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ROLL "C" 900 SOF/MAG Shot of bodies put in plastic bags through a screen window. INTV/W W.J. Carroll, Governor of KY State. Talks about state intervention to assist in the aftermath of fire. Comments on the fire protection laws and says he will propose bill to require ceiling sprinklers even in exiting public bldg. VS Fire ladder sprinkling water. More of burning debris. Shot of fire hydrant and fire engines SU DOBBS. Shot of Dr Stein and Dr Gareth announcing number of casualties at the morgue. Cutaways of reporters. More of bodies in refrigerated trucks and limousines. CI: DISASTERS: SURVIVORS, FIRE. DISASTERS: FIRE. BUILDINGS: NIGHT CLUB, SUPPER. AIRVIEWS: DISASTERS, FIRES, BLDG. TRANSPORTATION: VEHICLE, FIRE ENGINE. PERSONALITIES: GARETHA, STEIN. PERSONALITIES: CARROLL, JULIAN. PERSONALITIES: GRAVES, RALPH. GEOGRAPHICS: KY, NEWPORT. CASUALTIES: DEAD. EMOTIONS: CRYING.