship, and alliance where its we in the United States can not imagine that our nations fate would, or could ever be seperated from our friends and our brothers here in Japan. It's truly an a magnificant thing that we come such a long way and I think that ultimately is the message of this movie." Wide shot stage. SOUNDBITE (English): Ben Affleck, actor, Pearl Harbor: "I want to thank all of you who have welcomed us, who have been so hospitable to us during the course of our visit. Japanese audiences are known throughout the world to be some of the most avid and enthusiastic, knowledgeable movie-goers which is why it is such an honour to see all of you come out to see our movie. I only hope that you enjoy it and and that we feel that we've done your prescence here justice. Thank you." Entertainment Daily: Pearl Harbor (5/21/01) APTN - 304854 01:31:32 SOUNDBITE: (English - on making a movie that has turned into a motion picture event) Ben Affleck " I think it is a big deal, and I think it is big to draw attention to , to the veterans, and as you can see there is all these survivors out here on the deck and they are doing interviews, and I think it is important that this movie and movies like it be made." 01:31:54 SOUNDBITE: (English - on responsibility to the veteran in making the picture) Ben Affleck "It would have been terribly embarrassing and mortifying to find out that I was in something that turned out to be offensive to the veterans, Oh for gods sake, that would have been the worst thing that I could possibly have imagined." Entertainment Daily: Angel Eyes (5/16/01) APTN - 304401 01:32:08 LOS ANGELES - Tilt up Jennifer Lopez. Cutaway press. Various of Jennifer Lopez. Bodyguards with Jennifer's boyfriend Chris Judd. Pan from Jennifer to Jim Caviezel. 01:32:35 LOS ANGELES - SOUNDBITE: (English) Jennifer Lopez, (on angels and higher beings) "I feel like, its amazing to me because I feel God's presence in my life every day. So God and angels and all that kind of stuff and people... somebody's out there looking over you, you know." Cutaway Chris Judd. SOUNDBITE: (Spanish) Jennifer Lopez, "I feel like, its amazing to me because I feel God's presence in my life every day. So God and angels and all that kind of stuff and people somebody's out there looking over you, you know." 01:33:18 LOS ANGELES - SOUNDBITE: (English) Jennifer Lopez, "Everything I do comes from something that's organic within me. It's an artistic expression of myself. I don't think of myself as a concept or an image. Everything I do is just me. You know, so its kind of strange to hear it put in those terms and so it's just me and all working and music and movies because its all stuff that comes kind of natural to me in a way." Entertainment Daily: ENT3-Greenlight (2/28/01) APTN - 210846 01:33:46 LOS ANGELES - Wide shot of press line. Ben Affleck and Matt Damon posing for press with Chris Moore (also part of the team Moore directed in "American Pie"). SOT Affleck and Damon on the reason behind Greenlight. B-roll contestants being interviewed. 01:34:43 LOS ANGELES - SOT Affleck and Damon. Entertainment Daily: ENT1-Jennifer Lopez (2/19/01) APTN - 209856 01:35:01 HONG KONG - MS Jennifer Lopez on stage with dancers. Tilt dancer to Lopez. Tilt up Lopez. C/A Crowd. WS Pan press conference. SOT Jennifer Lopez (on making music for fans). WS press conference. SOT Jennifer Lopez (on who she would like to work with). Tilt poster to Lopez. C/A reporter. SOT Jennifer Lopez (on singers/actresses she admires). WS conference. SOT Jennifer Lopez (on tour plans). WS conference. SOT Jennifer Lopez (on fame). 01:38:43 HONG KONG - Lopez leaves conference. Entertainment Daily: ENT1 Lopez Profile (2/5/01) APTN - 208486 01:38:49 B-roll Lopez at LA record signing January 2001. SOT Jennifer Lopez (about dreams of fame). WS 'Selena' premiere (LA, March 1997). WS poster of Selena. Lopez arrival at premiere. SOT Jennifer Lopez (about reaction to the film). WS 'Anaconda' premiere (LA, April 1997). Lopez arrival at premiere (with ex- husband). Tilt up 'U-Turn' poster. Lopez arrival at 'U-Turn' premiere ( September 1997). Ext 'Out of Sight' premiere (New York, June 1998). 'Out of Sight' poster. SOT Jennifer Lopez (about her role in 'Out of Sight'). SOT George Clooney (about Lopez). Pull out Lopez at premiere. SOT Lopez (about wanting to express herself in music). 01:41:08 Tilt down album poster to Lopez singing autographs (New York, June 1999). CU Lopez signs autographs. 01:41:24 WS Lopez winning FHM sexiest woman in the world poll, March 1999. Tilt down Lopez. Tilt up Lopez. Lopez at 'The Cell Premiere' (London, September 2000). SOT Lopez (about clothes). Lopez and Puff Daddy at MTV Awards, (New York, September 2000). B-roll Lopez and Puff Daddy. SOT Lopez (about supporting Puff Daddy). Entertainment Daily: ENT4-Lopez Record Signing (1/25/01) APTN - 207519 01:42:36 SOT Jennifer Lopez. MS Jennifer Lopez. WS Jennifer Lopez. File of Puff Daddy and Jennifer Lopez. Entertainment Daily: ENT3-Wedding Planner Premiere (1/24/01) APTN - 207392 01:43:44 LOS ANGELES - Jennifer Lopez on red carpet with Jada Pinkett Smith. b-roll Joanna Gleason & red carpet. SOT Jennifer Lopez. B-roll Jennifer Lopez. SOT Jennifer Lopez. Entertainment Weekly: Jennifer Lopez (2/10/00) APTN - 174348 01:44:38 USA - B-roll Puff Daddy and Jennifer Lopez. APTN file SOT with Lopez. Puff Daddy and Lopez APTN. Entertainment Weekly: Committed-Sundance Fest (1/27/00) APTN - 173036 01:44:53 PARK CITY, UTAH - B-roll of Ben Affleck going to see brother Casey's film. SOT Affleck. Entertainment Weekly: Puff Daddy/Jennifer Lopez (12/30/99) APTN - 169973 01:45:34 NEW YORK - Sean Combs (Puff Daddy) and Jennifer Lopez arriving for MTV Awards show. File Puff Daddy at VH1 Fashion Awards. Pan press to Lopez at VH1 Fashion Awards. SOT Jennifer Lopez. Tilt up Lopez at UK Record of the Year show. SOT Jennifer Lopez. Entertainment Weekly: Record of the Year (12/16/99) APTN - 168354 01:46:28 UK - Tilt up Jennifer Lopez. WS Lopez and pan to press. SOT Lopez. CA Lopez. SOT Lopez (on stories about insuring body for massive amount and marrying Puff Daddy). Entertainment Weekly: The Talented Mr. Ripley (12/16/99) APTN - 168326 01:47:23 LOS ANGELES - CA Ben Affleck arriving and hugging Matt Damon. Entertainment Weekly: ENT2-Dogma Premiere (10/7/99) APTN - 157003 01:47:39 NEW YORK - SOT Ben Affleck on people protesting the film. SOT Ben Affleck on the film and religion. Entertainment Weekly: Summer of Sam (7/2/99) APTN - 137866 01:49:16 NEW YORK - Arrival of Jennifer Lopez. Entertainment Weekly: USA: Jennifer Lopez (6/3/99) APTN - 131400 01:49:28 NEW YORK - Jennifer Lopez exits limo. SOT Lopez. SOT Lopez. Lopez holds up Cuban flag. Pull down as Lopez signs autographs. CU Lopez. Pull down Lopez. CU Lopez. Entertainment Weekly: ENT5-Cannes (5/28/99) APTN - 128298 01:51:12 CANNES - Ben Affleck arrival. WS Affleck. SOT Affleck. Selma Hayek dancing with Affleck. Entertainment Weekly: ENT3-Blockbuster Awards (5/28/99) APTN - 129603 01:52:14 LOS ANGELES - SOT Lopez. France-Dior among others attends fashion week (10/14/98) APTN 01:52:45 PARIS - SOT Gwyneth Paltrow. SOT Ben Affleck. USA-Bruce Willis' new film Armageddon (7/2/98) APTN 01:53:02 LOS ANGELES - Interview Ben Affleck. USA-Sliding Doors Premiere (4/21/98) APTN 01:53:21 NEW YORK - Ben Affleck arrival. SOT Gwyneth Paltrow. SOT Ben Affleck. 01:54:00 END TAPE
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