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APTN 2230
AP-APTN-2230 Americas L Prime News-Final Tuesday, 13 November 2012 Americas L Prime News ++US Cuba Embargo 02:48 AP Clients Only +4:3 UN again condemns the US embargo of Cuba, Cuban reax ++US Idiot 00:46 Pt Access all outside North America/No Access broadcast or digital in North America Woman sentenced to carry sign implying she's an idiot for passing school bus in her car ++US Macy's 02:05 AP Clients Only Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade producers unveil new floats for this year ++Guatemala Houses 02:27 AP Clients Only President visits area where up to 8,000 homes could be condemned after quake ++Pakistan Diwali 02:30 AP Clients Only Pakistan's Hindu community celebrates Diwali, also known as the Festival of Lights India Diwali 01:38 AP Clients Only Indians celebrate festival of light with fireworks, candles and prayer ++Jordan Protest 01:19 AP Clients Only Jordan raises fuel prices, sparking protests Europe Strike 03:01 Pt No Access Italy Sardinian factory workers clash with police; strikes in Spain, Portugal EU Economy 4 03:19 AP Clients Only Finance ministers comment on potential benefits of a banking union ++Switzerland Diamond 02:30 AP Clients Only Archduke Joseph Diamond fetches record 21.5 million dollars at auction B-u-l-l-e-t-i-n begins at 2230 GMT. AP-WF-11-13-12 2312GMT
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