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FTG FOR COVERAGE ON JOE BIDEN / INT BROLL BIDEN SPEAKING TO GROUP AT PODIUM PLS COPY/PASTE TO RECORD : ALL NOTES/LOGS BELOW 5109 BIDEN IN NH 102011 (EVEN THOUGH THIS ISN"T POLITICS.PLS DMAC WITH RECORD BELOW) Biden speaking in New Hampshire on the goal to grow the economy for the benefit of all Americans, and how to restore the middle class. M/S of Biden standing at podium 12;00;41 The dream is still within our reach. We set out to restore our standing new world which had plummeted. To grow our economy for the benefit of all Americans, and how to save and strengthen the middle class which was getting killed over the previous decade.Even before the recession.Even before the recession. When our economy was growing, the middle class was still getting killed. Not getting to share in on the benefits. Productivity was up 20% 12;01;13 The medium income of middle class families dropped 2,100 between 2001 and 2007.BEFORE THE RECESSION. The same medium house income of the wealthiest Americans rose by 50%. This is NOT about class warfare. This is about "how do you maintain the deal?" How do you maintain the deal that's been the essence of who we are as Americans. That everyone has got a shot, everyone has got a shot. 12;01;56 I'm here with a SIMPLE MESSAGE: We have one single goal. To RESTORE THE MIDDLE CLASS. The way to do that is to not only create new jobs, but new industries. 12;02;25 How can these new industries come about? Where are they going to come from? "Well the way we do this as we invest in research and development. We think we have to invest in innovation, education, and info structure. Because this is what provides decent jobs. The jobs of the future. Not just green energy. But entirely new energies and industries. Jobs are going to allow us to remain the strongest economy in the world. WHERE IS IT WRITTEN. WHERE IS IT WRITTEN that your generation cannot dominate the world economically as we have the previous 75-100 years." 12;03;23 I just got back from China. Spent 10 days over there getting to know my specific assignment. President Obama asked President Xi and I to get to know each other.."Do you think they're cutting education? Do you think they're cutting back on info structure?" Well ladies and gentlemen, here we are. In the past decade, the middle class had already taken a hit. We need jobs to ensure that your generation has the exact same opportunities to succeed as every generation before you. It is really that basic. That's the issue. That's why the president and I ran in the first place, and that's why we are running again. 12;04;43 This isn't about November. This is about TOMORROW. 12;04;50 If you know anything about me, I have great relationships with the other side of the aisle. For real. Literally. I have their respect, they have mine. I have never in my day questioned another man's motive in politics. I learned that very early on. But there's TWO deeply held visions that both sides think is the way to benefit the country. 12;05;19 ONE of those visions says if we lower taxes, we continue to lower taxes on the wealthiest 1-2% of the country, (Camera P/O. W/S of Biden at podium and audience) they'll invest that money that will generate new growth, that will generate new industries, that will generate the opportunities that you need. They actually do believe that unregulated wall street is the most efficient/effective way to allocate capital to the markets. And they say (and they BELIEVE) that the way to help you is to CUT OUR WAY TO PROSPERITY. They believe the way to move forward during these hard times is to cut our way to prosperity. 12;06;07 M/S of Biden. The other vision says we are strongest in this country when everyone carries their fair share. That a regulated wall street that is more transparent and less risky is a more PRODUCTIVE ENGINE of economic growth for the nation. Because it is the PRIVATE ENTERPRISE SYSTEM that drives this economy. NOT GOVERNMENT. Government can provide seed money, can set goals. But it's the PRIVATE ENTERPRISE that's been the magic of the growth of this country. 12;06;43 That other vision believes that cutting ISNT ENOUGH. That we have to invest in education, innovation, and info structure. The economic drivers of the future prosperity of this country. And the truth is, we have a fundamentally DIFFERENT SET OF VALUES than the other side does. 12;07;04 At its core, all of this in our view rests on a fundamental premise of fairness and SHARED responsibility. SHARED RESPONSIBILITY. Today I want to talk about how we can realize that vision, and make it clear to ALL Americans. That if education and hard work are available and you engage in it, then the opportunity to realize the American Dream is still available 12;07;35 You see the data. So many middle class folks don't believe in it anymore. And you can't blame them. But the FIRST STEP is to give the economy a JOLT right now. A lot of people are hurting. 12;07;52 We found out that the last quarter before we came in to office (no one knew it at the time), the economy shrunk almost 9%. Pretty historic. Before we even got our first bill passed, unemployment had already increased by 8 million people. Before I lowered my hand on that magnificent January day in front of a couple million people in a mall, THAT MONTH 720,000 new unemployed by the 20th of that month. Across the country now there are 14 million people out of work. Here in NH you've fared better than most, but you lost nearly 32,000 jobs between Jan 08 and Jan 10 while the unemployment rate nearly DOUBLED during the same period. 12;08;47 We know that the path to prosperity in this country has always rested on the understanding that if we educate, innovate, and build better than the rest of the world, IF EVERYONE gives their fare share and plays by the rules, nothing stops us from succeeding. 12;09;08 The American Jobs Act is what we're fighting for right now. The goal of the American Jobs Act is to put people back to work NOW, TODAY, TOMORROW, THIS YEAR. Put money in their pockets, and begin to invest in their future. I'll address some of these short term problems without adding a penny to the long-term debt 12;09;32 In terms of job creation, you hear others say well you won't create new jobs. Look at non-Democratic or Non-Republican institution that the public looks to. Micro-economic advisors says it will create 2.1 million jobs.These same institutions looked at the Republican job plan and said there are some good parts of it that will create jobs. These parts of the plan we have PASSED. 12;10;30 Nationwide, it would give 160 million workers and 60 million small businesses a tax cut because we cut the payroll tax in half. Meaning, another 1500 dollars in the pocket of every American. The tax cut goes to the small business owner as well. So many benefit. 12;11;33 It allows us to go out and repair and modernize 35000 school across the country. BTW we spend so much money just to heat and maintain them. Twice as much as we spend on computers and books in the school. If we modernize those schools, we create more jobs and have more money for school supplies. 12;12;25 And its investment in roads, and bridges, and railways that will mean 450,000 nationwide. 1700 right here in this country. Think about this. The rest of the world is not waiting around. What attracts business? INFO STRUCTURE. There is no investment more important than the one we make in the economy of tomorrow. And that's our KIDS. 12.13.30 So our Jobs Bill will support 400000 education jobs. BTW in the last 4 months, close to 400,000 have been laid off. 280,000 teachers are out of classrooms. Including 1700 education jobs here in the state of NH 12;14;03 Even though Republicans in the past have supported every one of these ideas, for some reason they have decided now that they can't support it. They're against it. 12;14;16 The President and I sat down and we both agreed, literally, "Lets put in the bill things that are non-ideological and things that Republicans have historically supported. When's the last time you heard a Republican against cuts for small businesses and taxes? So we put this bill together not to go out and take issue.But to say all the things that work.Although 51 senators said they're for it, they're not even allowed to debate it. It's called filibuster. 12;15;10 This week, the president wants to take the bill piece by piece. Want everyone that is against it to explain to the American people WHY we shouldn't do what we are proposing AND how to pay for it. 12;15;30 Wants everyone to know this is about responsibility. If you are not for job creation, TELL THE PUBLIC WHY? What are you proposing. Explains that more cops on the street means less crime, etc. 12;16;20 What we are doing here is we're trying to figure out how to get this moving. This is about going over the heads, and going to the people. To pay for these jobs, this bill says "The people that have the most money, should chip in and pay a little more. This isn't class warfare. If you're a millionaire it says that ½ 1% tax increase on the first dollar after your millionth dollar. Seriously. No tax increase on the first million dollars.The average wager in this group is of 3 million dollars.For a billionaire, it would mean the average additional cost would be 7,200 dollars they pay in taxes. BUT, if you're making 1,100,000 dollars, and this passes, you will pay 500$ more than you did the year before. To me, this DOESN'T SEEM LIKE MUCH OF A HARDSHIP. And BTW I honest to god believe that millionaires think this is fair. I honest to god believe that the vast majority of people in that circumstance believe this IS FAIR. That this is not "soaking the rich." 12;17;52 The Republicans are refusing to support this bill.because they don't think it is appropriate to ask this of these folks. Republicans are so determined to get favor from millionaires and billionaires that they won't support this extra tax and they won't support that veterans have a job to come back to.The troops fighting for their lives, losing their lives, coming back mortally wounded, and they have to come back and fight harder here for a job than they did in War! The unemployment rate for Veterans coming from these two wars is 11.4% (Camera P/O-W/S of audience) 12;19;05 BROLL of audience So we say to all of the folks out there that are small business owners, if you higher one of these men or women, you get tax credit. I don't see anything wrong with that. Is the ideology of the other side so rigid that they're prepared to not take these actions that will help create jobs?! 12;19;50 They say that it not only won't create jobs (which I've stated to you all these independent validaters acknowledge it will and argue it will), but they say well you know, even if it does its only TEMPORARY. I come from a family with when there was a recession, SOMEBODY in my family lost their job. Maybe these guys have never experienced what it's like to lose a job. It is temporary, but if you're arguing what constitutes temporary, it's not very temporary to those men or women who are able to stay in their house. It's not really temporary for those teachers that are out of jobs and for those kids when Kindergarten is eliminated. When they have a lesser chance of graduating high school and then getting a job because they didn't experience necessary early education. It's not really temporary for that life save in a home invasion because a squad car is able to respond faster to an emergency. TELL THOSE PEPLE HOW TEMPORARY THIS IS. The jobs we want to create and the investments we want to make, the tax reform we want to encourage, the way we want our financial sector to work, all of that is part of a larger debate about how we want our country to be. 12;22;33 Household wealth in America fell 16 trillion dollars because of the financial crisis. It is essential that we maintain free financial markets. Taking on wall street is not about constraining capitalism, it's about RETURNING to capitalism. When working correctly, wall street has a purpose. It allocates capital. It's important that invest banks get access in order to bring capital all around the world. It's because this job of allocating capital is so important, we let these institutions go out and borrow money to ensure the economy doesn't slow down. YOU LET THEM. IT IS YOUR MONEY. We need financial institutions in this country to serve their purposes. Allocating capital to the most productive uses. That's not govts decision. When banks become private casinos it does not work. Now, after passing this financial law, our friends on the other side want to go back to the way things were. Repeal the protections that were put into place. Meanwhile, they are doing everything in their power to undermine the law by underfunding the agencies that have the responsibility to enforce these protections. I FIND IT AMAZING. They think that wall street should be able to write its own rules. It's like they've forgotten that 16 trillion dollars of household wealth went up in smoke. 12;26;05 We haven't forgotten. We haven't forgotten the retirement accounts that were devastated. Or that the life savings had disappeared. Or that the equity in your parent's homes, which they counted on to send you to college and the future. Look, I understand that people have different views but I quote "You are ENTITLED TO YOUR OWN OPINION, you are NOT ENTITLED TO YOUR OWN FACTS." The fact is the financial meltdown occurred for a reason! It was because of unregulated, reckless and unscrupulous behavior by some on wall street. Not because someone suggested that the government was telling the financial industry what to do. It's nothing more than an attempt to rewrite history. We're not going to prevent ANOTHER meltdown. Or grow our economy. Or create jobs. UNLESS we get our financial system back to doing what it did best. And what it does best. ALLOCATE CAPITAL. 12;27;08 That's why the president and I are insisting that the US senate stop using the arcade rules of the senate to undermine the implementation of the law of the land. 12;27;44 You would think the banks would be a little grateful thanks to the American tax payers they have jobs. Instead, how do they repay you? They deny small business loans, they charge to use your debit card, they refuse to restructure mortgages when it's even in their interest. Instead of attacking our administration, the banks should be on their knees thanking the American people. It's one thing to attack politics, but denying help to the very people that bail them out.The American people have held up their end of the bargain. It's time for the rest to hold up THEIR end of the bargain. At the end of the day we need to RESTORE THE ECONOMY, yes. But we also have to do something more fundamental-We need to restore the power of America's basic bargain. A bargain that says get an education, play by the rules, go out there, and YOU CAN DO IT. A bargain that says each generation should not only have the same opportunity, but better than the previous. Too much of this current crisis is that we got away from what made us great in the first place. BUT we have the ability to go back to what we were by asking everyone to pay their fair share. 12;29;48 We believe the most powerful people in the country have a responsibility not only to themselves, but to their community and their country! .Government is about making tough choices. But THIS IS NOT A TOUGH CHOICE. If we're going to achieve anything close to the American dream than we have to live up to the American value of shared responsibility. 12;30;22 If we do that, then we will have truly learned the lessons of the past and charter the course to a much brighter future because at the end of the day YOU ARE OUR FUTURE. YOU NEED THE OPPORTUNITY. Because you are in my view, this generation. This generation is the most GIVING and the most CAPABLE generation. To deny you the opportunities is not only terrible for you, but it would be a disaster for this country. 12;31;10 So as my grand pop used to say, "Keep the faith. Keep the faith. There's nothing, nothing, nothing that this country cannot do once it sets its mind to it and there's a shared responsibility for getting there." 12;31;25 Thank you all for listening, and may god bless you. APPLAUSE. W/S of Biden and Audience 12;31;52 Leaves podium with microphone, is now in front of the stage. Shakes hands with crowd and continues speaking. So why don't I take a couple questions. I know this is going to sound like age discrimination, but I'm going to take questions from students. 12;32;07 Question "Thank you very much. My name is Tata and I just graduated in 2010. And I'm concerned about social security, and not getting social security when I get older. So I agree that it needs to be reformed, but I just want your views on how that's going to happen?" 12;32;34 The least big problem we have is social security btw. The fix for social security is one of the easiest to do. Dealing with social security is not going to deal with the long term debt or end any financial problems. But to answer your question, there's four ways it can be done. And the only way it can be done is if both parties agree to it. The four ways it can be done are 1. If you increase the amount of money susceptible to social security tax..People are going to be living longer. 2. If we raise the retirement age to 67 from 65 that will help. Do need to go on.It has to be addressed, it can be addressed, and it will be addressed. For practical reasons and economic reasons it's the most soluble of all the problems. 12;36;25 The bigger problem is dealing with healthcare cost: Medicare. There are a lot of problems that are considerably more urgent. 12;37;05 W/S to boy in back of audience. Stands up to ask question. BROLL 12;37;27 Biden: Did you all hear the question? No? What he asked was "How can we trust the government to guarantee our financial future when the govt bailed out these banks that did all these bad things, lied to us, and caused all these problems, etc. etc." 12;37;46 What you're expressing btw is an overwhelming frustration that the vast majority of the American people feel. The problem is "Too big to fail". Had the banks gone bankrupt, we would have moved into a depression. The unfair thing is they HAD TO BE HELPED. THEY HAD TO BE BAILED OUT. You would have seen a complete depression. The difference between our team and the other team with bailing them out is we said "okay, we bailed you out, but now you have to play by different rules.You will be held accountable in a different way. You have to play by the rules that worked really well." That's what is going on now. That's the debate now. The difference between us is a lot of the other guys think the best way for the economy to grow is let them do it their way. Don't tell banks what they can and can't do. You should have confidence in how well you think the person you elect is going to enforce protections. We need protections so we don't get pulled down with them. Your confidence should be in direct proportion to how certain you are the people who run the government are going to adhere to ensuring that it will never happen again. 12;41;53 Biden and Sophomore in college exchange friendly banter. W/S POV of questioner. College student: First of all, thank you, and thank your son for his service to our country. We have two groups or movements that have created a megaphone. The tea party and now the occupy wall street. Through these movements do you think we can come to common ground and get some common sense on issues such as repeal of class Stiegel and Citizens united? Thank you. 12;43;13 First of all, I agree with your fundamental premise. That there is a currency that runs through what seems like two opposite movements. But at its core, they both deal with the issue that it's just not fair anymore. That ordinary people can't get a break. They come to different conclusions.I would argue that we have gone through similar periods in our history. We're at the aftermath of a significant crisis. We go through a period where people are lurching and moving and trying to find their way to a new place.All has changed in the world. All has changed utterly. Because of the technology, more capital flows. So much has changed, and all the institutions in the world are catching up with how to work with the change to continue to make equity. This financial collapse has caused so much commotion that you're going to find both parties out there trying to figure out the best way to deal with the issue. You need to figure out what caused the problem to create a solution. Each team looks at the problem and sees different causes. The occupy wall street and the people of the tea party both acknowledge the problem, but they think there are different solutions..We need a republican party. We need it. Right now there is nobody to make a deal with.What you see going on now is the Republican party is trying to identify itself. In the past, made a deal to never raise taxes no matter what. It happened to the democratic party years ago. And this is the place we are in now. I'm optimistic. After being a senator and a vice president, I see this as an incredible opportunity for us to get a consensus on how to deal with this changed world. 12;49;51 NOW I DON'T KNOW...WHEN I GOT OFF THE PLANE, I WAS TALKING TO THE NATIONAL SECURITY COUNCIL TO DETERMINE WHETHER OR NOT WE IN FACT HAD PROOF THAT THIS OUT FIT...THE REBELS...THE ACTING GOVERNMENT NOW...HAD KILLED GADHAFI...I DON'T HAVE THE ANSWER TO THAT. I CAN'T CONFIRM THAT PERSONALLY NOW...BUT LOOK...LOOK AT HOW THAT ALL CAME ABOUT... FOR YEARS AND YEARS WE'VE BEEN TALKING ABOUT BURDEN SHARING IN NATO...EVERYBODY CARRYING THEIR FARE SHARE...NOT THE UNITED STATES TALKING CARRYING LOAD AND SPENDING ALL THE MONEY FOR THE WHOLE WORLD. SO YOU REMEMBER WHEN THE PRESIDENT AND I CAME ALONG AND SAID LOOK...WE'LL SUPPORT NATO...BUT NATO HAS TO TAKE THE LEAD. THAT'S WHAT IT WAS DESIGNED TO DO...IT WASN'T SUPPOSED TO BE THE U.S. RUNS NATO...IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE NATO...WHICH WE ARE A PART OF...THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF...IS ABLE TO ACT. SO IN THIS CHANGED WORLD BECAUSE OF ALL THE DIFFERENT WARS AND BECAUSE AS THE TWO BLOCKS HAVE BROKEN DOWN AND THERE'S ONLY ONE SUPER POWER LEFT AND THERE'S NO LONGER THIS...THE WAY IT WAS WHEN THE SOVIET UNION EXISTED...WE HAVE A WHOLE NEW SET OF PROBLEMS. WE DON'T HAVE 18-THOUSAND ICBM'S AIMED AT THE UNITED STATES WHICH IS A WONDERFUL THING, BUT WE ALSO HAVE EMERGING NATIONS AND CHAOS AND NEW MOVEMENTS AND ARRESTS. SO...IN THIS TERRIBLE BEAUTY...THIS ALL'S CHANGED WORLD...WHAT HAPPENED??? NATO GOT IT RIGHT...NATO GOT IT RIGHT...AND GUESS WHAT??? LIBYA...GADHAFI IS GONE...WHETHER HE'S ALIVE OR DEAD...HE'S GONE. THE PEOPLE OF LIBYA HAVE GOTTEN RID OF A DICTATOR OF 40 YEARS WHO I PERSONALLY KNEW...THIS IS ONE TOUGH, NOT SO NICE GUY. AND GUESS WHAT...THEY GOT A CHANCE NOW...BUT WHAT HAPPENED? IN THIS CASE, AMERICA SPENT 2 BILLION DOLLARS TOTAL AND DID NOT LOSE A SINGLE LIFE. THIS IS MORE THE PRESCRIPTION FOR HOW TO DEAL WITH THE WORLD AS WE GO FORWARD THAN IT HAS BEEN IN THE PAST. SO...THAT'S AN EXAMPLE OF HOW THE WORLD'S BEGINNING TO WORK TOGETHER A LITTLE BETTER. LOT OF PROBLEMS OUT THERE...BUT THIS IS WHAT'S GOING ON. 12;52;08 And my father's generation went through this after WW2. We're in the midst of going through it now. That's a long answer to your profound question.And I could have given you a short/glim answer, but you deserve more. You're entitled to more. Folks that's why I'm optimistic. Because the same thing at its core is motivating both of these groups that are capturing the public's attention, that there is a kernel in there for which we can organize and begin to get a national consensus. Because folks, for 50 years we had a national consensus between democrats and republicans on how to regulate wall street. We had a national consensus on education in America. There was no difference in the last 50 years on Medicare or social security. There was no fundamental difference on the main principles of America. But we go through this fundamental difference when the BARGAIN BREAKS DOWN. Now we're re-establishing a new one. I'm optimistic we can do it. But I'm absolutely confident, if the formula is to go back to what it was for the previous 10 years it will be a disaster. Absolutely convinced of it. We can argue about whether or formula is the right one. One thing for certain though, the alternative being offered so far will get us no where that's for sure. 12;54;22 God love you all as my mom would say. I appreciate you taking the time with me (I know it's hot in this room- you guys are very polite. I hope you all invite me back. BROLL CROWD STANDS AND APPLAUDS.MUSIC PLAYING 5226 CAMPAIGN 2012 MITT ROMNEY COUNCIL BLUFFS IA 102011 ROMNEY in COUNCIL BLUFFS TAKING QUESTIONS FROM AUDIENCE QUESTION OFF CAMERA IS NOT INTELLIGIBLE 171440 I don't think so. I think the great majority of the American people want to select a person who is most capable of getting our country going again. With strong values, strong economy and a strong military. And I think what's among the things that are unique and exceptional about our country is the fact that in America we recognize and appreciate differences in faith. We accept religious differences. We have a pluralistic society with a lot of different faiths. And our constitution even embodies the view of our founders that a religious test shouldn't be applied to people running for office APPLAUSE OF AUDIENCE 171522 I'm shaped by the Judeo-Christian values which I have and hope that those will hold me in good stead like they have so far. In interplay as: QKLINK 5 CAMPAIGN 2012 CAIN NV REPUB LUNCH M/S of Herman Cain at podium w/ BROLL In an unpublicized appearance at the Republican Women of Las Vegas and Republican Women of Washington State Club Luncheon and Social, Cain's 999 plan seemed to fold. Following last night's criticism at the Nevada debate and the increased scrutiny he has been receiving since his surge in the polls, Cain seemingly struggled to push his economic policy forward. 10:41:37 Cain admitted that some of the provisions of his 999 plan had not yet been released to the public. Addressing criticism that his plan was regressive on the poor, Cain called the allegation a lie. "It is not regressive on the poor because of some provisions that we're gonna make." 10:42:24 But when it came to discussion about how his 999 plan would affect seniors, Cain seemed to be confused. "If you're on social security, that's not taxed in the first place. Your social security check doesn't get taxed." When attendees at the luncheon challenged Cain's assertion, he quickly said that what he meant was that social security would not be taxed under his 999 plan. 10;42;37 "No, no, that's what I'm saying. Now it is, right? But under 999, it doesn't. That's what I'm saying. It won't get taxed under 999. Now it does, but you're right." ***The awkward exchange with the luncheon group showed signs that Cain's 999 plan might be waffling from the ongoing review and critique of his plan from other presidential candidates, economists, and the media. ***Cain, also addressed green energy and the existence of global warming. Something he has not focused on in past campaign events. 10;43;45 Pulling out a stack of folded bills from his pocket and holding it up the applauding group, Cain said, "This is the green energy that I want to bring back by getting government out of the way. No, I'm not going to be investing in green energy. The government's role is not to try to pick winners and losers." 10;44;48 And Cain plainly denied the existence of global warming. "Global warming. Global warming. It doesn't exist." (APPLAUSE) 10:44:59 "Are there some things that we as human beings can do more responsibly," said Cain. "Yes, but it's not the crises that they wanted us to believe. We can take care of this planet and grow the economy responsibly without shutting down the coal industry, creating barriers to natural gas exploration. Without shutting down the exploration of all the oil that we have in the outer continental shelf. We can do that." 10;45;36 BROLL of Cain taking pictures with various women. Has his book out as well. **Cain also dismissed last night's 999 criticism from his GOP rivals. 10:36:15 That's the part that they don't get. You don't care if they had a political office, America needs a problem solver, not another politician, that's why I'm running. I find it kinda interesting that in the debate a week ago and in the debate last night, one of my colleagues reminded me again that while your ideas sound intriguing, and its good, catchy, it won't pass. And I pointed out to them that that's the difference between a politician and a problem solver. They put together stuff they think they can pass, problem solvers put together stuff that can fix the problem. That's a big difference "And last night six of my opponents kept trying to tell me why it won't work. That's why they are politicians. They always want to tell you why something will not work. And I know that we can make this work. Why? (10:37:14) One of the big reasons is that you get it. You instinctively know it is better than the mess we deal with today. They want to hold onto the status quo. But all of those attacks that we got last night, we'll deal with them. We'll deal with them. I'm not worried about that. I'm not backing off just because the so called pundits wanna criticize." (ends 10:37:40) Cain, who has recently come under fire for proposing an electrified along the southern border of the United Sates; a proposal he later called a joke, nearly walked back into the fray. (10:37:55) Discussing illegal immigration, Cain brought up the fence. "Secure the border for real. Stop talking about it. We will do that with a combination of a real fence for part of it. I love it when some people want to criticize me for being insensitive. You're insensitive." An audience member brought up the fact that it could be electrified. Cain responded. "Right, if you don't touch the fence - see, I ain't ' say that, that's what got me in trouble in the first place!" QKLNK 5 CAMPAIGN 2012 CAIN TELEPROMPTER 1014 "i think that's a silly rule. but i'm unemployed. but that's okay, i'm not in it for the money right now. [someone screams, where's your teleprompter?] you know the teleprompter fell off the bus on the way over here. we moved too fast, we need to get rid of some dead weight. so we threw the teleprompter off the bus." QKLNK 5 CAMPAIGN 2012 CAIN NV WEST REPUB 10-19 Log of Cain's speech at Western Republican Leadership Conference in Las Vegas 10/19 In interplay as: Campaign 2012 Cain NV West Repub 10-19" He talked about the usual - 999, foreign policy, energy independence, Reagan's shining city on the hill, and the fact that "stupid people are ruining America." 10:25:21 " I like being up close to the folk. Not behind the podium. and I didn't bring my teleprompter (crowd laughs) His 999 plan has now become a chant. When he started to explain it, the crowd filled in the blanks for him. 10:25:42 "All of their plans start with trying to pivot off of the current tax code. I'm the only one that has a plan that throws it out. And put in what we call (crowd chants) 9-9-9. Awww, I love y'all." (10:26:04) The American people get it Cain addressed the criticism that his 999 plan was regressive on the poor. He maintained that he just hadn't told anyone about it yet. (10:26:15) "The other thing they try, well it's going to be regressive on the poor. Well no it's not, we anticipated that attack but I didn't tell them how I was going to fix it yet. I wanted to wait until I get attacked on that for a while, we already have a plan for that. But I wanted to see if they would come at that. They thought it was going to be dead in the water. No. We are a compassionate nation. (10:26:41) We do want to help those that are doing all they can to help themselves but they might need a little bit of help. Cause we're not going to throw the people at the poverty level under the bus. No we're not going to do that. But we've already made provisions for that. I just haven't told the public and my opponents about it yet." Cain discussed the transparency of 999 which got a bit of a laugh from the audience: (10:27:06) "When we put that plan together, we had five objectives. We wanted it to be simple - 999. Transparent. There are no hidden nines. That's it." (ends 10:26:25) The future of America 10:27:57 People are going from concerned to fear - why? Because of this administration, because of Washington DC, this is why I say the American dream has been hijacked. The good news is we can take it back Cain also tackled his lack of foreign policy experience by trying to downplay Obama's experience with a line he's used in all of his stump speeches: 10:28:33 "You know when you rise up in the polls you get this big target on our back and so I have been criticized for not having extensive foreign policy experience. And the guy there now does? Is there a double standard or something that's going on here? I have consulted with foreign policy experts. Let me tell you what they have told me. Herman, all you need is character and common sense and intelligence and we got plenty of people who can fill out the details and help you put together a strategy. That's what leaders do." Tackling China, Cain had three words to share, that were actually two words, but who's counting: (10:29:53)"My strategy is three words. Outgrow China. If our economy's growing we won't ever look back. Outgrow China." On the second amendment: (10:30:34) "I kinda like my guns and bible. And I ain't gonna give them up." Cain also showed his trademark wit when an audience member's phone rang: (10:30:51) "Three things I need you to do, we need you to do, your grandchildren need you to do. First, (phone rings) answer the phone. Tell Obama I'm busy. I've been criticized for having such a sense of humor. I suppose since I'm running for president I'm supposed to be politically correct. I'm supposed to be presidential. I ain't gonna change." RS 5109 CAMPAIGN 2012 ROMNEY SIOUX CITY IOWA 102011 RS 5109 CAMPAIGN 2012 ROMNEY SIOUX CITY IOWA 102011 FTG. Of CAMPAIGN 2012 / Mitt Romney speaks and takes questions at Morningside College 10/19/11 9:55:36 Romney walks in, starts shaking hands with students and faculty 9:55:41 "I'm Dr. Sam Clovis (?) the chair of the department of business administration and economics here at Morningside College and for some of you who may have heard, I have a radio show. I want to take this opportunity, you didn't come here to listen to me, all the press is here, great turnout, I want to introduce - candidate for President of the United States - Governor Mitt Romney." .Applause, Mitt take microphone and center stage. 9:56:06 "Thank you, thank you so much. I was just on the radio with Sam this morning, he asked some good questions on the air there.Randy has a pretty good audience in the morning. How about your show - do you do just as well as Randy? (to Sam O/C) Well thank you for joining me this morning, a number of students from Morningside have joined me this morning. (Turns to students) How many of you are from Morningside (Many raised hands). *** 09:56: 33 ** "I have to be honest with you guys, I don't know how any young person in this country would vote for a Democrat ** I realize that could be a bit of a mind-stopper there, but I just want to say to you that my party is focused on making sure that America is strong and prosperous for you. Not just how well we can do for ourselves and how many benefits we can accrue for my generation, but instead how can we make sure that we care for our own folks at the same time we care for the next generation - and we leave America stronger and more prosperous than when we found it. 09:57:09 "Because you see what we enjoy today, I'm 64 years old, what I enjoy today - the benefits of living in America are the results of the investments and contributions made by my parents, made by the greatest generation, like these folks here (points to senior citizens in crowd), who made a real contribution in holding off tyranny in the world and building the strongest economy in the world and leaving a nation that had an economic base that was second to none. And right now the question is: what are we going to leave? Are we going to leave a stronger America? Will this be an American century - this century we're in - or is it going to be the century of some other part of the World? And I want this to be the American century. I want us to have the strongest values and the strongest economy and the strongest military in the world. I'm committed to making sure we keep America strong" 09:58:07 "My foreign policy could really be boiled down to the idea of keeping America strong and doing whatever it takes to make sure this nation is strong. Now one of the elements that is threatening the strength of our economy, excuse me, the strength of our nation and our military capacity and our values around the world is our economy right now. The economy's in trouble, and you know that. This President points out that he did not cause the recession and he's right. But he made the downturn worse, and made the recovery last longer than it should have. And I don't think he's a bad guy, I just don't think he understands how the economy works. I think he's over his head. And the evidence of that is that you have 25 million people today, 3 years after he was inaugurated, 25 million people out of work, or stopped looking for work, or in part-time jobs when they need full-time employ. Evidence of that is when you get your graduation certificate from Morningside and you go out to get a job, you're going to find it's not as easy as you expected. Evidence of the failure of the President in dealing with our economy is the fact that home values are continuing to go down in this country. And that the median income of Americans over the last three years has dropped 10%. This is unprecedented." 09:59:25: "So what I want to do is get this economy going again. And allow the American people to know that the future for them and the future for their kids will be brighter than the times they've enjoyed in the past." 09:59:36 "Now we have the President right now campaigning. He's going across, I think he's in - well let's see - I think he's in North Carolina today. And he's campaigning for his stimulus. Someone needs to tell him, the stimulus is dead - gone - disappeared - invisible. The emperor has no clothes. That stimulus bill was turned down by the Democrats, his own leads in the Democratic party in the Senate have said no. That bill isn't going forward. I don't know what he's campaigning about. What he needs to do is stop campaigning and stop blaming and go back to Washington and sit down with Democrats and Republicans and work on legislation that'll get America working again." 10:00:29: "Leadership is hard. Reaching across the aisle with people who disagree with you on issues and finding common ground, that's tough. He hasn't been able to do those things. He likes campaigning so that's what he's doing. But we didn't elect him to campaign, we elected him to lead. And we need that leadership." 10:00:53: "Now I've laid out a series of things I think you have to do to make sure the foundation of our economy is so strong we start creating jobs again. And I describe them in seven major categories even though it's a much longer list than that.but just to remind you: 10:01:09: "One, you've got to make sure that the tax rates for our employers are competitive with other nations. Our are right now the highest in the world, along with Japan. And as a result overtime, businesses will tend to leave our shores and go to the places where the taxes are more competitive." 10:01:26 "Number 2 - you have to have regulations. By the way as Republicans we have to make sure that we don't pretend that we want to get rid of all regulation. You need regulation to make free markets work. But the regulation needs to be modern, and up to date. Streamlined, and the regulators need to be encouraging the private sector and not trying to kill it. And right now our regulatory burden is killing jobs in America and this President has added more regulation, I think by a factor of 4 times, than the prior President. 10:02: 04 "Number 3 - you have to have trade policies that open markets for American goods. And when people cheat you need to hold their feet to the fire. Now this is an exporting state, as you know. Iowa exports products around the world. I want to open more markets for American goods - for Iowa goods, for goods for all of our states. And right now, you've got a President whose been in office for 3 years, and he stalled on trade agreements with South Korea, Colombia, and Panama. Those have finally made it through the Congress, but during these last 3 years while this President has negotiated no new deals to open up new markets for America, the Chinese and the Europeans have put together some 40 different deals. And that means they're going to have trade relationships establishing distribution and brand awareness that'll make it harder for us. We need a President that's going to open up markets." 10:03:00: "Number 4 - you've got to have energy policies, that'll get us on a track of becoming energy secure and energy independent. And that means you don't say no to all the sources of energy in this country. You develop our coal, our oil, our natural gas, our nuclear power, our renewable resources like ethanol and wind and solar, you use all of those and you encourage efficiency in our use of energy." 10:03:25: "Number 5 - you have to have the rule of law. In order for America to have confidence to invest in the future you've got to believe that the law is going to be followed. And when the President stacks the national labor relations board with labor stooges that tell a manufacturer like Boeing that they can't build a factory in a non-union state, you violate the rule of law, and that's wrong. 10:03:45 "Number 6 - you have to have institutions that build human capital. What do I mean by that? We're in a capitalist system as you know. Sometimes people don't like that word, I like capitalism and I like free enterprise, I have no problem using that word. Capitalism and free enterprise are the only anecdote to poverty that the world has ever seen. Even China is copying a lot of what we've done in the free world and bringing a lot of people out of poverty - finally. But you have to have in capitalism not just capitalism for financial resources or capital for fiscal goods, you also have to have human capital. And we have to have institutions that build human capital in an exceptional way. And let's think about what they are - schools K-12, unfortunately our kids are treated to our schools that are performing in the bottom quartile of the nation - and you also have to have great institutions of higher learning - we do a good job there but it's a lot more expensive than it ought to be. Education and higher education system, and then you also have immigration policies that open the door to the best and the brightest. And that welcome legal immigration and that stop illegal immigration because illegal immigration is an enemy of legal immigration. 10:05:22: And I mentioned there were seven things and the last one is: if you are thinking about investing your life savings in America or if you had capital in some big company you were asked to run and you were thinking about where you put your money, you wouldn't want to put it in a place you don't know whether down the road they're going to face a meltdown or a place where a dollar isn't going to be worth much in the future. So if you have a government that consistently spends more than it takes in, you're going to worry about the future of that country. We cannot allow our nation to continue massively more than we take in. We have to cut our spending, we have to cap how much the federal government is going to take out of our economy, and we have to have a balanced budget. And those are things that are essential to get this economy going and set things right for America." 10:06:11: "Now I know that this is a town meeting kind of a format, so you're going to be able to ask questions and I know there are friends in the audience, I see some Romney stickers on, although I've learned that sometimes those are camouflage and there's some Romney stickers in here, there are some Obama stickers in here, there are folks who are going to be voting for other people, and that's whats fun about this nation. I love the fact that we can disagree, let's do it respectfully, and I'll try to do it respectfully, too. Now let's turn to any questions you might have." 10:06:48 Signals to woman O/C "Yes, Ma'am" Woman approaches stage, is given mic, both Romney and woman facing each other 10:06:51:** "You were on Governor Huckabee's show a few weeks ago and one of the things you folks talked about was that you would support a life begins at conception amendment. Now that would essentially mean banning most forms of birth control, 98% of American women, including me, use birth control. So, could you help me understand why you oppose the use of birth control?" ** *** 10:07:19: ** "I don't.I'm sorry life begins at conception, birth control prevents conception. My own view is this and let me clarify my view so that you understand that: What I believe is the right course with regards to abortion and life, is that I would like to see the Supreme Court return this right to the States and let States create their own legislation with regards to life. That's my view and States will make different decisions which is their right to do so. And my view is that I'm not out campaigning for an amendment of some kind, I'm campaigning to see Justices ultimately appointed to the Supreme Court who will follow the Constitution, who will return the right to the States, and who will let them decide for themselves." ** 10:08:08 Woman poses follow-up: ** "But I don't know if you want to have some Staff look into this, but hormonal forms of birth control work a little differently and so they actually prevent implantation and not conception. So it would ban hormonal forms of birth control which is what most women use so if you don't know if you want to look into that but as someone who uses birth control this is a very terrifying prospect to me - so I hope that you can, you know, look into that, I guess." ** 10:08:38 "Yes, back there please (indicates woman in back O/C) 10:08:45 "What do you think about the fact that our Democratic run Senate has not passed a budget since this President been inaugurated, to me this has caused much of our financial crises and problems, because we are running on resolution after resolution after resolution, which they create a big crisis over, wastes a lot of our time, and nothing else is getting done. What would you as President do, if say the Senate is still in the hands of the Democrats, to get an actual budget done?" 10:09:20: "I would lead. One of the responsibilities of leadership is that you work within your own party, and you also work across the aisle and see if you can't bring people together. And had the President been spending the last 1,000 days inviting people to the White House, going to Congress, sitting down in rooms, working with people back and forth, trying new ideas, listening to ideas, then I might have said well he's tried and they just can't get the other side to move. But he hasn't been doing that, he's out in North Dakota campaigning. Look, the job we elected him to do happens to be right now in Washington. You've got all these people out of work, you've got government spending massively more money than we ought to be spending, and he's not there leading. When he came into office, one of the things I found most surprising was his decision to delegate the stimulus to Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, my guess is they had about as much experience in the private sector as he did - none. And so they crafted an almost 800 billion dollar stimulus plan which protected government jobs and didn't get the economy going. And now they want to do another one like that, I mean shame on us if we fall for that twice. We have to insist on a President that's willing to lead. And I agree with you, the idea of a budget process is to make the tough decisions that we need to make, as opposed to kicking the can down the field, look Washington is broken. I said that 4 years ago and it's more true today than it was 4 years ago. Washington is broken. It's not doing its job. And that's not because of the real estate, it's not because of the 535 members of the Senate and the House, it's because right now it doesn't have a leader. And America needs leadership. And I'll say it again - I like the President, I think he's a nice guy - but he's never led before. He didn't lead in the legislature in Illinois, he didn't lead in the US Senate, he has not had that experience. And I don't know the answers to all things by any means. There are a lot of things I can be educated upon and learn from, but I've learned how to lead through different experiences doing that. And I have 5 boys, and I could come down and complain that the dinner table is not respectful, that there's too much joking going on, that these boys should get there on time. But it wouldn't be their fault if these things didn't happen, it would be my fault if these things were going on. You need to be the leader of the family, I learned leadership at my Dad and Mom's feet, I've learned it throughout my career, and we need to have a President who understands not just the economy but how to lead. And if I'm president of the united states, I will do everything in my power to get people to work together for the good of the American people. I would give that all my energy. Thank you" 10:12:28 Next question, Romney approaches woman seated 10:12:30: "There seems to be a big appetite for getting rid of the IRS. Because it is a book of special favors and opt outs for friends of legislators. Also, there's about 800 billion in subsidies that we could get rid of in order to balance our budget and I'm wondering where you stand on those issues?" 10:12:47: "Yeah, you know there's a lot we could do to try to reform our tax code to make it work better. And that's going to be another, I'd like to see a tax code that has lower tax rates, flatter tax rates, where a lot of the special deals are taken out of the tax code, but let me tell you what I think we need to do right away. Because that process of going through a complete restructuring of our tax code is going to take a long time. And I've got some ideas in ways to do that.but let me tell you what I want to do immediately. What I want to do immediately is help people who have been hurt by the Obama economy, and that's the middle class. And so what I look to do is provide an immediate tax relief package for the middle class, and I think that could get passed pretty quickly if I'm lucky enough to become president, pretty quickly within the first 100 days or so. So what I would do is this, for anyone whose making 200,000 a year or less we would eliminate the tax on your savings - meaning no tax on your interest or dividends of capital gains. So middle income people could save their money for college or retirement or for a home or for whatever the heck they want, without having to pay taxes on it. And I think that lowers the burden on the middle class of America, and that's a relatively simple change that I think can be carried out relatively quickly. I'd also like to have our employers have their tax rates brought down from the current 35% rate to 25, which is competitive with nations around the world - and to do that without losing revenue - we'll get rid of some of the special breaks that have been put in the tax code by various lobbyists or various industry groups over the years. Now there a couple more questions, what other things could we do? What other tax ideas might work? Another idea might be to go over to the 'fair tax' - that idea is this - to replace the income tax with a sales tax, a national sales tax, a consumption task if you will. And there a lot of positive features to that, we can look and see if we could make that work, what all the pros and cons would be. Our current fair tax has a problem that keeps me from endorsing the fair tax proposal as it currently stands and that's this: it raises the taxes on middle income families, and therefore it lowers them on the other two ends - among the poor and among the wealthy. And I don't like the idea of raising taxes on middle income Americans, I think we ought to be lowering taxes on middle income Americans. So for me, that's a non starter although the concept of a consumption tax makes a lot of sense, the so-called flat tax that Steve Forbes championed, how many years ago was that? Does anybody remember? .in 2000.the flat tax has some positive features, then again you have to look and you have to make sure that it doesn't raise taxes on middle income Americans. For me, one of the key criteria in looking at tax policy is that we help the people that need the help most and in our country the people who need the help most are not the poor - who have a safety net - and not the rich - who are doing just fine - but the middle class. So I will look for tax policy which makes tax reporting and calculating easier, which reduces the burden on the middle class and which causes the growth of our economy. Because the best way to balance our budget in addition to cutting spending is to encourage growth. Those are my principles and the subsidies are deductions, there are corporate subsidies, and you're going to have to take some of those out to reduce the tax rate from 35 to 25 and then there are the deductions for individuals, for instance one of the deductions for individuals is that we get to deduct the interest on our home mortgage. Now some our saying, get rid of that, well - if you get rid of that who bought homes and are deducting their mortgages on their taxes are going to find that's going to cost them money, and it'll be unexpected. And they may find that may not be helpful to the home industry as well, and buying and selling homes right now is probably something that we don't want to hurt. So you have to look at all the individuals, and people say get rid of the charitable deduction, get rid of the home mortgage deduction, those things would be pretty dramatic in the change they would cause so before I propose that, we're going to have a very careful evaluation on what impact they would have on middle income Americans and on growth. Thank you" 10:17:28 "oh there's a question, yes sir." passing of mic ****101733 Gov, I want to thank you for being here. The first time I saw you was when you were Gov of Massachusetts. And I got to hear you speak. I was very impressed when you talked about reaching across the aisle and being bipartisan in Massachusetts. Now, when you were giving your introductory remarks before, you talked about how you don't think Barack Obama is a bad guy, you just think he's in over his head. And I think there are a lot of people, and a lot of Iowans who agree with that. 101802 SO far your campaign hasn't been very heavy(?) in Iowa.; And instead we have candidates who concentrate on the vitriol , the hyperbole. We have a candidate who once thought the greatest problem plaguing the nations schools was the movie Aladdin. We have another candidate who the only thinghe has to offer is a 999 pizza deal, I mean tax plan. And we have acandidate whose only claim to fame is that he shot a coyote as governor. 101836 Are you here in Iowa today, and is your campaign here in Iowa today to finally give the people of Iowa an alternative to that? *****101845 YES. (LAUGHS) Look, I want to get the support of Iowans. This is not my first trip to Iowa, as you know. And I will be here again and again campaigniong here. I want to get the support of the good people of Iowa. I'd love to win in Iowa. Any of us would. And so I'll campaign here. I intend to campaign all the early states at least, and maybe in all the states at some point. Look, I want to become the President of the United States. I didn't imagine that would be part of my life's experience..that I'd be campaigning for President. Had I known that I was going to get involved in politics, I'm not sure I would have chosen Massachusetts to do so as a Republican. A little tough there as a republican. And yet I find myself in a position where, having spent my life in the private sector-25 years-working in small business, starting a business, having run other enterprises, I have in my view the kinds of skils America needs right now to get our economy going again. And, so I'm running for President, and that will take me around the country, and you guys have a big say. Iowa comes first. You have an enormous say in who the next President is going to be. And I think the American people are increasingly aware that Pres Obama can't get elected in the second term-SHOULDN'T get elected in the second term. And President Obama was on the Today Show a few weeks after his inauguration and he said, "Look, if I can't get this economy turned around in 3 years, I'll be looking at one term. APPLAUSE. Romney continues *****102044 And here is he today, campaigning, and talking about a new stimiulus. And we say, MR. President, we let you have your way with the economy for 3 years. He ignores the fact that the first two years he had a Democrat House and Senate, and he put in place a $700 mllion stimulus bill. He ignores that fact. He igonores the fact that he pushed thru obama care and other pieces of legislation that the American people tried to stop every way they could-even electing a REPUBLICAN Sen in Massachusetts. We tried to stop it and he went ahead with those things. And now we're suffering and he's trying to find someone to blame. And we've gone from hope and change to divide and blame. And the Ameircan peo have seen enough of it. And they want ot see someone who can lead and I think , I can tell you.I'm not going to agree with the democrats on aall their issues..I'm not going to agree with liberals I'm not going to compromise my principles. But I'm going to look for common ground. But I happen to believe there are democrats who love America just like there are republicans who love ameria. The old Ronald Reagan line-it's not that liberals they're ignorant, it's just that what they know. You seek to educate the opposing side. And where you have agreement. And now, given the state of our budget defitict and the massive debt that America has and the challenges around the world, I believe there are good democrats-like tip o'neill who sat down with Ronald Reagan. They'll sit down with me and say, What can we do about this, where can we find some agreement? How about this one, how about that one.let's find a way to work together. I've seen it happen in my state. I've seen it happen in other states. And I've seen it happen in this country under leaders and I intend to be the leader. 10:20:55: Question from woman: "I have two questions, one is easy and one is a little more difficult. The easy one is what are you going to do about Czars, are you going to get rid of them or are you going to keep them? The other question is, how are you going to stop the influx of illegals, to me you have to shut the spigot off and put the fence up. 10:23:53: "Czars, I hope I never get to the point where I have to appoint Czars, there will certainly be envoys that go to places in the world that represent the president of the united states or the state department - but czars, if you will, that are managing the cabinet doesn't make a lot of sense to me. The structure of our governmental organization is kind of strange, I was the business world as I've mentioned a couple of times already, and every now and then businesses reorganize - they find ways to do certain things better, there are even consulting firms that come into companies that come into companies and say you've got reorganize, you're not organized properly, people are reporting in the wrong order, you have to have this person in front of that person - businesses do that to be more efficient. We haven't done that in this country in hundreds of years. We have the same structure now as we did back in the days of George Washington. It probably makes more sense to update the ways we work together, there are probably some agencies and departments that ought to be combined, there are probably some agencies that could be eliminated, there are a lot of programs that could be eliminated. I would like to see if we can't make our government more efficient and more responsive to our people, but I don't expect to appoint czars, I can tell you that." 10:25:20: "everything I'm focused upon is getting America stronger. I want strong values, I want a strong economy, and I want a military that's second to none in the world and everything I do will be focused on making America stronger and keeping our nation the hope of the world. We're a shining city on a hill and I want to keep us as a shining city on the hill and I will do everything in my power to keep us strong. Now you had another question.what would you do about illegal immigration?" 10:26:59: "Well I mentioned that at the beginning, you know the interesting thing about illegal immigration is that it's not that difficult to solve intellectually, it's the politics that are hard. Some problems are hard to solve intellectually, how are we going to stop the attacks that come from jihadists around the world? Now that's hard.that's a tough one and it's going to take ongoing work. But illegal immigration is pretty straightforward. I had the occasion, during my last campaign I went to the border with mexico, and we have a big fence there and they said people still get across the fence. They build ladders out of rebar, even with the fences, so I said what do we have to do then to stop the flow of illegal immigration? ****And he said something I agree with, one you've gotta have a fence, and two you've gotta have enough border patrol agents to patrol that fence and to secure it. Number three you have to turn off the magnets, and I didn't know what he meant by that. And he said well, when you have employers that knowingly hire people who are in this country illegally and they're getting paid ten times as much as they get paid in their home, then they're going to find a way in, you've got to crackdown on employers who hire people who are illegal.*** And that means you have to have a system that identifies whose here legally, which means you have to have a biometric card that has this is the person, they're allowed to work here, and you say to that employer - you look at that card, you type in the number, you swipe the card, and it instantly tells you whether they're legal or not and if they are you can hire them and if you don't check that card and you hire someone whose illegal than you're going to get sanctioned or fined like you would if you didn't pay your taxes. Once you do that, you close that magnet, but there are other magnets. ***10:28:00: "When I was governor of mass the legislature passed a 'dream act', texas was the first state with a 'dream act', saying we should give tuition breaks to illegals living in this country. That taxpayers should fund the college educations of illegals in Massachusetts, and my legislature even though it was overwhelming democrat, they upheld my veto. Now interestingly, there are other people who have a different course in that regard, I disagree, you've got to turn off the magnets - build a fence, have enough people to patrol it, and turn off the magnets. We do those things and we will stop illegal immigration, and not because we don't love immigrants. We do want legal immigration, we've got 4.7 million people who are waiting to come here legally, I want to follow a legal process where we bring in people who speak English, who have an education, who have skills we need in this country.**** Welcome to the usa, we love legal immigration, we will stop illegal immigration to protect legal immigration in our nation. Thank you" ***10:29:20: Question: "A good leader knows his weaknesses and is willing to bring them out to confront them, to make them stronger. What are some things that you think you, maybe you don't want to say personal things that you struggle with since you're running for president and all, but that your party struggles with and you want to see bettered or so that America can become unified?"*** ** 10:29:42: Romney: "You know I think that one of the things that my party needs to do better, and I'm sure I need to do better as well, something I learned from my first campaign, is to make sure we communicate our message clearly. Gosh darn, we don't do a good job of that. When I said jokingly at the beginning that if anyone here is going to college they shouldn't ever vote for a democrat, I meant that kind of jokingly but also kind of seriously and yet, most young people, most college students don't vote for us - we're not getting the message across. We haven't been very good at communicating a message, we've been outmessaged by our Democratic friends, ours is the party of trying to protect opportunity and making America's economy so strong that you get great jobs when you come out of school. Theirs is the party of benefits and handouts, it does not create the kind of opportunity you want in your life. **The other day I was pointing out that my Democratic friends want to give more and more benefits to people of my generation and a lot of us say, well fine heap it on me, but we're passing all the burden of that onto your generation. **Look - I'm going to be dead and gone before that 14 trillion dollars is paid off, the interest on that year after year is going to be paid by your generation, and my party is trying to stop that from happening by cutting back on the spending, not because we don't care about the things we spend money on, we'd all like to buy lots of stuff for everybody, but giving away free stuff is going to kill the next generation. We want America to be stronger and more prosperous for you. I am not in this race for me. I am almost 65 years old, I'm in this race for my kids and my grandkids, ** and so if we do a better job at communicating our message, we'll get the support of young people and I don't know how it works right here at Morningside in communicating the kinds of choices we have, but I think we do an ineffective job too often in communicating with young people, with Hispanic voters. **10:32:04: Another weakness of ours - we're not doing very well with Hispanic voters or with other minorities. ** But the Hispanic vote is a very large vote of our national voting public and ours is the party that wants to preserve the American opportunity that they or their ancestors came here for. This nation is all about freedom and opportunity and Gosh, that's what we're about. Number 1 weakness - come on Mitt and come on Republicans, do a better job at communicating our message."**** 10:32:33: "And I hope if I'm the nominee and I get the chance to debate barack obama I will get a chance to post up on the fact that I am in favor of keeping America strong, in creating good jobs, in making sure our military is second to none. Not for me, but for the coming generations of Americans. And I happen to believe that this is an exceptional nation. And I know that there are some, and I think our president is among them, who believe that our nation is just another with a flag. He said that American exceptionalism is like Greek exceptionalism or like British exceptionalism. And I disagree. This is nation that was founded on a radical principle: that our creator endowed with certain unalienable rights and among them are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness and that idea swept the world. Nation after nation adopted those principles to one degree or another. This is an exceptional nation with an exceptional mission and a strong America is part of our exceptionalism and I want to do a better job at communicating that." 10:33:47: "Yes sir." Man asks question. ***10:33:49: "How do you sell the tough cuts that the budget process needs and what kind of cuts?"*** ***10:33:53: "There are a number of things we could do right away that get us on the trajectory of balancing our budget and let me tell you what they are. One is to take our discretionary spending back to the 2008 levels, that's the paul ryan plan. Number 2 is to stop obamacare, it's an extra trillion dollars of spending that we can't afford and turn back to the states the responsibility for their own uninsured and their own poor. Number 3 - take Medicaid which is a huge federal spending program and grows at very high rates and send that back to the States. Say you care for your poor in the way you think is best, we're going to give you the money you got last year plus one or two percent and you live within that figure, so we slow down the massive growth of Medicaid. Number 4 - we cut federal employment by about 10%, maybe more, and do that through attrition because we've got a lot of people who are baby boomers who are retiring now, and finally Number 5 - we set federal compensation to equal what exists in the private sector. I saw yesterday.I would say don't quote me but with all these cameras here I guess that's not possible is it? (LAUGHTER) I did see a report saying that the average compensation of a federal employee is a $125,000.**** That strikes me as being higher than what exists in the private sector, I know there are differences in job titles and so on, but looking job to job - responsibility to responsibility I think we should link federal employee compensation with that which exists in the private sector. I think if you do those 5 things and you balance the budget.***Now we also have to be honest to young people coming along, and again we're talking about college kids, people in their 20's, 30's, 40's, and early 50's, about what the promises we make in regards to Social Security and Medicare. I want those programs to stay in place, I want them to be there as a safety net for the American people, but I also want to make sure that we're not overpromising and laying upon them a massive burden that they can't possibly carry out at the same time living in a country that has opportunity. So I propose ways to make Social Security and Medicare sustainable.***So you do all those things, and thank heavens, you're able to cut the spending of the federal government, you would cap it in my view, at 20% of the economy or less and you'll have a balanced budget amendment. And those are the big steps I would take, and by the way, I did that. Not quite at the federal level, I did it at the state level and the numbers were smaller, our budget gap was 3 billion not a trillion and a half, but we made the tough decisions, we consolidated agencies, we put agencies that used to have different offices, we put them together. We got rid of press secretaries and lawyers, because we said hey if we put you guys together you can use the same press secretary and the same level. Some programs in my budget, I actually eliminated, legislature put some of those back in but we found a way to balance the budget. And that is what I will bring to Washington, because the idea of consistently borrowing hundreds of billions of dollars actually, a trillion and a half dollars, borrowing that, knowing that we can't pay it back, and asking the next generation to be stuck with the interest and the principle payments. I don't understand how that can go on. I think it's immoral. I think its wrong. And as a result, we have to stop that. And I will make sure that happens." 10:37:51: "Thanks so much for spending some time with me. For those of you who go to college here, I hope you get credit for this and those who have come in for the community, thank you for spending some time, I appreciate the chance to be with you and to hear your questions. This is an important election, you know that. We're walking an economic tightrope right now. On one side we could slip into a double-dip recession, with all the borrowing that's been done, with all the printing of money that's been done by the Fed, it'd be a real tough time to go into double debt. And then on the other side of this tightrope is a long slide like Japan experienced and I don't want to see either one of those things happen. And I'm afraid if we stay in our current course, one or the other of those two very frightful scenarios will be realized. And I believe that it's essential for us to fundamentally restructure our economy to make sure that we can competitive with anyone in the world, opening up markets, getting regulation to work for us, getting our energy policies on track, getting America to compete globally. I will spend my energy getting America's economy strong so we can protect ourselves with a strong military and so we can promise the next generation that they can get the job, a good job with rising incomes, and that the future will be brighter than the past. That's why I'm running. I love this country. I hope I made that clear. I didn't say that as directly as I would have liked to. I love America. We're a unique nation, we're an exceptional nation. I love this country. I love the principles upon which it was founded. I believe in America. I believe in free enterprise. I believe in freedom. I believe in opportunity. I love America, I believe that we have a role to pass to the next generation in America that's strong and free and I'm not going to die without doing everything in my power to fulfill that responsibility. Just like my parents fulfilled their responsibility to give us a land that was free of those that would impose their tyranny upon us, and a nation that was the strongest economy in the world. I don't want to go down in history as being part of the worst generation, or a mediocre generation. We won't catc h up to the greatest generation but we can be a great generation, I want to be one of those. And I want the young people in the room to say thank heavens for my mom and dad, or for people like my mom and dad, who went to work to cut back on the excesses of government and to get America working again, to get Washington working again. And to provide for the future. This is a great country with a great role and a great responsibility. And the defense of liberty is not going to be long entrusted to any nation that is weak and timid, it is our responsibility to give to the next generation in America a future that is as bright and prosperous as the one that we inherited. And I appreciate your willingness to be here and I look forward to working with you as your president and hope for your vote. Thanks guys! Great to be with you!" 10:41:02 End of Speech, crowd begins to disperse.
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