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Hurricane Irene - wabc only
NVS0296A Hurricane Irene Compilation August 28, 2011 (Audio from interviews we cannot license has been deleted) WABC 01:01:30 - 01:01:58 Shot list: Aerials: Town flooded; flooded homes and streets New Jersey - Lodi 8/29/2011 RT: 0:40 WABC 01:02:40 - 01:04:51 Shot list: A house caught fire in Pompton Lakes, New Jersey Aerials firefighters swimming to the fire and hosing fire Pompton Lakes, NJ 08/29/2011 RT: 2:00 WABC 01:05:33 - 01:06:57 Shot list: A house caught fire in Pompton Lakes, New Jersey Aerials of house on fire in a flooded street Pompton Lakes, NJ 08/29/2011 RT: 1:50 WSHM 01:07:37 - 01:09:50 Shot list: Trailer home floating in river. WS officials on road. SOT MOS Girl MS car in trees - zoom out to WS flooded area - MS floodwater CU water rushing over tree. MS water rushing past trees. MS water rushing Up to bridge. MS water comign onto bridge. MS debris in water. MS/CU wateron bridge. CU water under bridge. MS water under building. WS officials. MSofficial at house. Greenfield, MA 8/28/2011 RT: 2:11 WABC 01:10:10 - 01:11:02 Shot list: Various shots of flooding: supermarket, street, homes and cars submerged Man walking in waste high flood Mamaroneck, NY 8/28/2011 RT: 0:46 WRGB 01:11:28 - 01:13:35 Shot list: WS, wet road, utility truck by downed electric post Leaning telephone post, sagging wires. fountains of water surging in the middle of flooded road. WS, workers unloading orange cones from truck, rain falling. WS pan, wet road covered with leaves. WS, flooded golf course. WS and MS, fallen trees, downed wires. WS, trees on ground. MS, large tree limb resting on the wires. WS, fallen trees, sagging wires. Ws and CU, tree fallen on house. WS, CU, and MS pan, uprooted tree fallen on house. WSs and MS, wet road, fallen big branches, downedwires. WSs and CU, tree fallen by small house. CU, zoom out to WS, flooded road. MWS, car passing on wet road with big splash. WS and MS, flooded streets. Dash cam: driving on wet streets in falling rain, passing a fire truck. Albany, New York 8/28/2011 RT: 2:28 FNC - FOX 01:14:20 - 01:16:05 Shot list: People wading in flooded streets. ambulance driving through flooded streets. Moving shot: flooded basement. MWS: people walking in the water. Hoboken, NJ 8/28/2011 RT: 2:07 KYW -CBS 01:16:46 - 01:19:35 Aerials/AftermathAerials flooded streets, submerged car in flooded parking lot Flooded streets, WS: People in rafts rafting through streets with paddles. Power lines and street signs visible; flooded buildings near water, WS: white car submerged in water on street. Trenton, NJ 8/28/2011 RT: 3:02 APTN 01:20:00 - 01:22:55 Shot list: Wide of beachZoom in to damaged housePan of Campground, which is flooded SOUNDBITE: Boat washed up against trailer Pull out from flooded garage SOUNDBITE: Zoom in to damage at store Colington, North Carolina Homeowner trying to release water from roof SOUNDBITE: Pan of flooded interior of house Nags Head, North Carolina Wide of flooded street as State Trooper drives by Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina Close-up of waterSmall tractor being used to clean up debris Tracking view of flooded streetsPan of man holding shoes, walking in water Pan past boarded up windowsWorkers pruning downed trees Wide of flooded town UPSOUND: Close-up fish swimming in water on lawn, pull out to boat Manteo, North Carolina 8/28/2011 RT: 2:52 WBZ 01:23:20 - 01:25:30 Shot list: WS stormy dock. Waves crashing - MS police car. MS tree in power line. WS beach debris. MSbeach debris. MS stormy ocean front. WS flooded beach front. CU damaged American flag. SOT MOS: LS boat on land. LS ocean front wall. WS ocean front wall. WS flooded street MS flooded street. WS ocean waves crashing. WS cloudy beach. LS beach house. Sanchored boats. Marion, MA 8/28/2011 RT: 2:16 APTN 01:25:50 - 01:29:03 Shot list: Pull out from boats in marina, rain at dawn Close-up of trees in windSurge washes away lifeguard tower- Tower floating in ocean, pushed by high waves Flooded streets Long Island, New York Wide of city skyline at dawn Travelling view of empty New York city streets in the rain Close-up of rainTravelling view of Times Square Close-up abandoned umbrella on the ground Travelling view of warning signTree in road Pull-out form workers to flooded streets and cars under water Pan worker walking through waterBull statue at Wall Street Pan from trucks to rainClose of man walking through flooded street Emergency vehicle New York City, New York Close of fallen light pole at dawnWide of skyline as dawn breaks Close of flooded streets Wide of waves breaking near pier Wide of beach Atlantic City, New Jersey Wide pull-out dawn over beach C lose-up of boat washed ashore Flooded back yard Tilt down to catamaran turned over on shore Damaged pier Boat washed ashore Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina 8/28/2011 RT: 3:04 WTKR 01:29:20 - 01:30:50 Shot list: WS of beachside home. MWS (pull back to WS) of home, in heavy rains andwinds. MSs of debris and damage. MWS (pull back to MS) of power lines swaying inwind. MWSs of damaged homes. WS of home (water on lens), push in to MS ofdamaged roof. Virginia Beach 8/28/2011 RT: 1:33 NOT SOURCED - WPVI? 01:31:10 - 01:33:09 Shot list: flooded streets residents on steps looking at the flooding rushing water yellow tape, flooded waters in the background Philadelphia, PA 8/28/2011 RT: 1:55 FNC - FOX 01:33:34 - 01:35:08 Shot list: Cam looking down into murky water w/ piece of wood floating. Zoom into SUV stopped at edge of flood. Jetski in water causing big waves. Flooded parking lot. Block of closed stores, street completely flooded. Street sign Flapping in intersection along w/ traffic lights swaying. Various of flooding. Red SUV (foolishly) coming down flooded street. & turning onto another flooded street. Emergency vehicles moving thru floodwater. A sedan driving thru flooded street. Traffic light shaking from heavy wind. Howard Beach, NY8/28/2011 RT: 1:48 WABC 01:35:39 - 01:38:00 Shot List: Emergency Crews Rescue - flooded streets and homes ZOOM into two boaters inside a raft, sailing toward house. WS of neighbors being rescued. MS of firemen and EMS personnel dragging the raft onto dry ground. Houses flooded Elmsford, NY8/28/2011 RT: 02:08 WABC 01:38:07 - 01:40:16 Shot list: VO of downtown Montauk MSs of sea foam and minor flooding on streets, MWS of a damaged roof, MS and MWS of flooded road near beach, MS of people walking through flood waters, panning MWS of flooded intersection, MWS of flooded intersection, low angle MS of rushing water. MWSs (with some video hits) of breaking waves on Montauk beach, Home coming off its stilts, pan back to waves.Montauk, NY 8/28/2011 RT: 2:12 WBZ 01:40:40 - 01:42:03 Shot list: Good shots of heavy rain and trees swaying in the wind Car driving in the rain Worcester, MA8/28/2011 RT: 1:34 WABC 01:42:34 - 01:45:05 Shot list: Emergency Crews Rescue Stranded PeopleMS of residents reaching dry ground being helped by firemen from a rescue raft. SOT - Elmsford, NY 8/28/2011 RT: 02:39 NOT SOURCED 01:45:20 - 01:49:28 Shot list: River flooding River swollen, risen to the top of a chain-link fence Apartment building Flooded streets, water risen to half of a tree trun Conshohocken, PA 8/28/2011 RT: 03:58 NOT SOURCED 01:49:44 - 01:50:41 Shot List: Flooding through the city WS of streets Sign "Borough of Darby" submerged deep in water Water risen alonside house Truck in flooded waters Street lights submerged deep in flood Darby, PA 8/28/2011 RT: 0:52 WFXT 01:51:02 - 01:52:28 Shot list: Flights delay Various shots of travelers inside the airport. Shot of the arrival/ departure board of the airport. Cancelled flights Various shots of the ticket counters inside the airport. MS of a traveler sleeping inside the airport. WS of one of the empty airport terminals.Boston airport 8/29/2011 RT: 1:16 NEWSONE 01:52:50 - 01:56:09 Shot list: Aerials of very dramatic river, creek and lake overflowing and going through town Wappingers Falls, NY 8/29/2011 RT: 3:16 WFTX 01:56:44 - 01:57:59 Shot List: WS of high waves crashing onto the coast, in front of a pier on stilts. High winds are whipping trees in the area. SLOW PAN of high waves crashing along the coast. MS of high waves. Wesport, MA 8/28/2011 RT: 1:12 WABC 01:58:25 - 02:01:13 Shot List: AERIALS: WS rescuers helping people from boat to dry land. WS people climbing from steps into boat. WS boat in water. MS people in boat. Various WSs/MSs flooded neighborhood. MS person on steps near floodwater. Paterson, NJ 8/30/2011 RT: 02:41 WNYW 02:01:38 - 02:03:18 Shotlist: AERIALS WS of the Willowbrook mall surrounded by water. WS of a flooded street. WS of a flooded intersection then pull back. WS of a flooded area then push in of a truck surrounded by water. WS of the mall surrounded by water. WS of a flooded area. Wayne, NJ 8/30/2011 RT: 2:10 WNYW 02:03:42 - 02:05:34 Shotlist: AERIALS: WS of a house surrounded by water. WS's of debris floating in a backyard. WS of a house surrounded by water. WS's of a flooded neighborhood. WS of a house surrounded by water. WS of several flooded houses. Fairfield, NJ 8/30/2011 RT: 1:43 WTKR 02:06:00 - 02:07:10 Shotlist: (11 year old kid is killed when a tree crashes through his home) Exterior of house damaged by tree Yellow ribbon surrounding the house Shots of uprooted tree and hole in house roof Newport, VA 8/27/2011 RT: 1:00
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